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Taking Too Many Chances With America's Safety; We Must Get Illegal Entry Under Control

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!



It depends on which network is covering the story on whether you will see smiling children, crying babies, desperate Moms crossing the Rio Grande, families crossing ranch land in Texas, children in tow....or if you will see young single men, or large groups of primarily men attempting to avoid the cameras.

Perhaps they are camera shy, perhaps they do not wish to draw attention to themselves for whatever reason, but what if it is something more?

What if they are escaping a life of crime, seeking new avenues, starting anew, but with the same old bad habits?

What if it's even worse then that?

Why would we ever take a chance, especially after the multiple attacks on our homeland over the years?

Why would we ever take one single chance?

My heart goes out to those with genuine need to make their way into the United States, but there is a process, there is a line, there's procedure. There must be common sense policy on this, at all times.

It was a good plan that the Trump Administration had in keeping migrants in Mexico until the time came for their Court date.

What was wrong with that agreement?

Not a thing, other than, Donald Trump's name was all over it.

That made it wrong!

That's why every move made then and ever since, has been political, because Donald Trump dared to be our President for a time!

The many discussions, the working it out/working it through agreement which was reached between us and Mexico was shot down by an Obama appointed, San Francisco Judge. It was reinstated and then, enter in Joe Biden, shooting it down once more, reinstated......who knows the latest status, hard to keep up, which is the way politicians like it!

It sounds like a game doesn't it, but this isn't a game, again, politics can never come into play, when it comes to protecting us, our families and our overall National security.

When you consider the daily influx: large groups, small groups, apparent, families... either making their way toward the States or making their way in, once they've arrived, you have to ask yourself these questions; why has this been allowed and will there ever be an end to it?

Political Games

There is a right way to get into this Country permanently, (into any Country for that matter) and there are individuals waiting patiently for their turn, going through the process, the proper procedures.

They have to see the many images of those above it all (it's hard to miss them) and become discouraged or disgusted.

How could they not be?

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There are many, since our inception, that came before, that did it the right way!

At one time, for a long time, it worked, what changed?

What makes so many individuals from so many different Countries think they have the right to walk in, ahead of others, dishonoring the process and disrespecting us and our laws?

This has become political, no doubt about it and that's a real shame; the one thing that we should all be in solidarity over is protecting our borders at all times, keeping this Nation and her people as safe as is humanly possible, at all times!

As a side note, when in office, Vice-President Mike Pence stated that he had information of Venezuela being behind many of the caravans, large groups, we'd see forming or making their way here.

It made sense, the socialist Country certainly can afford to fund it; it's not like anything trickles down to the people of Venezuela any longer.

There must be a great surplus, benefiting those at the top, those in charge of ruling over the peasants!

The corrupt leaders have the means and what a great way to get rid of a few of those nuisance peasants, to boot!

Without Issue

The President Of The United States, Senators, Representatives... are all sworn to protect this Country, its borders and its citizenry.

What a predicament they are placed in; some of the caravans we've seen over the past few years look more like an invasion; how do we know for sure that they aren't?

What becomes of a sovereign Nation, when they've earned the reputation of minimal resistance, of seemingly having their hands tied, compelled to back down...

What then?

Do our elected leaders not pledge to protect this Country and her people, at all times, at all costs?

We must have a show of force at the border, awaiting every arrival, told in no uncertain terms, to get in line, there's a process and that they are absolutely not coming in until every i of every document is dotted and until every t of every admission paper is crossed!

If they defy our Nation's demands to turn back, until all requirements have been met, they should be properly dealt with, immediately.

We have to rebuild our reputation!

Not a single person in this Nation would ever want to see any type of force used against any of these individuals and at the same time, we no longer have a Country, if people from all corners, believe they can make their way in, without issue!

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A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

Maybe it didn't seem like it, but I am in agreement with you Ken, for the most part, I think you may be a little more libertarian than I.

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 28, 2018:

"There is a big difference between possessing a nickle bag and dealing in fentanyl-laced cocaine/heroin."

That is why I specifically said Pot, which for decades now we have wasted far to much effort 'fighting' when it should have never been made illegal.

Trust me, they have wasted a lot of money going after just that drug, and those who grow the plants.

"There is a big difference between an adult paying for sex and an adult knowingly paying for sex with a child or dealing in sex trafficking."

We are way too lenient with pedophiles, IMO, that is just one step behind murder. Clearly that was not what I was stating.

We have pedophiles getting six month sentences for their seventh offense while a guy busted for smoking weed is sent away for 20 years on his third offense.

Makes no sense, our laws/judicial system needs some work.

Canada has legalized Prostitution, Canada has legalized Pot, everyone wants to talk about Canada's Social Healthcare system... how about we help fund our Healthcare/Medicare system with taxes from legalizing Pot and Prostitution?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

No doubt, evil abounds. No matter what we do, what precautions are in place, it finds a way...but we never accept it, we keep working to greatly reduce these horrific acts.

It begins in the home, where kids must have stability and continues with education. Schools must get back to being places of learning, not institutions of indoctrination.

