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Dr. Allen E. Goldenthal is the author of the Kahana Chronicles series of books available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions

Holocaust Remembrance In America

A couple of days ago, Jews around the world remembered all those that died during the Holocaust of World War II on Yom Ha Shoah. If you only paid attention to the standard media, you might have missed it, as the amount of time attributed to this solemn day was at best, ‘minimal’. Minimalization of Jewish interests seems to be a common trend nowadays. I notice on my Facebook, I am sent connections to new Palestinian support sites on an almost daily basis. I never asked for it, I never requested them, but FB seems determined to try and make me interested in them none-the-less. The loading of these sites on my FB seemed unusually heavy; around this time of Holocaust Remembrance Day. It doesn’t surprise me, because America’s War Against the Jews has always been present and was never more obvious than their complicity in aiding the Nazi Regime of Germany and its attempted extermination of the Jews.

“Oh No!” you say. America was the liberator of the Camps. “It fought hard to protect the Jews of Europe throughout the war. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the Jew’s best friend and ally during the war.” Yes, they preached that and Jews around the world swallowed it, especially those living in America. As a result, Jews felt they owed a debt to the Democratic party and have been voting en masse for the DNC ever since. But the truth is, they have been lied to. They have been conned and many are either too ignorant or too lazy to investigate the facts themselves. So, I’m going to do them the favour of presenting the facts to them. I know there will be howls of objection and accusations of False News, when they start reading this article. If that’s the case, then don’t bother to read it. Don’t try to seek to the truth and remain in your delusion of all things are wonderful in America, Jews are loved and always have been in America, and America is Israel’s best friends. All the while the anti-Semitic attacks increase on a daily basis as Palestinians (a non-existent entity that were only given an identity in 1964) march in the streets with their snowflake supporters calling for your deaths. If this accurately describes you, then stop reading now because you’re a lost cause. I only want to deal in facts, not the fantasy world you have created as you look out the window of your New York apartment singing It’s a Beautiful Day.



America never wanted to fight on the European front. In fact, American industry and financial corporation were responsible for building the Nazi war machine. Don’t want to believe it, then let me tell you the FACTS. Everything I’m about to say is documented, verified and recognized as the truth, but every attempt has been made to bury the information, even by Jewish apologists that don’t want people to know about America’s role in the genocide. I will admit that President Franklin Roosevelt had a tough situation attempting to rebuild America after the depression and that was his primary responsibility during those years, but as was written by journalist Freda Kirchwey during the first months of 1943 to the American people, “You and I and the President and the Congress and the State Department are accessories to the crime and share Hitler’s guilt. If we had behaved like human and generous people instead of complacent, cowardly one, the two million Jews lying today in the earth of Poland and Hitler’s other crowded graveyards would be alive and safe…We had it in our power to rescue this doomed people and did not lift a hand to do it –or perhaps it would be fairer to say that we lifted just one cautious hand, encased in a tight-fitting glove of quotas and visas and affidavits and a thick layer of prejudice.” If only Freda Kirchwey had known the real extent of FDR’s activity in permitting the active support of the Third Reich, I think she would have written a far more blistering and condemning article.

When the first news reports of Kristallnacht in 1938 surfaced, some reporters in the USS called for quick action to rescue Germany’s Jews before it was too late. At least let the 15.000 German Jewish child refugees into the country. The Roosevelt administration said ‘No’ without further explanation. In fact, FDR and his administration reacted in the exact opposite way. In 1941 they made a new immigration regulation that barred admission to anyone with close relatives in Europe on the grounds that the Nazis might force these immigrants to spy for them by threatening their relatives that remained behind. Yes, these tailors, merchants, shopkeepers and children would definitely be spy material, sneaking into American military installations and stealing confidential information as they delivered food, etc., to the bases. Of all the excuses, this was one of the most ridiculous but one that America had raised in the refugee conference in Evian-les-Bains, France back in 1938 as a reason to take a harsh stance against immigration. America didn’t want anyone taking in these Jewish refugees, although FDR did suggest that perhaps these Jews could be sent to Africa or South America. It was obvious that he had absolutely no desire to bring them to America or any other part of what he considered the civilized world.

