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A Letter To Opposition Presidential Candidates And Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye From Oppressed Ugandans

Kaweesa Kaweesa is a political activist in Uganda (Africa), a country which has been under a dictator for almost all his years on earth.


We salute you all for your efforts geared towards liberating our country’s independence from NRM-7 exploitation, enslavement, political social and economic imprisonment.

In this letter we assume the above is your sole target because as Ugandans we authoritatively say that’s solely what we are craving and being murdered for by the junta. .

Since we have a single enemy who has dilapidated our country, We will not dwell on who is who amongst you, our focus is on the ball. We need you all because we are sure if you join forces our country will be reclaimed.

The short campaign period has pointed to one fact, we the oppressed are aware that to beat a 34yr old dictatorship we need not divide our votes so we are united and have simultaneously chosen to back up a candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. It’s not because he is the most qualified, the most educated, the best orator, the most experienced or whatever but as politics moves with favors he is the one with the current voters favor.

It’s now unfortunate that it’s you who are supposed to be leading us who are divided and could be the sole reason to keep us under NRM’s dictatorship for the next five years.

Unlike any other campaign before, this has shown the Ugandans side so early with an open chance that all of you can combine your efforts behind him and overwhelm all the dictators organs hands down then form a government of National Unity under NUP either as a political party or as a unity platform whatever for us we want change.

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We Ugandans welcome you and shall not blame any of you for joining NUP late simply because we all joined it in 2020 with one intention, to dislodge the dictator. We kindly beg you to gear all your efforts towards liberating Ugandans and team up with the people chosen candidate (even at your terms.)

Lastly to Dr Kiiza Besigye, all true change agents recognize and respect your efforts in exposing, fighting and instilling confidence among Ugandans to stand firm against the junta regime. We all salutes you as father of anti-m7 dictatorship struggle though the struggle goes on.

From you, we request two things. 1. Join Kyagalunyi in the nationwide search for votes, show your endorsement and support to him and 2. Mobilise Ugandans and all presidential candidates and show them the value of teaming up as opposition to avoid diving already united voters.

Kindly unite, we see first peaceful handover of power in Uganda, Unite we see an end to military brutality. Unite we reap fruits of democracy. Unite we use our taxes to develop our country. Unite we get our natural resources back to Ugandans.

We shall be grateful when all presidential campaign schedules are Used to campaign for one candidate Kyagulanyi against our sole oppressor Museveni. If achieved, by December even Museveni will bow to forces of change hence ending bloodshed in Uganda forever.


For God and My country
Oppressed Ugandans

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