Police Officers, Border agents, ICE agents...must be built up, not torn down in all neighborhoods and schools, a special breed of women and men, willing to lay down their lives for others.

God musn't be eliminated from our lives/our Country, put on a back burner, we then wonder, why evil has such a stronghold.

Brad on October 28, 2018:

You can't protect against random acts of violence, and there are just to many soft targets to be protected.

Florida seems to be the place that the FBI just doesn't seem to get ahead of the curve. What have they learned from the school shooting in Broward County, and is that sheriff still sheriff, and did those deputies that hid outside the school get promoted?

And we still have bombs, ricin and other biological threats, vehicles. and so much more. Where is the NSA and other intelligence agencies that have been snoopy on us this entire century? What have they learned with all of their snoopy that actually protects us from the bad guys.

When profiling became a bad word, the bad got the word and now they go about their dirty deeds without worrying about getting stopped before they act.

Remember, that there was an armed sheriff at the school and the shooter even got away while he was still hiding outside the school.

So armed guard?

Then there was the story about a man with his child eating a burger at a fast food place. And while his daughter was on his lap, a homeless person came by and slit his throat.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

As for sex and drugs? There is a big difference between possessing a nickle bag and dealing in fentanyl-laced cocaine/heroin. There is a big difference between an adult paying for sex and an adult knowingly paying for sex with a child or dealing in sex trafficking. These things must be dealt with, on a case by case and not painted with such a broad brush.

Protections must always be in place!

Unfortunately, present day, armed security must always be in place..... especially in schools and places of Worship. Sad, but true.

Brad on October 28, 2018:


When is the official story the real story?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

The Vegas shooting may factor in with all of this, more than we will ever know.

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 28, 2018:

Well what bothers me most is people's unwillingness to accept that the threat is real, and precaution needs to be taken.

Every Church, every Temple, every School, should be protected by at least one armed and well trained and competent (not the 80 year old Security Guard on his second retirement) Security or Police Officer.

The "Vegas shooter" is another thing all together, not something I want to debate, but the 'official' story is not the real story.

And we have to have more proactive law enforcement... instead of wasting billions on busting people growing and smoking pot, or going after guys paying for sex, go after real criminals, all those ex-felons and mental-illness individuals sitting at home with a collection of assault rifles, instead of waiting for them to go off the deep end, raid their damned houses, confiscate their weapons, and put them in jail for having them.

We will never be able to stop them all, but when people are more afraid of being caught with a bag of weed than an illegally owned weapon our society and the focus of our protection services and agencies is seriously messed up.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

Also, it may seem as if I have gotten off my initial subject, but we need to all understand that some power hungry people, some in the form of political leaders, in this Country, aren't concerned that migrant mobs are working their way toward us. They want it, are more than likely involved with the formation and they seek a showdown that results in a back down (BY US)

They are not upset, when it is guns that are used....against innocents, they have an agenda and they do not care how they get there, just that they get there.

Now that's scary!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

Ken, you know how we are always hearing, "these people are unstable, unhinged, not in their right mind" and yet, somehow they always manage to find the softest of targets?

They have the mental capacity to seek out and target those most vulnerable. They have the wherewithal to go after those with their guard down.

They go where they can do the most damage, without being taken out too quickly. Look at the Vegas shooter, a lot of planning and labor went into his finding the perfect perch to take out those who couldn't have been any more vulnerable, than they were.

I think evil takes them down this path, not mental illness (I know there are exceptions) and to those who believe that this all stops, when guns are taken away, they are the ones with the real mental issues.

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 28, 2018:


I just don't get it, lunatics going after political figures I get... but walking into a church, temple, or school, I don't get it.

I don't know how we protect ourselves from it, if people aren't willing to accept that there are mentally unstable and irrational people out there that they need to protect themselves from we will never be free from these tragedies.

Making guns illegal will not stop it, we have seen these lunatics using trucks and bombs to kill with, but at least if we had well trained and armed people at schools and temples and churches ready to protect the innocent we could stop these tragedies far more often than we do now.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2018:

Yes Brad, timing is key!

.....and now the shooting at the Synagogue in Pennsylvania.

But, this time it was not for show.....

This time, people died!

Real, flesh and blood, living, breathing, loving people, as they were praising God, living and loving life!

Good v Evil has existed since the beginning of time. Evil existed yesterday, it exists today and it will exist until virtually undetectable, when there is a turning back to God. There is no other way!

My heart goes out to the survivors, those currently fighting for their lives and to the families of the injured and slain.

....and yes, my thoughts and my prayers are with them all. Like it or lump it naysayers!

Another day, another heartbreak. :(

Brad on October 27, 2018:


To me this is a case where we don't have many dots, and trying to connect them now is not going to be helpful. I realize that the msm can draw a picture with as few a two dots but that is because they create their own picture.

Once again, the timing here is suspect. I would like to know from Cesar why he picked this particular time. Also, it was the democrats that he didn't target that are interesting. Why didn't he send any to Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer or Adam Schiff. These people are major irritants in everyday government life for president Trump.

Maybe these people's bombs could still be in the mail?