As ridiculous as the Jewish spy threat sounds, FDR wanted to ensure that the lie would be given maximum circulation and at a press conference on June 5, 1940 stated, “Now, of course, the refugee has got to be checked because, unfortunately, among the refugees there are some spies, as has been found in other countries. And not all of them are voluntary spies – it is rather a horrible story but in some of the other countries that refugees out of Germany have gone to, especially JEWISH refugees, they found a number of definitely proven spies.” At that moment FDR had essentially sealed the doom of the six million Jews that would eventually die in the Holocaust.

The Immigration Crisis

The reality that FDR prioritized economic recovery over Jewish lives is quite evident. It was not as if the American public was not aware of Germany’s attacks on the Jews beginning in 1933. There were petitions and marches in the US calling on the new Roosevelt administration to do something, even if it was just a mild condemnation of the Nazis. But the risk was too great as Germany still owed billions of dollars to American investors after they rebuilt the country after World War I and FDR needed those same investors to put money into his coffers to rebuild America after the Great Depression. William Dodd, the ambassador in Berlin was told by FDR that the Jewish issue in Germany was not a US government affair and therefore he should say nothing. As a matter of interest, Dodd was recalled from Germany in 1938 after Kristallnacht and for the duration of the war there was never an ambassador in Germany making it impossible to get first hand reports and directly communicate objections to Hitler.

As matters became worse for Jews in Germany, tens of thousands began to file to immigrate to the United States. The US set its annual immigration number at 153,774 and 50% of these spots were to be allocated to the United Kingdom. Of the remaining slots, no single country was to make up more than 27,370, Then the FDR administration added on economic restrictions to immigrants so that less than 20% of the German quota was being filled. The Democratic Party knew exactly what it was doing. It was assigning practically all of Germany’s Jews to persecution, prosecution and even death. It became even worse once the Nazis occupied and annexed Austria. Roosevelt changed the immigration policy so that Germany and Austrian refugees were considered as one and therefore restricted to a single 27,370 quota. The quota was filled for the first time to its maximum in 1939 but never reached that level again, with most being turned away and told there was a waiting list for ten years.

We'll Take Care Of It After The War

The old excuse that the President did not know that Hitler intended to exterminate the Jews is another lie perpetrated by the US government to shield themselves from the backlash that Jews would and should have had against the entire Democratic Party. By November 1942, the State Department was well aware of the Final Solution. Their response was to have eleven allied governments issue a declaration condemning the atrocities and promising to punish the perpetrators after the war. At this time, the allies were even certain they were going to win the war, which had all been in Germany’s favour at that time and Hitler was extremely confident that he’d be the one exercising any post-war punishments. But what these eleven governments were actually saying in this letter was that they’d be very upset if Hitler went ahead and eliminated every Jew in Europe and they’d think of a fitting punishment should they win the war. That was hardly a threat that would stop Adolph Hitler.

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When pressured by Jewish groups in 1943 to do something, FDR responded by holding a conference in Bermuda, in April 1943. Other than relaxing on the beaches and drinking pina coladas, the conference resulted in no actions undertaken. Later in July, an eye witness to the Warsaw ghetto, Jan Karski, met with Roosevelt and described the horrors. FDR arranged for Karski to talk with others in the Cabinet but once again, no action was undertaken. But the pressure increased as the public became more aware, and FDR did what every Democratic President does when the polls aren’t looking too favourable; you go get a public relations groups to rebuild your image. FDR’s reputation as a savior of the Jews was the result of this media propaganda effort circulated by the Bergson Group which was involved in the formation of the War Refugee Board.” They proclaimed the board as FDR’s greatest accomplishment in bringing about its creation. As the Bergson Group sponsored legislation in Congress to establish the rescue agency, FDR feared the open hearings would result in Jewish groups testifying how the State Department had actually obstructed efforts to rescue European Jews. Faced with an embarrassing situation, FDR used executive privilege to create the WRB on January 22, 1944, and thereby bypass the need for the Congressional hearings. The efforts of the WRB were lukewarm at best, tasked with the mission to carry out a new American Policy o rescuing and providing relief for the Jews and other groups persecuted by the Nazis. They sent radio broadcasts into Nazi-occupied Europe, and dropped leaflets on the territories, all threating post-war punishments to all those that committed war crimes. It did get some countries to take in refugees after the war, but once again it was a case of too little, too late. Notice the timing of the WRB’s creation. By the time it was up and running, the war in Europe was ending just over a year later. Much of the damage had already been done, with millions killed and the death camps fully operational.

