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A Loaf in Oil-Rich Iran Cost 350$


America is a country with no strategy in terms of economic, political, and military. Years ago, the United States invaded the Congo, then Vietnam was bloodied, Then destroyed Iraq. Then it is Iran's turn. There are many countries from Afghanistan to the united states where American troops have not taken action.‎

According to media reports, Iran's economy is going through the worst time in its 50-year history due to United States sanctions. It is directly affecting the everyday life of simple people. Inflation in Iran is at its peak these days due to a deteriorating economy. A loaf in Iran, which was available at 1,000 riyals (Rs 1.46) a year ago, today is priced at Rs 25,000 (Rs 40.91). In Iran, the price of other food items has gone up three to four times.‎

That is the situation of the unoiled oil-rich country. Half of Iran's national income comes from crude oil exports. But the United States has warned all countries around the world not to buy oil from Iran. Our sanctions have almost stopped Iranian oil exports.‎

‎Yes, many countries indeed feel that: Iran is developing nuclear weapons at home and wants to become a nuclear-powered country. On the other hand, the United States does not want Iran to be a nuclear-powered country. For the last 40 years, Iran has been facing various United States sanctions.‎

‎US President Donald Trump ordered an attack on Iran after the US surveillance drone was shot down on June 12, 2016, But the US stopped doing so at the last minute. In this regard, Donald Trump tweeted: "I am in no hurry. I had stopped the attack on Iran ten minutes ago."

‎The story was that an American drone was flying. After the drone was destroyed, Iran claimed that the US drone was spying on us.‎
‎The Us had said that our drone was in the international airspace. The drone is worth 130 million dollars, or Rs. It was 900 crore. That's why Donald Trump ordered an attack on Iran's radar and missile bases, but the order was canceled minutes before it began.‎

‎The United States says that if Iran becomes a nuclear-powered country, the world is in danger.‎
‎Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, on the other hand, says that if the country that signed the nuclear deal does not meet its obligations, we will resume the nuclear reactor in Iraq, and if that happens, it will be possible for us to produce plutonium. Iran must take this step if the signatories do not fulfill their obligations.‎

‎On the other hand, US National Security Adviser John Walton has said that the United States will continue to press Iran until it ends its nuclear program and violent activities in West Asia. Iran also mentioned the operation and support of terrorist activities in the world and, indeed, Iran is also suspected of being one of the countries that financially and other aid terrorists around the world.‎

‎It is noteworthy that Iran violated the 2015 nuclear agreement that it had set the limit on the production of enriched uranium.‎
‎Given the sanctions on Iran and the possibility of a bloody conflict between the United States and Iran, France has begun to remove the tension and in that context, France has sent one of its envoys to Iran. In other words, France is different from the United States.‎

‎Similarly, Iran says that the inaction of some other countries, which are partners of the nuclear deal, is now ending our patience.‎
‎Let us see what China's attitude is. "While Washington is increasing pressure on Tehran (Iran), Iran is trying to avoid that pressure with great concern," the Chinese daily writes in an editorial. Threats are mounting between Tehran and Washington. Both countries are raising fears of unexpected conflict. Washington should be held responsible for this because the nuclear deal that has been signed after severe difficulties has been rejected by unrealistic claims.

Similarly, with Iran exceeding its uranium reserves of 300 kg and now above 3.67 percent, it means that Iran too will return to other commitments and will quickly return to pre-2015. It will harm Iran. This will only harm international efforts to reduce sanctions against Iran and give Washington an excuse to increase pressure on it. In these circumstances, we advise all parties (countries) to be careful so that the matter does not get into the previous situation. Iran, of course, has every right to defend it. European partners will also take necessary steps through dialogue to avoid this conflict.‎

‎As far as India is concerned, Iran has said, "We hope that India will take care of its national interest in the matter of crude oil imports. India is under our pressure, but it is our friend.'‎
‎It is in the interest of the entire world to end the conflict between the United States and Iran.

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