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A different view on term limits.


An always talked about issue!

The debate over term limits for congress and the U.S. Senate, never seems to go away. Of course the President has term limits as do the politicians many of municipalities. But many Americans want and are vocal for term limits across the board. Many different numbers of proposed years have been thrown around. The one that I hear most often is twelve years. That of course would be six years for congress and two terms for the senate.

Should we impose federal term limits?

I say no. We shouldn't because that solution does not really solve the problem and it causes unnecessary damage to out national system. I agree that there is serious corruption in D.C. and many other places. I always believe that some elected officials stay in office for far too long.

But when we stop and think, how you really solve an issue like that, term limits do not make much sense. For example, do you get rid of rotten apples in a basket by tossing them out randomly, without regard to which ones are good or bad? That is throwing out good with bad. If you have a splinter, do you cut off part of your finger? That's not the way to solve things. That's actually how you lose good apples and body tissue!

Look at the true nature of the problem.

The problem is corruption. Throwing out representatives that expose and stand up against corruption, dishonesty, and the like, is not the answer! For every bad one you lose, you lose a good one. Whenever a good representative comes into office, you bring in a new bad apple. That is not effective.

Here is the answer.

What will work is tackling the following.

1. Push for crack downs on corruption perpetuated by current and past politicians. This will stop if many of them start going to jail. Watchdog groups need to be given more power and better access to information.

2. The corrupt, compliant media has to be reined in. They cover up corruption and go far out of their way to influence elections.

3. Ending biased teaching in universities and public schools of all types, will also help voters to make more informed decisions.

4. Go hard against voting/vote counting fraud. That is a problem that has to be solved and soon. In America we can not allow votes from dead voters and illegal aliens to ever be counted again. We need new laws and safeguards against this travesty.

If you think those are hard things to do, try to get politicians to vote in favor of cutting them out of their employment source! Besides, the root of the issue comes from the fact that the voters are being misinformed.

Let's face it, we have a system that is built upon trusting voters. We can, as a nation, put safeguards and penalties in place. What we can't do, is take choices and freedoms away from American Citizens. Term limits tie our hands just as much as they do the politician. Don't you dare tell me that the answer to our problems comes from taking away or curbing the rights of the people. Remember, our freedoms, like the one to vote for whomever we wish, did not come from the end of a quill or upon a scroll. No, they first came from the end of a bayonet and a bullet!