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A Violent Human Society, A Thing of the Past

He likes to reflect on human transactions in many colors, each of them leading to a horde of imponderables, human or nonhuman.


It is well acknowledged. Ours is a violent society. Taking this into account, we are constantly taking corrective and preventive steps, mostly in the form of rules and regulations intended to curb violence. Sometimes, such rules may become a yoke, which we overlook, that too, even when our freedom is infringed. Society, however remains as violent as before. Why?

Where from the Violence?

I don't think violence is the issue behind the violent society. Rather, I think we are mentally out of breath, in fact all the time, from dealing with the present. Consequentially, there are two issues meriting immediate attention. One, there is no energy left for assessing the effectiveness of our past actions or remedies, and polishing those, if necessary. And two, there is no opportunity to feel, or realize, the need to imagine and address the future with the priority it deserves. So, not only that we are not proactive, but also our remedies are rarely in sync with the times.

(I know, no living form should be adapting to such a style as this. The fact that we humans follow such a style, and we find nothing abnormal in it, is clearly counter-intuitive, to say the least. Something happened, perhaps very long back, that made such a colossal shift in our outlook. As I propose while discussing the origin of human nature, the collapse of the Geocentric universe might have done it.)


What is Agitating Us?

What all is keeping us busy? Let us have a look at all that we accept as issues. There are several of those and can be classified in different categories, say seven categories in the minimum, namely: Survival Problems, Financial Problems, Sociopolitical Problems, Relationship Problems, Religious Problems, Knowledge Problems and Psychological Problems. Further classification fields also exist, which effectively indicates a distinct resolution process for each set of problems. An individual or some other entity can then choose the steps necessary for a particular instance. Like, National Problems, International Problems, Natural Problems etc.

A sample grouping can be:

1. Issues of basic survival. Like Dwelling, Diseases, Accidents, Natural Calamities, Aggression, Wars, & Weather.

2. Issues of resources. Like Steady & Regular Earning, Speculative Earning, Accidental loss, & Loss due to changes in policy.

3. Issues of the social sphere. Like Celebrations & Festivals, Reforms, Law & Order, Governments, and Govt. Formation, & International Relations.

4. Issues of relationship. Like Spouse, Relatives, Extramarital Relationships, Domestic & Wild animals, Nature & Environment, & Gadgets & Programs.

5. Issues of the religious sphere. Like Religious Rituals & Orders, Past life Accumulations, Present Faith & Observances, & Place of Worship.

6. Issues of Knowledge. Like Sensory Perceptions, Frame of mind, Adaptability, Assessment, Skill, Venture, & Judgment.

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7. Issues of the mind. Like Free will, Supernatural Phenomena, Complexes & Phobias, Confidence, Pride & Self Esteem, & Patriotism.

What We end up Doing

Presently, as it was since long back, we are addressing each issue based on the current priorities and compulsions. All the conclusions and solutions we reach, therefore could overlook many a facet of the issue in hand. Or, the backlash of each solution will be giving rise to a horde of movements. And, the repercussions shall end up adding at least one more issue, which generally should be manifesting in a couple of generations. Then we quietly add it as a new issue to be solved, which will get addressed on its own merits, in due course. Naturally, over the years, there will be a steady increase in the nature and extent of the issues facing the human race. We do nothing about all this, but to lament that ours is a violent society. And, we might have been lamenting for long. For, now, even when a thought occurs for doing something, the long list of issues existing in our midst, completely steal our attention. What should have been far more significant is quietly forgotten. Namely, the dependence of each issue with the original solution that would have been leading to it. Or, every new issue is from a solution of the past.

My View

Isn't there something wrong? Years have passed, and we are going strong with our original style of classification, as far as the problems we face. But, even though every new issue added by one of our solutions is effectively undermining it, we continue to stay with it. And one will have to admit, by now, it is no more a faithful depiction of the issues we face. We need to attempt fresh styles of classification of issues itself, if good solutions are to come and succeed in removing the ‘violent’ label from our society.

Where are we Wrong?

Let us re-examine our problems and solutions with a view to channelize all our reactions to aid the solution.

