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A Riot is the Voice of Grief and the Language of the Unheard

Sckylar is a political activist who strives to live her life with love and compassion for all.


“A riot is the language of the unheard.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am not someone who condones violence. In fact, I am very much a pacifist in many ways. I would prefer that all challenges were solved in a peaceful and loving manner. Unfortunately, when peaceful protests go unheard for too long, it is natural to try and find a different solution.

For years activists have strived for their voices to be peacefully recognized. And for years the opposition laughed in their faces. The moderates rolled their eyes, and though the allies tweeted and shared their words of support, those words have not yet made a difference.

For years the numbers of unjustified brutality and murders have continued to add up.

So, if peaceful protest is not working, what is the answer?

I don’t know. But I am compassionate to the tired, frustrated, and angry souls who feel as though violence is their final resort. When peaceful appeals continue to be ignored how can we continue to expect tolerance from the victims?

“A riot is the language of the unheard.”

It is also a tactic used by the oppressor as well as the opportunist. Undercover cops, media misinforming its viewers, and low-lifes looking for a payout all muddy the view. This muddled picture antagonizes the victims and keeps the moderates in their place.

Instead of only seeing what is happening, ask yourself why it’s happening. There is a reason things have gone this far. When you see the riots on your feed and get upset, know that this is the reaction to too many injustices. Ask yourself, what steps do we need to take to make this world a better world for the entirety of the human race?

A riot is not a good thing. My heart goes out to the innocent bystanders. To the owners of the small businesses and mom and pop shops who have lost their livelihoods overnight. But I can see both sides of the coin. I can see the desperation and the need for change.

If peaceful protests do not inspire progress and violent protests are condemned, then what is the answer?

Again, I do not know.

“There is no right way to protest because that’s what a protest is. It can’t be considered ‘right’ by the system that it’s protesting.” - Trevor Noah

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that it was the white moderate that was the greatest resistance to equality. “...The white moderate, who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice, who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.”

I strive to do everything I do by using love as guidance. And with love comes compassion and an effort of understanding. I do not pretend to even think I can ever understand the emotion that goes with being a member of an oppressed demographic. However, I will continue forever to stand as an ally.

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© 2020 Sckylar Gibby-Brown


Jman from Texas on June 10, 2020:

Well written article!

However, other "perspectives " exist and were shared with by by friends which include Hispanic and two of African american heritage not that it should matter. The notes Below are their comments. They will not share such directly do to fear of retaliation from media, govt and BLM retaliation.

1. Socially Condoned Terrorism:

- BLACK lives OBVIOUSLY MATTER.. If a white man or women was killed by police in the EXACT SAME MANNER as Mr Floyd, DOES ANYONE Believe for a moment than nationwide, city by city violent protests and defunding the police campaigns would erupt?? .. (Answer is NO. whites and women do not have socially sanctioned terrorist organizations supporting them)

- Cover Up of FACTs: Mr Floyd's past criminal record was covered up and purposely not reported. Black Lives Matter yes as do All lives. However deifying and honoring a man with a long track record of violent crime, assault, theft , drug sale, and passing counterfeit money ONLY because he is Black and was murderously assaulted by 4 criminalized police officers is ridiculous and RACIST.

- Manufactured Event: BLM and Mr Floyd tee shirt and movement were in place too quickly to be "legitimate". Folks it is 2020. How oppressed are Oprah, Wesley Snipes, most of the highly paid basketball and football players and millions of other successful blacks. Some of us watched "Roots" and realize the horrors of past slavery and anti black racism were real and terrible... long ago. Now a days however sex trafficking and drugs are FAR WORSE of an issue.

2. Distraction & depressurization

- Why is this huge , well funded , well organized, media darling , " false flag" racist/ terrorist movement called BLM still ongoing?

- - Answer: distract and exhaust protest energy of the public.

Real issue is COVID 19. Its true source and who is actually responsible for the multi trillion dollar pandemic... and the reminder that NO CURE or vaccine exists yet.. in spite of stock market and oil price recovery.

Notice how the media can now avoid reporting on COVID related issue and the thousands of failed businesses and damaged families hurt by COVID... all the while the govt has been raising property taxes in 2020 in most areas..

The public manipulation by media and government on the terrible and unfortunate death of Mr Floyd ( that had convenient timing for our government ) certainly "Trumps" ACA and other past government misdirects...

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