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Did You Vote for Romney Because You Believed in His Policies? but, What Policies? (Update See: Romney's Ironing Board)

Romney's thoughts

Romney's thoughts

What are Mr. Romney's policies?

If you know Romney's policies, could you please tell the rest of us because Mr. Romney will not?

Bain Capital's off-shoring per: The policies and procedures. Mr. Romney put in place, and these are the same policies and procedures that Bain still follows today.

Do you wonder why he will not tell us what his polices are? If he had been elected, was he going to outsource America?

Romney's thoughts: You are on your own! If you are part of the 47%.

Dirty 'little' secret behind Bain Capital profits under Mitt Romney

Bain off-shoring victims begged Romney for help

Lying about leaving Bain Capital in 1999?

Outsourcing Sensata Technologies

Source: Dave Jamieson of the Huffington Post:

Sensata Technologies, a company in Freeport, Illinois, employees are facing losing their jobs by the end of the year, because the jobs were being out-sourced to China.

Per Dave Jamieson: "The looming plant closure has made political figures out of several Sensata employees, who have unsuccessfully pleaded with Romney to intervene with Bain and prevent the move of jobs overseas. Several of the workers have told HuffPost that they fear losing what are some of the few good manufacturing jobs that remain in the area, leaving them to start new jobs mid-career."

Source: Preston Maddock, with the Huffington Post.

Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) with her guest, Dot Turner attended the State of the Union Address in February 2013, to talk about the 170 jobs at Sensata Technologies that were offshored to China last year by Bain Capital. Tyrner had worked at the plant for 43 years.

Another worker said, my pain is Romney's gain.

Romney calls out president obama on his stand on china and outsourcing

Mr. Romney at the same time he is accusing President Obama of being weak on China, Mr. Romney says he will crack down on China taking our jobs.

Is he talking about the outsourced Sensata jobs he gave China?

Is it true that Chinese workers were brought to the United States to be trained by the Sensata employees, and will then replace those employees?

Is it true that Bain Capital forced Sensata Technologies to take down the American Flag, at the time employees were forced to train the Chinese who are to replace them when Sensata is outsourced to China, even though Sensata will not leave the United States until the end of this year?

I wonder why Sensata was waiting until after the election to be outsourced, could Bain be thinking it would have interfeered with Romney's election?

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Per: The New York Times,[] Mr. Romney did profit off Sensata outsourcing.

President obama on why Mitt Romney's Bain record matters

Did Romney lie about what year he left Bain Capital?

Source: The Boston Globe, Jul 12, 2012 - The Boston Globe uncovered SEC filings, proving that Mitt Romney until 2002 was still the Sole owner, Chairman and CEO of the private equity firm, after claiming that he resigned in 1999.

Did Romney lie to the SEC and, is it a crime, if that is the case?

Or did Romney lie to the 47% that does not matter to him?

Romney's Plans to Overturn Roe Vs Wade and Planned Parenthood

Does Romney hate women so much that he is willing to shut down Planned Parenthood, even though Planned Parenthood provides Mammograms, Paps and other cancer detecting test?

Or does Romney just want to control women's health?

Romney on abortion throughout the years

Mitt Romney explains his changed position on abortion

Romney on abortion.