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A Libertarian Looks at Our Dueling Divide & Conquer Culture

Garry Reed combined a professional technical writing career and a passion for all things libertarian to become The Libertarian Opinionizer.


Random Rumblings From Your Libertarian Opinionizer

From a libertarian view the left-right divide and conquer political games are almost comical if the consequences weren’t so destructive of the potential for increased freedom.

The political, social and cultural left still clings to the 2016 conspiracy theory that Trump with his “Vast Rightwing Conspiracy” in cahoots with his Russian cohorts stole the election from Hillary but rejects the 2020 conspiracy theory that Biden and his Marxist Democratic Socialist Party of America sycophants stole the election from Trump.

The political, social and cultural right of course believes the opposite, that Trump won the 2016 election against Hillary fair and square but lost his 2020 reelection bid to the Biden-Harris hordes and their vast leftwing voter fraud conspiracy in an act of highly organized and carefully orchestrated theft “on the grandest scale imaginable.”

Does anyone anywhere on the left or right believe that both conspiracies are true or that both conspiracies are false? Probably not. One can’t be a political partisan hack that way. Each has to blindly swallow and wallow in their party-approved ideology and spew it forth at every opportunity without question.

Fake Left v. Right Division


Libertarians and Objectivists understand that both Republicans and Democrats belong on the same coercive authoritarian collectivist end of the political scale opposite the individualist end of the scale. This view is made clear in Michael Dahlen’s masterpiece on the subject, Socialism, Fascism, and the Tyranny of Big Government.

While Dahlen seems not to self-identify as libertarian but has published in The Objective Standard and therefore unsurprisingly echoes Ayn Rand who was openly anti-libertarian both are in many ways in agreement with the libertarian political worldview:

Despite their superficial differences, fascism and socialism—along with Nazism and theocracy—are fundamentally the same. They are all examples of statism and totalitarianism.—Goodreads book Review

“Fascism, Nazism, Communism and Socialism are only superficial variations of the same monstrous theme—collectivism.”—Ayn Rand, the Atlas Society

Dividing Americans by the superficial left collectivist vs. right collectivist worldviews has proven to be a successful divide-and-conquer tactic for politicians of the two dominant political parties.

But the issues that divide America today are far more than just political. They are ideological and social and emotional and cultural and gender and geographical ruptures. And all are based on attacking “the other” in the same way that “the other” attacks them with little to no awareness that they are all warped carnival funhouse mirror images of one another.

Everybody Hates Everybody


Today’s divides seem to be based on revenge and they are all expressed in terms of political correctness, identity politics, cancel culture and peer-imposed groupthinkery. Blacks attack Whites the way whites used to attack blacks; women depreciate men as men once depreciated women; and more and more now than ever before atheists mock believers as believers once mocked atheists.

The Draining-The-Swamp Outsider Trump threatened virtually all liberal and countless conservative deeply embedded lifetime status quo establishment politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, civil servants, and other officeholders along with their sycophants, hangers-on and assorted wannabe political influencers, and all those banksters and corporatist CEOs who bought and paid for those politicians.

Trump divided and was conquered. The Marxists are now the primary dividers and appear well on their way to conquering.

Beyond the stolen election conspiracies, or conspiracy theories, another conspiracy or conspiracy theory—take your pick—is the Hunter Biden Chinagate scandal and the resulting cover-up. Trump and the Republicans tried but weren’t able to get very far using it as an election weapon against Daddy Biden since the whole left establishment covered the Bidens’ butts.

The Political Puppet Squad


However since the Democrats seem to be deeply divided between Establishment Liberals and Marxist Radicals the powers behind the party throne are themselves in a position to use the Chinagate charges against President Biden. The Marxist puppeteers can intimidate him into doing what they demand. They can threaten to destroy what means the most to him—his legacy.

There’s no need for the Republicans to uncover the Hunter-China relationships; the Democratic Socialists can threaten to leak it themselves, to embarrass Biden, shame his family, destroy his legacy if he doesn’t do the Marxist things they demand to set the stage for their preferred puppet President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris.

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All presidents crave a “Legacy” that permanently carves their names into the history books so Biden will do as he’s told.

Another tactic of the divide and conquer game is demanding a level playing field. Never believe it. With vanishingly few exceptions almost everyone wants that playing field tilted at least a little in their own direction. In today’s ruptured political-social-cultural world the playing field would look like a giant chess board with each little square tilted, tipped, canted, slanted, sloped, skewed, inclined in each special interest’s preferred direction against everyone else’s preferred direction

Try playing football, baseball, soccer or any other field sport on a field like that. Now metaphorically try to play any political, social or cultural game on such a field.

And remember, all the preferences are based on big coercive government thugs imposing their decisions through coercion, intimidation and outright lying. That’s why every decision that benefits someone makes victims of someone else.

And the psychopathic elitist political classes love that. Divide and Conquer is after all one of the oldest tactics in war. While the famous quote says “war is politics by other means” the opposite is equally true that politics is war by other means.

