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A Close Nexus of Corruption and Terrorism in Pakistan

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The nexus of corruption and terrorism in Pakistan

History of nations has witnessed that whenever corruption popped up its head, it gave way to lawlessness, chaos, and anarchy. The current wave of terrorism in Pakistan is also a result of rampant corruption in the state. Transparency International ranks Pakistan 117 out of 180 countries, while it ranked 144 in 2005. On the other hand, these very two decades have seen growing terrorism in the state.

The nexus of corruption and terrorism in Pakistan


Contributions of Corruption for Paving Way to Terrorism:

Corruption weakened the institution of the state responsible for ensuring law and order situation in the country. In Pakistan, it appeared in the form of bribery, nepotism, and favouritism; thus minimizing the chances of justice, the rule of law and transparency. When these prerequisites of democracy are compromised, terrorism prevails.

Corruption is also responsible for strengthening the non-state actors and their organizations. When law-enforcing agencies of a state fall prey to corruption and their officials prefer moneymaking to their duties, terrorist organizations get a fair chance to flourish and flex their muscles. The case was not different in Pakistan; white-collar crimes and money laundering rooted the plant of terrorism deep into the soil of state. Terrorist organizations found the circumstances very suitable for them to work, spread their networks, and carry out their heinous designs.

The poverty that is a bitter fruit of corruption, also adds fuel to the fire. It is corruption again, which let not the citizen enjoy even their fundamental rights; corrupt ruling elite and bureaucracy grab public money with both hands leaving poor masses in a miserable state. Such a country like Pakistan, where 29% of people live below the poverty line is prone to evils like terrorism. Poor people are easy victims to terrorist’s organizations as they want to secure the future of their children at any cost; they are ready to kill people in markets or mosques in a suicide attack in return of the promise of a better future for their children.

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Repercussions of This Evil Nexus:

Firstly, terrorism played havoc with social and international security of the state. The country had to face massive economic and colossal damage; it had to bear $126 b because of terrorism in 17 years while 67399 martyred by terrorist attacks in the last 15 years. Corrupt politicians, military elite and bureaucrats grabbed the leftover reservoirs and put the state on the mercy of the World Bank and IMF. Apart from this, the other affected fronts are the internally displaced persons, compromised girls education, and psychological sufferings.

Secondly, the image of the country tarnished, and it started being recognized as a terrorist state. The international community seemed reluctant to enhance ties with Pakistan that resulted in low Foreign Direct Investment, denial of the states to accept Pakistani nationals and sanctions of various kinds by international bodies such as UNA.

Thirdly, unemployment, poverty, and inflation increased because of corruption and terrorism in the country. Even today, half of the population of the country is unable to meet the needs of daily life. When basic needs are not fulfilled, people resort to unfair means to fulfil them, which results in further fissures into social fabrics.

Thirdly, corruption coupled with terrorism added fuel to the fire of unemployment and poverty in the state. None can deny the fact that when there are poverty and unemployment in any country, crimes, lawlessness, and social unrest rule there. Thus, Pakistanhadto face all this since last two decades.

Lastly, the sovereignty of the state, which is the primary component of a nation-state, was compromised in the country; global powers this time got a fair chance to intervene and meddle into the affairs of the national importance of Pakistan. Drone attacks by the USA are the best manifestations of this interference and an attack on the national sovereignty of the country.


It would not be wrong to say Pakistan in spite of all the difficulties and hardships has carried out many successful efforts to root out terrorism, yet there is still much to do. Also, the new governments’ crackdown against corruption is noteworthy; it could be thought that these efforts would help to curb the menace of corruption and break the nexus mentioned above. Nonetheless, it is mandatory to reach this milestone to regain the lost glory of the state.


Faraz Ahmed Awan from Rawalpindi, Pakistan on September 21, 2020:

Nice informative article

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