One of their projects was to investigate the bombing of the rail lines, the gas chambers and the crematoriums at the concentration camps. But that idea was quickly nixed by the American Military and the State Department. The war effort was needed elsewhere and therefore redirecting bombing flights to destroy the railway lines and roads into Auschwitz could not be considered at that time. Once again, this excuse was nothing more than a lie. As George McGovern stated in 2004 that he was a young bomber pilot had to fly missions over Auschwitz to attack industrial plants close by and it would have been so easy to have blasted those rail lines off the face of the earth and interrupted the flow of people to the death chambers. All of the gas ovens could have been taken out if the order had been given. The industrial plant he was referring to was I.G.Farben, in nearby Monowitz. In the six months between July and the end of November 1944, the bombing raids of German oil factories took 2800 planes over the Birkenau death camp. To say that not even one bomb could be spared to bomb the camps infrastructure of death is a colossal lie. Oh, there was the excuse that there may have been collateral damage and some of the Jewish prisoner may have been hurt. Really? These people were all marked for death in the most horrific fashion. Injuring some in order to save thousands would have been a blessing. The truth is, FDR and his Cabinet did not wish to stop the slaughter of Jews. As they did to the cruise ship, the St. Louis, known as the Voyage of the Damned, in 1939, they made it clear to Hitler that they would not make the effort to save even a few hundred Jews that knew they would be killed if their ship was turned back to Germany. A single Executive order or an Act of Congress could have saved everyone aboard that ship. Now one might say the ship was also refused entry by Cuba, Great Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, but that was only after the US made it clear that it was not necessary to save the Jews.

FDR's Motivation

Thus far I’ve been discussing the sins of a Democratic President and his Cabinet but what was their motivation. Why would they try to stay out o the war in Europe as long as possible, and do as little as they could to condemn the Germans and rescue the Jewish populations? The answer to that question might not be as difficult as some would like to make it. As I mentioned at the start of the article, America was attempting to rebuild its industries following the Great Depression. In order to do so, it was going to take money, an awful lot of money. Roosevelt knew that he would be heavily reliant on the established industries and financial houses in the USA in order to accomplish his New Deal. That meant in some ways placing the office of the President subservient to some of these industrial boards. Not that different from Joe Biden being in the pockets of the Chinese Communist Party except where Biden’s motivation is amassing personal wealth, FDR does seem to be genuinely motivated in rebuilding America. But once you find yourself tied to corporate industry, then the President must turn a blind eye to those industries deemed essential in creating the American recovery. Companies like General Motors and Ford, IBM, Woolworths, Coca Cola and many others that untouchable and used that status to help build up the German war effort. Even after the war began, their subsidiaries in German and Europe continued to generate profits by supporting the Nazis. Most Americans probably don’t even realize that both Ford and GM sued the US government for million in reparations for damages that their plants suffered from US bombings, even though those same plants were in full production for the Nazis and the companies received the profits. GM even built a factory in Berlin for the sole purpose of manufacturing Blitz Trucks for the purpose of taking over countries. Ford tried to manufacture the trucks as well but the GM product was the main one used for the conquest of Poland, France and areas of the Soviet Union. Albert Speer, Hitler’s minister of armaments even gave credit to GM for providing the rubber that made their offensive so successful. Henry Ford made it no secret that he supported Hitler, accepting Germanys Highest Award for a Foreigner, and part of the committee of the America First Association which advocated that the US stays out of WWII. The fact that the Nazis had provided the Ford Factory in Cologne with 1200 Russian slaves, was never considered disgraceful enough that this man should not have the ear of the President. Between GM and Ford, they had both ears and as long as they were permitted to make money in Germany, they would continue to pump money into Roosevelt’s New Deal and restore the economy. But it wasn’t just these car makers but ALCOA as well. As the then largest aluminum producer in the world, it not only had a monopoly on the metal but also owned a tremendous amount of America’s electrical production. So much of ALCOA’s aluminum production went to Germany for its war machine that when America finally joined the war, it has a shortage.

