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A Major Difference Between the Left and the Right

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The common sentiment across our nation is that the left and the right are the same and both sides of the same coin. Both are extreme in their beliefs and both are radical and biased in their approach to politics. The us versus them mentality translate into approaching everyone and every issue with one side good and the other side evil. Is that true? Is perception reality?

- Oct. 2020


For the longest time, I have been personally told that my views are just as radical as the left. That the way I speak of the opposition is exactly how they speak about me, a conservative. It does seem that way from the surface. The two sides seem to embrace opposites. Issue after issue, conservative are pro-life while progressives are pro-choice. On the economy, progressives lean towards socialism while conservatives celebrate capitalism. On religion, Conservatives tends to be religious, while progressives are mostly atheists or agnostics. On taxes, conservative believe in smaller government intervention and less taxes while progressives believe in large government programs and more taxes to pay for them. On the environment and climate change, conservatives belief in protecting the environment but not to the point of our responsibility for affecting the earth's climate. Progressives lump the two together and think we are destroying the planet by using fossil fuel both to pollute the air but also adding CO2 to the atmosphere leading to global warming. The differences are stark.

Where is the Difference?

The recent news of two major events demonstrate in a nut shell the difference. First the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the long time Supreme Court justice and second the announcement of President Trump and his wife contracting the coronavirus.

Both are tragedies of life. Death and sickness is a reality for all of us. Some sooner than others.

Here is a major difference - the reactions of those on the two sides politically.

The death of RBG was handled with respect. Whether you agreed with her political philosophy or not, she was a major force in our country's history and made significant contribution in the area of advancing rights for women and minorities.

On the other hand, when Trump announced he and his wife contracted the coronavirus, you can hear the immediate cheer on the left. How sick do you have to be to wish your political opponent death by the virus?

What does this say about the character of these people?



I use this as one example of the difference between the left and the right. There are many others but this is the most recent exhibition. I am sure there will be more to come.

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