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Kyle Rittenhouse Is Free


The Country has not heard the Last of Kyle Rittenhouse

18 -year-old Kyle Rittenhouse a white teenager from Antioch, Illinois was acquitted of all charges for shooting and killing two white men and wounding the third. The verdict of Rittenhouse was egregious. Justice was not served. Rittenhouse was in the procession of an illegal weapon and walked out of the courthouse a free man.

On August 25, 2020, in Kenosha, Wisconsin Kyle Rittenhouse, shot and killed two men and wounded a third during a Black Lives Matter protest. Protesters were protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man shot by a white police officer. Rittenhouse lied about why he was there, he was never there to protect anyone's property. He was there for his reasons.

Did Kyle Rittenhouse provoke some of the protesters, on the night of the protest? Rittenhouse said he was chased by Rosenbaum the previous year. Was he there to settle a score with Rosenbaum? Did Rittenhouse point his gun at Rosenbaum? While was he in the amid of a group of angry protesters?

Rittenhouse said early that night when he was alone he was threatened and chased by Rosenbaum. He knew Rosenbaum didn't have a gun when he was running after him.


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e gun at him trying to stop himDuring his trial, he proclaimed his innocence by saying he did nothing wrong. I was defending myself.

Rittenhouse Takes the Stand

Kyle Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards said his client shot and killed these men because his life was in danger. The jury made their decision on the video. Prosecutor Thomas Binger, the case was not presented well. The judge went after Binger's line of questioning, saying he couldn't believe him. At one point in time, the prosecutor picked up the AR-15 and pointed it at the jury.

The jury was satisfied with the answers Rittenhouse gave. Business owners testified they never asked him to protect their property. What if Rittenhouse was a Black teenager and killed someone with an illegal weapon. Would he have gotten the same consideration Kyle Rittenhouse got?

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