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A View From Afar: Verdict of Guilty in George Floyd Case

An senior air warrior and political observer who has the pulse of the region and can sense a change when it comes.



I had just entered the Singapore club when my friend Tom Elsdon told me that the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin had come and he had been pronounced guilty. We both sat at the bar and I ordered my Macallan Single Malt Whiskey on the rocks. Frankly, I knew all along that the verdict would be guilty because the trial had been publicized so much that there was no way that Derek Chauvin could have escaped conviction. What probably nailed Chauvin is the nine-minute video that clearly showed that he had overstepped his authority and it was a clear case of death in custody.

George Floyd had been arrested by the police on a minor misdemeanor but he did struggle with the police officers who pinned him to the ground. Chauvin should have let the man get up after he complained a number of times that he could not breathe but for some reason, the police cop did not release the stranglehold on his neck with his knee. This is the crucial point because any normal human being would have let the man rise and then handcuffed him but Chauvin didn't do anything like that with the result, George Floyd died.

The point here is that in the 21st-century Chauvin is not an exception and I think there are many white people who do not consider the blacks are equal and maybe less of value than a horse they own. That this mentality should continue for 2 1/2 centuries is worth a study.

I will relate a small incident. I have a friend in America who all the time mouthed pro-black slogans and was of the view that the blacks are being given a raw deal but this very man when his daughter married a black and that to a Muslim he lost his shirt and threatened to shoot the man dead. He ensured that his daughter broke with the black and didn't marry him. This, in my view, is the general idea of 90% of the white people and my point is, how are you going to exorcise this particular thought from the minds of these men and women.

The politics of hate is so deeply ingrained in America against the black African that in my view it's not going to be solved in my time. The conviction of Chauvin is a good thing but this thing should've happened 100 years back when the KKK was hunting blacks like wild boar. That was the time to put the genie back in the bottle and the American Supreme Court, the church, and the government totally failed and now this cancer is not going to go back that easily.


The trial

Before I write anything further I must put in a word about the jury system of trial. I think this is outdated. The jury trial used to be in existence from British times in the Bombay presidency but after the famous Nanavati trial, the Supreme Court abolished the system of Jury. In this trial, the jury was swayed by newspaper reports and resultant gossip and returned a verdict of 'not guilty' when it was apparent to all that commander Nanavati the accused had shot the lover of his wife dead.

In this case, the pressure had also built up strongly on the jury, and even if there were some dissenters they dare not open their mouths. An example is that the congresswoman Maxine Waters who over the weekend had exhorted protesters to 'stay on the street' and 'get more confrontational if Chauvin was acquitted. Nothing could be more silly than this. This has given grounds for an appeal against the verdict and the defense lawyer Mark Gallegos has called the conviction a pre-ordained conclusion. Even presiding judge Peter Cahill has said that the public comments by Maxine Waters could be grounds for an appeal.

In my view, the trial is not yet over and there is little to celebrate because the matter may go right up to the Supreme Court and the learned judges may still give some ruling or maybe reduce the sentence drastically. All this would have been obviated if the trial by jury had been dispensed with.


Last word

There is very little to celebrate as just before the verdict on Tuesday a police officer in the state of Ohio shot dead a 16-year-old black girl while responding to an emergency call over an attempted stabbing. Is the American state going to try this police officer also. There is another police officer lady who shot another black Negro when she failed to distinguish a gun from a teaser, a weapon which she has handled for 26 years and nothing seems to happen to her.

I hope people who read my article can understand because how you look only a mirror can tell you and a person like me who is a frequent visitor to America but staying far away sees the picture better. America should have sorted out the race problem just after the Civil War but somehow the federal structure allowed the states in particular the southern states to continue the politics of segregation.

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The problem is gigantic because there is no doubt that almost 40 policemen have also died in the recent past at the hands of thugs and goons. Can the American state manage without the police force and all this propaganda against the police by the left-wing and the BLM is not a good thing? But I do wonder how America can get out of the morass of the race divide. The white population at one time was 90% has now reduced to about 75% and in time to come will reduce further and this may lead to a siege mentality and more atrocities against blacks.

I have no ready-made solution and I have just given my random thoughts. The fact is America missed the bus 100 years back. I remember that report when almost 20 black soldiers were hanged in Texas without a proper trial by the Army. Even 100 years later the same things are continuing.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 21, 2021:

Thanks, Yves, nice you commented. It's good to agree to disagree.

savvydating on April 21, 2021:

Race baiters will have you believe we have systemic racism. Much of the real hate these days is acted against Jews and Asians....

To better understand race in America, you might read any one of the following books by Thomas Sowell, who studied race extensively and knows what he is talking about, being a black man himself:

Race and Economics (1975), Markets and Minorities (1981), Ethnic America: A History (1981), The Economics and Politics of Race (1983), Preferential Policies (1990), Race and Culture (1995), Migrations and Cultures (1996), Conquests and Cultures (1998), Affirmative Action Around the World (2004), Black Rednecks and White Liberals (2005), Intellectuals and Race (2013), Wealth, Poverty and Politics, (2016), and Discrimination and Disparities (2018, revised ed., 2019).

What you do not know is that race baiters make millions off of keeping people ignorance of actual facts. They've done an impressive job and because of them racial tensions have been greatly exacerbated in recent years.

I do not agree with your assessment of race in America, but I understand how the media & tech is supportive of race baiters and their agenda. Sadly, many who may not be independent thinkers or who have no awareness of their political bias or biases, in general, are easily swayed.

No offense to you. I enjoy your articles, although I disagree with some of your theories.

MG Singh from UAE on April 21, 2021:

Bill, thank you for sparing time and commenting. The issues in America are very deep and nothing is going to change in our lifetime.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 21, 2021:

I can find nothing to argue with in this article. You are correct, hate against Blacks is not going away in my lifetime in this country. We have deeply-ingrained issues which are far from solved.

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