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A Question of Climate Change

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are we too late?

are we too late?

There are 2 billion fewer birds in North America, in just the last 30 years.

I read the book Silent Spring many years ago. My father gave it to me and told me I should read it. One of the things about my father was he taught me how to read. My parents always encouraged thinking as I was growing up. See a problem or see an issue and consider it from both sides. Don't accept information given as fact without validating the source and understanding of the issue.

Most importantly, my parents taught me always to ask questions. Questions sometimes are asked that don't always have answers right away. In the reality of today's issues around Climate Change, I have questions, but I don't have answers.

(Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson September 1962)

The question, and the one that probably scares me the most, is whether we are too late to fix climate change?

First of all, the concept of climate change is a difficult topic. If we look at the topic broadly, climate change has happened many times in the history of Earth. The cause of climate change is a rapid increase in greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. That's the big argument that many of the climate change deniers use. Climate change has happened before. Massive climate change has occurred in a much shorter period than what humans have done. The great meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs on this planet around 66 million years ago did so in less than two years. That meteor ushered in mass extinction and a huge increase in greenhouse gasses in the environment. Scientists have found that there have been four mass extinctions in the past. All four show a significant increase in greenhouse gasses first.

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So why the history lesson in a scientific discussion of climate change? It has to do with potential mass extinction. Here's my next question would a million species represent a mass extinction? A scientific report released in 2020 by, United Nations showed that one million species are near extinction. Mass extinction is around the corner if we don't do something.

The most populous animals on planet Earth are birds. Birds, by the way, are the last descendants of the dinosaurs. In North America, that being the US and Canada, from 1990 to 2020, bird populations in those two countries just those two countries have been reduced by more than 2 billion birds.

are we too late?

are we too late?

Are we close to a mass extinction?

My apologies for all the facts, but climate change is something that requires facts. It requires adherence to those facts. And there is no nuance in the facts to say there are 2 billion fewer birds. Yes, there are still a lot of birds. But, 2 billion fewer birds in only one part of the world is a lot. I go back to my original question are we too late?

As we look around our world, things are changing, not for the better. Northwestern Europe had a once in a 500-year flood event. More hurricanes have hit the US in the last five years than the previous 20 years. You see, the more greenhouse gases in the environment, the more energy is created. July 2021 was the hottest average temperature for the entire plantar ever recorded. I get it that recorded temperatures have only been around for 150 years. But still, the average of all the temperatures on the entire planet, including the two frozen poles, was the highest average temperature ever recorded.

There are droughts in Honduras in a once fertile area, and people could grow enough food to support their families, wherein now they are starving. The Western United States has a drought. The affectation of that drought is a horrific fire season every year where fires burn, and those fires destroy human and animal homes. Australia had a huge wildfire that destroyed huge swaths of animal habitats. And still, the climate change deniers say it's happened before. I want to point out that this unprecedented climate change has resulted in a mass extinction the last four times.

I want to end this piece without answering my question because, honestly, I don't know the answer to the question. I wish I did, and I wish I could say no; it's not too late. There is still time. All I know is that the climate continues to change. Storms get bigger and worse. The economic damage of storms gets bigger and worse. Yes, e are potential answers to my question. I suspect the reality of the situation today is it's time for the human race to realize we are dancing on the head of a pin, and one misstep may cost us everything.

Is the human race too late to fix climate change? We are the ones pumping the greenhouse gases into the environment. At a rate not seen since well, a rate not seen in more than 4 million years. At a rate not seen since a meteor hit the Earth 66 million years ago with the force of more than 100,000 atomic bombs. If we continue on the path we are on, we are going to be late. You want different results to have to do things differently!

I'll leave you with one last question, what are you doing to remove some of the carbon dioxides you produce every day.

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