This has become a “war of all against all” not in Thomas Hobbes’ depiction of human existence in the state of nature but human existence in today’s state of The State.

The Libertarian vs. Authoritarian Divide


Libertarians divide too, but they freely self-divide and seek to prevail through peaceful persuasion but never attempt to conquer by coercing, intimidating or defrauding others. They divide people and groups as individualists versus collectivists, as voluntaryists versus authoritarians, as freedom-seekers versus freedom-haters.

Or as Ayn Rand succinctly put it, “The world conflict of today is the conflict of the individual against the state, the same conflict that has been fought throughout mankind’s history.”

The Left is constantly calling the political right “fascists.” Of course anyone can call anyone anything so that proves nothing. The real questions are these:

  1. Where are the self-identified Democratic Fascists of America in the Republican Party equivalent to the self-identified Democratic Socialists of America in the Democratic Party?
  2. Where is the self-identified fascist Congressman in the Republican Party equivalent to the self-identified socialist Congressman Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party?

There are certainly large numbers of politically rightwing people who could easily fit some people’s definition of “fascist” but none seem to self-identify as such the way socialists openly and even proudly self-identify as socialists and hold offices through all levels of America’s political system.

For libertarians the point is this: Socialism and Fascism are on the same end of the collectivism versus individualism political scale.

The reason libertarians should see the Democratic Party as the prevailing clear and present aggressor against our individual freedom is because they are openly and aggressively pushing their anti-freedom collectivist socialist ideology.

If the Republican Party was filled with openly and proudly declared “democratic fascists” aggressively pushing their anti-freedom collectivist fascist ideology libertarians would be just as openly opposed to them as well.

Game of Pawns


When it comes to left vs. right divide and conquer politics there’s little to choose between today’s right fascists and left fascists other than the minimally different kinds of collectivism that will be imposed on us.

But because most Americans don’t get the real divide—libertarianism vs. authoritarianism—they are suckers for being drawn into the false dichotomy logical fallacy of the left-fascist-right fascist divide and conquer culture.

They’ve been suckered into a lose-lose battle and they’re losing.

Yes the libertarian vs. Authoritarian choice may also be called a false dichotomy. But just as there are alternative collectivist choices between Nazism, fascism, Marxism, socialism and communism so too are there even more choices within libertarianism such as minarchism, voluntaryism, individualism, laissez-faire capitalism, anarcho-capitalism, post-statism and even voluntary socialism.

The diversity of thought among libertarians is not a flaw as some seem to think; it’s a positive feature unique to the individualistic philosophy of libertarianism.

Sadly in today’s false choice between left and right collectivism the “winner” will have chosen between slightly differing details of a society that makes everyone divided between partly free and partly conquered and therefor still living under the same elitist statist-corporatist political psychopaths who seek always to expand their own power, wealth and egos at the expense of everyone else as they’ve done since the beginning of humankind.

If that’s the choice most Americans want then congratulations, you have it right now. Caveat emptor. Be careful what you wish for.

Common Sense Ethics explains how the traditional Left-Right Political Spectrum deceives us because in reality it stretches from authoritarianism on one end to authoritarianism on the other end with authoritarianism in between.

New World Order—Time to take “theory” off the end of the NWO Conspiracy Theory? Here’s how the Marxist Left has been winning the divide & conquer Cold War that has been raging for decades.

The Bogus Left-Right Political Spectrum. Among many great quotes in this article: “The left holds up ‘equality’ as a fundamental value, but the means leftists propose to increase economic equality almost always increase political inequality.”

Divide And Conquer–American-Style sees the looting and “armed insurrections” by BLM and Antifa not as a left-right divide but about gutting America’s middleclass “All in the name of “globalization.”

Libertarianism is Voluntary, Collectivism is Compulsory


Garry Reed (author) from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas on June 22, 2021:

Agree with that Ken. The only power I personally have is just to keep advocating for the libertarian philosophy. Certainly we don't want to be united like China, but we don't want to be united by any other form of collectivist authoritarianism either. All we can ever hope to do is educate others to the alternative of individual freedom. Otherwise there's no hope at all.

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 22, 2021:

Now wait a minute Garry,

The article explained why Americans were divided and why they will not be able to agree on anything.

America is an exact polar opposite of the likes of China, where America is now far more divided and broken - "issues that divide America today are far more than just political. They are ideological and social and emotional and cultural and gender and geographical ruptures."

This is not only true, every effort is made by the MSM, Universities and politicians to continue to divide the populace into smaller factions.

A people divided cannot unite to fight for what is in their best interests.

A people divided are too busy fighting one another to oppose the much larger controlling government and its agencies.

A people divided believe they have accomplished something when a 45 year DC politician with various charges of corruption against him is elected President.

When a people are so deluded and divided into believing a total establishment hack like Biden is a tool of change, there isn't much reason to debate things further, its a clear sign that nothing good is to come for the people anytime soon.

Garry Reed (author) from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas on June 22, 2021:

Wow! For an article this long that touches on so many different points it's rare to get a simple "I agree." What we need now is many many more Americans agreeing!

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 21, 2021:

I agree.

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