The other strange thing is why isn't law enforcement telling us definitively whether these bombs were capable of being detonated or not. They should have known that answer when they opened the package. This would say a lot about Cesar intent. It shouldn't be a mystery.

Tracking how the 13 packages were sent to their destinations may take longer, but did he send all of them from the same place. Where he bought the material to make the bombs, how many did he actually make, and how did he construct them. We haven't heard anything about bomb plans, his computer or anything else.

It seems like he thought Debbie Wasserman was a key democrat, but to do that, it would take you way back to the Bernie Sanders and democrat primary. Why not Huma Abedin?

I would also like to know, why he thought that this close to the midterm, and with the caravan coming to the US border, why did he pick this time.

The Kamela Harris, and Corey Booker are mostly related to the Kavanaugh hearing, so why them without Feinstein, or Bloomenthal?

I need some more dots, the picture is non existent at this point.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 27, 2018:

What are your thoughts on this Cesar character, Brad?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 26, 2018:

Yes, sorry, a lot going on.

Brad on October 26, 2018:


Do you mean the Cesar van?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 26, 2018:

What, you can't see it from the opposite coast?

Could this get any more bizarre? I don't want to know.

Brad on October 26, 2018:


Como, donde esta Van?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 26, 2018:

Okay now a conspicuous van has joined the circus?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 26, 2018:

No doubt Brad, this is the October surprise, three-pronged style. The Dems are so very predictable! The one thing citizens can always expect out of the Dems....(make that three things) predictability, tricks up their sleeves, hunger for power!

As I stated before, my heart goes out to the Innocents. They are caught up in this mascarade, used as pawns, promised Lord knows what and I feel for them. The Dems will stop at nothing, they care not who is hurt in the end, IF it gains them power. Despicable!

Brad on October 26, 2018:


Caravan such a benign word as benign as the Trojan Horse.

This is the second of a three prong democrat to sabotage the mid term elections in their favor.

3 prong

1. Kavanaugh hearing sandbagged by Feinstein, and Dr. Ford. Ford was a player and not a victim. The victim was judge Kavanaugh and the democratic republic.

2. The Trojan Horse benignly labeled a Caravan. This mob headed to the US border is not an ad hoc group of similar minded migrants. They are acting like a robot army, and at times like when they crashed through the Mexican border they acted like mindless zombies.

They are not asking for anything, they are telling us they will invade the US. The benefit of this army enures to only the democrats as prong 2 of their assault on the midterm election.

Think about how easily this mob, this army breached the southern border of Mexico. They did it on a bridge which is a physical choke point. And Mexico didn't even put up a real barricade.

3. The inoperative mail bombs are the third prong of the democrat plan to influence the midterm election. The only benefactor of these mailings once again goes to the democrats.

The democrats have admitted that they want these migrants to illegally cross the US border, and they have already laid the blame on whatever president Trump does when they get to the border.

Once again, the democrats have shown their true colors as turncoats of America and the American Way. They continue to spend all of their power, time and speech on taking down the US in order to take down the president and his supporters.

This third prong is another example of how the democrats forget what they have done in inciting violence, and now claim it is the fault of the president. This tactic has been a continuous stream of generating and repeating lies about the president and attacking him while thinking that the people don't remember how bad the democrats have acted since 2016.

As Nancy Pelosi said, collateral damage is OK as long as the democrats get back into power.


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 25, 2018:

Just for show...there's a lot of that going around!

Trump is sending troops to the southern border as he should, the caravan aka migrant mob, needs to make their way back home or take their chances in Mexico. Those left after the weeding out process, legitimately seeking asylum in the States, can finish the journey and approach this in a case by case, non-threatening, practical and legal manner.

As for the conspicuous "intentional duds" Greg, we will soon know who is behind this and he, she, they and all others involved in the planning of it or in the condoning of it, need to all be locked away for a lifetime!

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 25, 2018:


Those in our government have done so much worse, for so much less reason than to try and win power in D.C. (by manipulating the headlines in the news) that this farce they have created with these 'pipe bombs' is like comparing Jaywalking to Mass Murder.

Greg Schweizer from Corona, California. on October 25, 2018:

And, isn't it funny that none have been set off. Are they "real" bombs? Or just intentional duds? Just saying. Food for thought.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 25, 2018:

......and this ‘thing’ going on right now, with these suspicious packages!!!

I was finishing up this article about the time I heard about additional packages going to prominent leaders of the Democratic Party.

I was suspicious of this yesterday, more so today!

Obviously this is under investigation and we don’t yet know, but the fact that they are going to Trump’s loudest critics...the fact it is so ‘obviously made’ to look as if, it MUST be a Trump supporter, doesn’t add up to me!

It makes no sense that it would happen now;

Right before mid-term elections?

When Trump is at the top of his game?

When Republicans are pumped and Dems are desperate?

Hopefully, we will soon find out who is it behind this imbecile aggression (along with who is behind the caravans!)

Just sayin’.....

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 24, 2018:

Yeah I guess I could have saved a few hundred words and just called it an invasion, Greg!

Not good! There are no winners in this, they need to turn back.

Greg Schweizer from Corona, California. on October 24, 2018:

It's an invasion and should be treated as such.

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