Take moral issues. Are we approaching these in the best possible way? A moral issue always relates to, or originate from, an interpersonal transaction. And, even when it isn’t so, the dominating issues will be that of individual attributes, like honesty, courage, or love. But, we are always coming up with a collective response that triggers all and sundry to jump into the fray with their versions of it. Now, the whole atmosphere becomes rather cloudy or unclear. Rather than realizing the presence of such unnecessary retorts contributing to it, we re-issue our original response with greater might, or supplement it with fresh, perhaps sharper, ones. Now, though the individual in question would have adjusted oneself to the changed circumstances, all these responses and its repercussions remain unsettled, painting the society as a violent one. And, further reactions follow these, for no reason. Concede, now, almost all of us will have no inkling as to the real cause of it, making us meekly accept it as a traditional label.

Let us turn to the intellectual arena. By now we know, intellectual ability, one that is signified by a high IQ, could be found in anyone. But, it is strictly viewed a personal attribute. Is it appropriate? Not at all, I think. In fact, all issues other than the moral ones can be considered as belonging to this arena. Though we might make a mention of intelligence only, no one shall be meeting success, unless one resorts to tactics of using every human attribute in attaining one's aim. Or, If we look closely, all instances of success will have a lot to do with external factors like a helpful society, which we now recognize by the term synergy. Perhaps without an exception, wherever we see individual brilliance of any nature, it is invariably the working of a team or a conducive environment that would have enabled it. But, we try to avoid, as much as possible, any reference or attention to the such facts, unless it is to glorify the individual in question, or to deflect a perceived blame. As a result, though the concerned individual would have adjusted oneself to the changed circumstances, say of glory, fame, or brickbats, plenty of individual responses from the team will be waiting for attention, quietly emitting its fallout. Such expressions of elements that are in search of gratification, continue to paint the society as a violent one, eliciting sharp, acute reactions from others. Here also, none of us will have an inkling as to the real cause of it, making us meekly accept it as the traditional ambience of human race.

Functional Classification of Issues

I think, based on the above reasoning, it is only appropriate to regroup all the issues we face, including the seven types discussed above, into two major classifications, namely, the moral sphere, and the intellectual sphere.

In the moral sphere, all issues shall be identified, and reacted to, as individual problems, each one meriting its unique action and response.

And in the intellectual sphere, all issues shall wake up the entire society, each evoking a holistic response.

This, needless to say, is quite similar to what is happening with all species of life. Where, a signal, say of an enemy, or food, spurs the whole bunch of it into action. And for certain other signals, like mate, only those ready, react. But, in place of moral sphere or intellectual sphere, all actions take place only in one sphere, say the physical sphere. In moral plane and in the intellectual one, constancy is maintained. As there is no action taking place in those spheres, we observe the animal world, more or less always in equilibrium, except for certain fundamental needs of life.

(In fact our living style also is correct. Except that instead of picking up intellectual and moral spheres to direct all our action and reaction, we just copied the physical sphere of other forms of life. It is ill-fitting, leading to a violent society!)


Yes, we need to shape our life a little. Let go of our predilection with the physical part of transactions, except perhaps for childish fun, while embracing the intellectual and the moral spheres, as mentioned above. In our case, it will be faithfully reflecting the status, human society should have been of, all the while. Where, matters pertaining to the individual sphere, and those of the social sphere, would have been getting addressed appropriately. There is no chance of a backlash and its repercussions leading to a commotion, which shall make 'a violent human society', a thing of the past.


All that is happening with the human race can be reduced to a problem, either transportable to the moral canvas or manageable as an intellectual one. In which case, we can bifurcate all challenges we face, like the issues of Basic survival, Dwelling, Earning, Celebrations & Festivals, Reforms, Law & Order, Extramarital Relationships, etc., into one of the two. This will empower us to face all our challenges in a structured manner. Now, depending on its nature, whether the issue belongs to the moral realm, or to the intellectual realm, the issue shall be addressed as part of the individual domain, or of the social domain. This will effectively restrict all moral issues to the individual realm, while extending all other issues to a sphere that encompasses everything other than the moral one. Then, no issue shall escape from an appropriate response and contribute to a violent society.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 ROY T JAMES

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