Of course, wherever there is money to be made, you don’t have to look very far to find Coca Cola. When America finally entered into the war, the hundreds of Coca Cola plants in Germany were cut off from American support. Rather than shut down, their CEO in Germany, Max Keith, rebranded the drink as ‘FANTA’ for Reich consumption, guaranteed to provide German soldiers with the energy require to continue the fight. After the war, Fanta just took its ill-gotten wealth and reunited it with the coffers of Coca Cola.

Roosevelt was not only heavily reliant on the manufacturing industries to rebuild America through employment and production but he also needed investors like J.P. Morgan Co., with its affiliate, Chase Bank. Carlos Niedermann, Chase’s Paris executive had close personal relationships with Key Nazis and when asked, was more than happy to oblige their request to seize the assets of at least one hundred of Paris’s richest Jews. At the same time, it identified them and let the Gestapo take them into custody. In 1998 J.P Morgan was finally made to pay out reparations to the survivors of those they robbed but at a rate of two hundred dollars a month, it was a joke.

It may not be anyone’s surprise, but one of the biggest collaborators with the Nazis was Dow Chemical. Not only did they provide raw materials but also American technology in oil refining. The technologies created much of the German was machine’s superiority in traveling distances at high speed. But as Dow was essential for the rebuilding of industries in the American Midwest and hiring thousands of people, it was deemed acceptable by FDR to not consider their German efforts as treasonous.

Some of us may recall the company Woolworth’s. Sort of the Walmart store of the 1960s. The Woolworth family, being one of the richest in America was essential to FDR for financing his New Deal and rebuilding America. Whereas in today’s world Walmart is a key distributor for Chinese made goods, Woolworth stores served that purpose for German made goods in the 1930s and 40s. So, when the Nazis asked Woolworths to fire all of its Jewish employees they didn’t hesitate in doing so, earning them the Adefa Zeichen award for being a pure Aryan company. The family was already known to be anti-Semitic but now it was being permitted to openly display that hatred with the approval of the American president.

Most callous of all was International Business Machines, known better as IBM. Not only are there documents showing IBM collaborating with the Nazis and training them how to use their machines to record the movement, sorting and mass execution of large numbers of undesirables based on the tattooed numbers of the victims, they were willing to do that training right in the concentration camps.

Once again, most of us that are of an older generation will remember Kodak. Couldn’t get much more American then Eastman Kodak except that during the war they used their subsidiaries in neutral countries such as Switzerland and Portugal to do business with Germany. An act which was greatly appreciated by the Nazis who in return let Kodak control their German branches. Purchasing large amounts of photographic equipment made in Germany, Kodak helped finance the Nazi war machine. At the same time Kodak equipment, chemicals and innovative de vices were sold to the Nazis to help their war effort. Another documented fact is that the Kodak German branch used 250 slave laborers, for which they paid half a million dollars into a fund for those families they used as slaves.

In Conclusion

Defenders of FDR might say that this couldn’t be possible, since he passed the War Profiteering Act which made it impossible for American companies to do business with the enemy. But as these documented facts prove, not only was it possible but it was very profitable. Roosevelt needed cooperation and support of industry and finance and that meant dealing with the devil. But dealing with the devil also meant he couldn’t interfere with Germany’s plans to eradicate the Jews. He provided them with that guarantee to the point that they would only be punished or it after the war. That amounts to a green light. When we look back at the Holocaust we cannot ignore the fact that it was not just a crime of the Nazis, but it was aided and abided by the Democratic leadership of America, from the President downwards. It was not a case of indifference but an active decision not to interfere or intervene and stop the slaughter before it ever happened. Evil is not solely the responsibility of the perpetrator but is also the crime of those that condone it and silently support it. America made a conscious decision to let the Jews of Europe die. The facts don’t just suggest it, they demonstrate it. And as a new generation of Americans come of age, they share none of that guilt for what their grandparents or great-grandparents did to the Jews and they are willing to display their rabid anti-Semitism once again. And who should be leading that reawakening of hatred of religious-racism, none other than the Democratic Party under Joe Biden. Wake up Jews of America and understand that ‘Never Again’ only has meaning if you are willing to cut the head off the demon before it has a chance to reach its full maturity.

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana

Dr. Allen Goldenthal

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