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The World of White Slave Trade

Obverse of the Black Slave Trade

Slavery is a word well understood, but in the minds of most people, it is associated with the black slave trade from Africa to America across the Atlantic. Many people are not aware that a parallel form of slavery existed in the kidnapping of white men and women by North Africans and Arabs. The purpose of these captures was slavery. Another aspect of this slavery was white women (preferably virgins) to populate the harems of the Arab Sheikhs and Beys. The Arabs and the Moors were the foremost exponents of this trade as they had a penchant for fair and golden-haired white girls. This trade lasted much longer than the black slave trade and overshot it by hundreds of years.

The black trade was stopped by an act of legislation. This did not happen in the case of the white slave trade which ended only after the Arabs and Moors were militarily crushed by the European powers.

A raider makes off with a female captive in another heavily romanticised portrayal of there slave

A raider makes off with a female captive in another heavily romanticised portrayal of there slave

White Slave Trade: Nuts and Bolts

The onset of white slave trade began when the Muslim arms conquered almost the entire North Africa and Spain. It was at its zenith when the Mediterranean Sea almost became a Muslim controlled lake with the Ottoman Empire at its zenith. Even after the defeat of the Muslims, the slave trade was taken over by Muslim pirates called the Corsairs.

The Corsairs were a daredevil lot and scoured the entire Mediterranean Sea. They also raided the coastal villages of Europe and kidnapped white girls. These girls have spirited away to the harems of the Arabs and sold at auctions where they earned a high price for the kidnapper.

White men were also kidnapped for ransom and to work as slaves. There are reports that King Richard the lion heart was also kidnapped and released when a large ransom was paid for him. As far as the kidnapping of girls from the European coastal villages is concerned, the effect was one of fear and many villages shifted deeper away from the coast, to escape from the marauding Muslim pirates.

later the Muslim pirates started a preference for Slav girls who were fair and had golden hair. Raiding parties roamed the Baltic and the Aegean Sea for these girls.

Magnitude of White Slavery

The magnitude of the slavery can only be estimated as no exact figures are available. Generally, it is estimated that the figure would be over a million. The Corsairs were the main exponents of this white slave trade and they also extracted a levy from the ships that sailed the Mediterranean Sea. In the period after 1609 in a span of a decade, almost 400 British ships were captured and the men made slaves and released only after a ransom was paid. Other who could not pay languished in Arab farms as workers and slaves till death.

Later Britain paid a tribute and their ships were spared. But nations and settlements close to the sea in SE Europe and the Slav areas bore the brunt of this slavery.


Breaking the Power of Kidnappers

A fact that has now emerged is the massive kidnapping and abduction of white girls as slaves for the harems of the Arabs. This menace lasted for hundreds of years and it continued until the 19th century. In 1814 the European powers signed a convention to outlaw the attacks of the Berbers and the Ottoman Turks.

The Christian nations now asserted and the rising White power inflicted heavy defeats on the Corsairs and the Turks. This rising European power led to the demise of the white slave trade. A point worth noting is that the slave trade in white women only stopped after the defeat of the Turks and Muslims and not by any act or edict.

End of White Slavery

The white slave trade is well documented by hundreds of books and many have been written after extensive research. There is thus not an iota of doubt that the trade in white particularly white women was a fact of history. Yet not much is talked about this slave trade as the general perception is that the slave trade concerned mostly the black man. However, there is a subtle difference which must be noted. The difference is that the white slave trade of white virgins was basically to populate the harems, where many white women lived comfortable though secluded lives.

They lived in relative comfort unlike the black man who was chained and made to do hard labor and the black m woman slept with the white man without any rewards or recognition and her children were also considered black.

Attack by pirates

Attack by pirates

Last Word

This slavery though not as terrible as the black slave trade which involved racialism, was never the less reprehensible. For women and girls who were kidnaped it was a harrowing time though some were well looked after. It was, however, a demeaning experience to be put up for auction, where some were stripped bare of all clothes. The white slave trade ended with the smashing of Muslim power in the great naval battles of the 19th century


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on July 31, 2019:

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King Haad,

Yes , I agree with you. The textbooks in school must be unbaised. Slavery is bad whether white or black..

King Haad on July 30, 2019:

I'm an African America and slavery is as much as part of history as the story of Christ or RA. To truly persecute the participants truth must be amended about it with in even our school systems. In the 21st century we have issues like this we should be able to deal with as long as truth & justice are applied throughout the conversation.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on August 08, 2015:

Thank you lawrence. I hope this can be stopped

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on August 07, 2015:


There are groups working hard to stamp slavery out. They've had huge impact in the last few years getting westerners who use the sex slave industry prosecuted.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on August 07, 2015:

This is a very sad tale Lawrence. I wonder when all this can be stopped

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on August 06, 2015:


White slavery is still with us! Horrible as it is young girls are still kidnapped and sold into it.

A few years ago a four year old English girl was taken from a holiday apartment in Portugal. Sloppy detective work saw the parents charged with murder but the case was thrown out.

The family fought the system and eventually it was realized the girl was kidnapped and probably sold into slavery, the case is re-opened but after ten years! They also realized there are dozens of cases like Madeline McCann's

This is an awesome hub highlighting all forms of slavery, it's also a challenging one.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on August 04, 2015:

Kevin, nice of you to have commented.

Kevin Goodwin on August 02, 2015:

Very interesting hub. Slavery is slavery is not acceptable no matter what color your skin color is.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on August 02, 2015:

My pleasure, Emge. It's the least I can do!

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on August 01, 2015:

Thank you Kristen. Nice for stopping by and commenting

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on August 01, 2015:

Emge, this was an interesting hub on a serious subject matter. Thanks for sharing. Voted up!

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on July 27, 2015:

Thank you flory, Nice comment

Paula on July 25, 2015:

A cage is still a cage no matter how small or big it is. White women felt just as bad as the black women or men when kidnapped and made slaves, regardless of the conditions they lived in, I am sure. Slavery of any kind, race or color should stop completely and I also include here the people who HAVE TO work long hard hours for scrappy money, as in my opinion this is also a sort of slavery.

Interesting hub.

Have a nice day :)

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on July 23, 2015:

Thank you grand old lady. Nice of you to have commented

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on July 23, 2015:

Slavery of any person is wrong, including child slaves. I think it's more about a sense of power and possession that goes beyond wealth, to people. It's very sad, and there is no justification for it.

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