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A True X-File Case Of Mysterious Drones and the USN

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Where are Skully and Mulder, the two agents of the X-Files TV show that ran for 10 years? Unlike their cases, this IS the real deal of UFO existence.

The previously classified material indicates that in July of 2019. the USS Russell (DDG-59) while on a cruise with other ships off the coast of California were followed by many pyramid shaped drones or UFOs. This also happened to other USN ships over a period of several nights.

The investigation of these swarm of drones has led to a determination it is an X-File type case for the following reasons:

  • They swarmed for many hours beyond the flight time of most drones today
  • They flew a minimum of 100 miles in conditions with less than a mile of visibility
  • Some of the drones seemed to be coordinated
  • There were no reports of UAV activity on July 14, 2019 in or around San Clemente Island where USN was operating (this island is barren and uninhabited of the California coast. The USN uses it for a variety of practice missions)
  • At least six UFOs swarmed the US warships for prolong periods while performing amazing acrobatics in flight around the USS Kidd (DDG-100) and USS Peralta, DDG Finn.
  • Some of the drones just hovered over the ships matching the ship's speed.
  • The swarm flew around the ships for 90 minutes
  • A Carnival cruise ship, Imagination, verified the drones existence since passengers observed them nearby

Nearby were a few tankers and cargo ships passing, while the did have drones, none were used and none of them could fly 100 miles nor have a flight duration of 90 minutes.

Thus, it is a case of unknown origins. If these were military grade drones, one would think the DoD would be able to ascertain this and put the issue at rest. Since their investigation has not done this, it is a real X-File case.

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