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A Look at Nationalism and It's Importance


Nationalism is a good thing for societies around the world. There are three main reasons why nationalism is a good thing for countries to have in their societies. First, what is nationalism? Second, why is nationalism considered a good thing? Third, why nationalism is strong enough to hold countries and communities of people together for certain purposes. All these reasons provide explanations and show exactly why nationalism is good for your country.

What is nationalism? Nationalism is patriotism or love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it. This provides a need to live in a country and a want to be there. Nationalism brings people with similar thoughts and experiences together. Citizens in a country can bond through their joint love of their country. Nationalism gives people pride in their own country to do better than all other countries in the world. This can create competition, which is a good thing because then all countries are striving to do better and the whole world can benefit from that.

Why is nationalism considered a good thing? For the most part, countries with higher nationalism have more prosperous economies and are overall, wealthier. People want to earn more money and they want to prosper for the good of the country because of nationalism. Also, countries with higher nationalism have less corruption in banks and other such things. People trust their fellow citizens to treat them with respect and they trust their money with the banks. Without corruption, banks can prosper to help the whole good of the country. Nationalism also unites people for one cause. You would be surprised how powerful a united nation can become.

Why nationalism is strong enough to hold countries and communities of people together for certain purposes. Pride in their own country motivates people to work harder in society. They want to further their own countries and by working harder they do just that. People want to join together to fight against any threats that might befall the country and society. It makes the country get over these incidents more easily and afterwards, makes the country stronger. When something bad might happen, people are able to comfort each other using their strong nationalistic views of their own country. This is important for countries to help heal past wounds that they might have suffered due to wars or natural disasters, like tsunamis and hurricanes.

The main reasons why nationalism is a good thing in societies around the world have been represented by these three examples. Nationalism can strengthen countries and make the country better for all people. Nationalism has been defined and it has been explained why nationalism is a good thing. Also, an explanation of why nationalism can bring people together has been given. Supporting nationalism is for the betterment of countries around the world, and in turn, the whole world prospers.



Kamal on September 28, 2016:

Nationalism is Symbol of piece and love. I think it is necessary for whole world to make it a better place....

samuel phiri on July 07, 2015:

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Nationalism is important because it unites people in a multifaceted cultural society. People who are nationalists tend to barry their cultural differences and put the interest of the nation at heart.

ac on May 29, 2013:

Chris57, why do you wear a t-shirt instead of a robe or toga? Why do you eat with utensils instead of your hands, forks instead of chopsticks? Think these questions and apply them to the political sphere. Are American values of democracy rooted in universalistic values or do they come from experiences of Britain, Rome, Athens and Europe?

Political decisions tend to be portrayed as rational, but they are rooted in situated norms. Even the most neutral, bland sounding policy has social implications grounded in values that are not shared by others.

Nationalism is a lot like fire. It can burn down all traces of civilization into the ashes if it is allowed to run ablaze without control. But that does not mean you should not strike the match. Tame it, and you get shared illumination, warmth, life and power.

When you believe others are deceiving themselves by subscribing to nationalistic feelings, you are deceiving yourself as well.

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on April 30, 2012:

No, nationalism is no good for society. Because it strips off any logic reasoning from the accumulation of cultural, economic, social behavior that prooved valuable and applicable for most of the members of a society.

That was a long sentence, but it indicates why nationalism is so attractive for politicians. You simply don´t have to explain anything. Can anyone tell me, why the flag should be out over the front door? Is it so people find the entrance? :-)

kingspell1 (author) from Louisville, KY on April 28, 2012:

Thanks for the comment! The key thing is that rulers manipulate nationalism to their own wills. Nationalism itself isn't at fault in my opinion. Some of the worst things in history have been helped by nationalism, think the 9/11 attacks or the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I do understand your point and where you are coming from though.

Josak from variable on April 26, 2012:

I disagree, nationalism was one of the prime causes of WWI and has been manipulated by rulers to do terrible things throughout history, we may live in different countries but we are still both human, nationalism is used to divide us and turn us against each other.

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