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A True Unity in Diversity

He likes to reflect on human transactions in many colors, each of them leading to a horde of imponderables, human or nonhuman.

Disharmony comes and goes, Everywhere

Disharmony, you will have to agree, is an inseparable part of all that has life. Instances, of disagreements, of commotion, or of violent behavior, occur at random, which could be caused by food, mate, prey, or something particular to the species. But, harmony prevails, when such instances get overshadowed by something else, including the very fulfillment of it. Hence, one can safely conclude, instances of disharmony do not last long.

But, for Us, Disharmony Spreads

But it is not so, as far as human race go. Yes, in the early days, there would have been disagreements of various nature. And, presumably, since they would have been communicating in many a tongue, such disagreements could not have spread much. Just like our family squabbles of these days, those would have ended, at most, leaving a bad taste for some people, for some time. And, life would have been continuing in this manner for many a century. Then came a major singularity, when humans learned of the possibility of combining those tongues into a language. And this new entity called language happen to have the ability to make some sense out of every bit of communication, whether intended or not.

..and Spreads

Now, something significant starts to take place. People communicate as they used to, but, things do not die out as it used to. Thus, instances of disharmony, starts to last forever.

In fact, there is nothing unique about disharmony, except that it is a different harmony. Naturally, like instances of harmony or merriment, it will also be endearing to some.

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Consequentially, instead of vanishing into the depths of time, every piece of communication gets collected into a kitty of appeal. We call it by esteemed words, knowledge and many of its components like literature, history, science, or arts.

..and Spreads

The kitty of appeal kept becoming bigger, and as time went by, became the defining character of human race. People had to mould themselves into apparitions that would rejoice with the kitty. Over time, the celebration of language and its produce have taken over the warp and woof of human transactions.

In short, human, in its present state, especially when there is disharmony, became more of a product of language.

There's a Remedy

There is a quick answer to this. Put and end to disciplining ourselves with more and more gusto, where each such step leads to many an abstraction, like pride, love, or valour, and fill the kitty even more. Go back to tongues, for all communication. If necessary, invent a few. And, resort to a language, only when there is a necessity, and a reason to reflect.

Prepare it

This, in fact is nothing extraordinary or special. Presently, our lifestyle follow a similar path, in many areas like technology. See, what an average citizen uses for talking, effectively, is nothing but a clear equivalent of a tongue, especially while discussing issues like that of engineering, medicine, or computer programming. Whereas, the specialists in each such field use potent and appropriately formulated language or jargon, while confronting those issues in reality. We only need to make it more extensive, perhaps covering all aspects of our life. Which can be achieved rather easily too. We only need to use a tongue with no unnecessary vocabulary and structure, for normal communication, and a full-blown language for the purpose of reflection, that too, when there is a specific aim.

The Cure

In fact, here, our options are unlimited. The best, I think is this. We can carve a tongue each out of the languages of use, and encourage the people to adopt those. All the words that refer to specific meanings, and not of immediate and wide relevance, can be gathered, and that can be grouped together to form a universal language of reflection. This will then be a true unity in diversity.

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