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A New World Order: China, Russia, America

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This joint statement was not only shocking and bold, but it foretells the future and that is all chaos and rumor of war turning into regional conflicts. Whether that happens right away remains to be seen, but the beginning of End Times is upon us.

Both China and Russia have become friendly and are in agreement about several things: they will oppose the USA, which to many, is an empire in collapse despite its mighty military it is afraid to use. It is following the footsteps of the many empires that have fallen from internal collapse. China and Russia, by joining forces, can easily take on the USA. That is the new goal in 2022 and beyond.

In the Ukraine, Russia is poised to retake much of Ukraine, if it wants to. China will bail out Russia if the US sanctions hit Russia hard, which will be bad. This will only strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Putin wants Poland to get out of NATO and come back to Russia. This is also true of the Baltic states that became new countries after Russia collapsed. Putin may be planning a truly nasty attack not only in the Ukraine but against the US in ways unimaginable by hitting infrastructure and terror attacks to cause more disorder and chaos. But, Putin now has made it clear that his attack in Ukraine will most likely occur after Feb. 20, when the Olympics are over.

China will send Russia a lifeline when the sanctions arrive. This could lessen the impact on Russia. Once the Ukrainian conflict arrives, China could also get the US attention in the South China Sea by sinking just one US or allied naval ship. It could also increase the war drums toward Taiwan. Either action would divert the US forces and attention away from the Ukrainian war, which favors Russia very much. Just how willing will Biden be to send US forces there or naval assets into the Taiwan area? The old saying, "Divide and conquer" truly does work. With China causing chaos, America would be stretched to its limits because both places are far away from its shores.

The new world order has Russia and China as the more respected countries. America's influence has already been diminishing a few years now, and internal domestic problems continue to draw attention away from foreign policy issues. This will continue until America is no longer feared or respected, this happened to Britain after WW2. It once was feared and had respect in many of its colonies.

With America no longer in the #1 spot, Europe will force another type of "United States" with Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, and others. France has already been promoting a European army consisting of 10,000 men, to defend their interests because America is not reliable. The military forces of these nations will be opposing Russia, along with America, in the years to come. While the nations of this new European union (former NATO countries) each have their own governments and leaders, there will be one overall leader of them, like how POTUS is today in America. Many think, this will be the Antichrist.

The New World Order is coming and beginning in 2022. It will be gradual as America's prestige collapses more on the world stage. US elections in 2024 could further acerbate the collapse from within should Trump win. This would cause great chaos in many ways. However, by then, the decay very well may be bad depending on the Ukrainian outcome and what China does about the South China Sea and Taiwan. The new order will change the economic banking systems that rely on the USD. This could have a dramatic impact on international banking.

What if one day you were required to accept a mark of some sort in order to access your money or to buy\sell? Would you take the mark (like a RFID chip under the skin) with encoded data to access your bank accounts and investments? Just to buy or sell? If you take the mark, however innocent it may seem, you are against God. If you do not, you will be like the Jews were under Hitler, unable to do much, but steal and beg to survive.

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That choice IS coming when the New World Order is here. In 2022, it has not happened, but be aware and watch for signs. It is not far away.

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