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A Status Quota Racist Recovery

Work for the board of elections and work with children and work with the outreaching of elderly people.

Status Quota in Recovery

I think we all shall come together in this meeting room and let us start the prayer and even this church and sing hymns and I like to hear the piano play and some tambourine and Morocco's. We are here gathered in this indie church today with mine people on one greeting of hands and we love to fellowship with you all and like a little taste of a meal at the table. ''Welcome everybody'' glad you come go ahead and tell us about your family and welcome to ah church for Bible Study. Hello, my name is Candace I am an event planner and I work for the Elections glad you come Thank you. Hello, mine name is Brian Jones Dad of Brianna and Candace and Judy Jones Mom to Brianna and Candace. Glad you come thanks.

We will go into the verses of Psalms and Ephesians and if anyone has a scripture feel free to share, we are open to any talent you given. By Candace Buckner

I think I found a job for Shelter Monitor at Family Haven started at $10 pay hourly.

I am 28 years old want to help the homeless is mine vision God given me.

My sister taken me toward the interview used her car and waited until the time and I saw a black vulture bird or birds that came near the car and there I saw some cereal Chex thrown from the sky feeding the birds that looked dark.

I go inside the building and have to wait inside looking at this clock waiting for an answer if this job will work for me also for him to come out me seated down near the front door who came in to give me a tour of the building and fill out some more paperwork in his office, I was provoked to anger to fight him about his decision about this job I not hired and him being the owner of this Haven, so mine vision was create a feed people food pantry and outreach Ministry of this building to get people set free from homelessness and Job ready through typist created content story teller news reporting about the day. He provoked me to yell at him outside the office door Shut Up! This is my office! He cussed the homeless people that lived in the walls of that shelter out I heard every defile hatred words he said, and he slammed that office door in my face hard that made me almost want to cry. When he steps back in the office, he provoked me to step on his foot back under the table like he did me out of anger. He became not real and crafted to show the bad side of him taken advantage of me staying until 8p.m at night until he released me out that Interview. I thought he was going to kill me in there. My sister was waiting around all through that process for me. I was torment for days of having the status Quota in Recovery underline racism toward other culture. I ate mine dinner

at Jack' n the Box and went on back home it was dark and nighttime.

Next day the news came on the phone of the Family Haven I quoted on mine way to the Dental. That day I had a church service and had played all of Dawin Hobbs hits and Glory Land, then suddenly through the couch material I saw the face of that Interview man at the Family Haven black guy that fought me almost killed me so turned to a monitoring me ghostly demon spirit while I had church in my living room house praise the Lord service.

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Next day had mine own meeting with family support at Community Center after the visit from that indie church and was the speaker and event planner and served Lasagna and the speech topic about Family Values behind podium and it got dark so of the people played hockey in clear glass window in the daytime and it was dark meeting over lights out.

At the Dental Walkin does not know What to expect I was tested about my teeth and test results came and said I had Gingivitis and they had to lay me down and test the strength of mine teeth and use a mirror inside it and clean mine teeth and had me spit up blood in the bathroom and come back to numb me and I passed out inside the place until the effects of that stuff came out my system and felt fat and nasty and used up with mask being worn and God was going to call me home.

I said live a long time in this earth.

It happens and I lived from age 28 unto 33 years old by a miracle.

I became a Status Quota Recovery racist.

I had a job at Harmony Church for babysit the children during church and enjoyed them and help with Mr. Rice homeless. In America we see a divided line among the people heritage, but all born for a purpose and goals in life to prosper this nation and talk about the stories of floods in the area and earthquakes and deaths from Covid but recall the creator God keep us on this journey for a purpose and rather got Military training pulled over by the police we are held responsible for this environment to keep it clean.

This is why I taken a course about Global Climate Change of Africa and was credit.

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