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A Few Questions for Trump Loyalists


A Conspiracy, Really?

Just in case there are still any Trump loyalists out there, or if anyone has any desire to engage in dialogue with his devotees, here are a few simple questions:

1) If Democrats had the ability to steal an election from Donald Trump, then how did he win (unexpectedly) in 2016? Was Hillary Clinton either too honest or not enough of a political insider to steal an election? Is Biden a more effective evil genius than Hillary?

2) And on a related note, if Clinton is supposedly capable of getting away with ordering the deaths of multiple people and of running child trafficking rings from pizza places, then why couldn't she fix a presidential election (or even stop people from finding out about her strange email server arrangement). But I digress . . .

3) How did Republicans manage to gain some seats in the House and likely hold on to the Senate in the same year that Democrats were "stuffing ballot boxes" in order to steal the presidential election? And why aren't there a bunch of Republicans right now throughout the country claiming that they were cheated out of victory?

4) Could there be any more plausible reasons why Trump lost this year? About 235,000 people have died from a virus, a virus Trump managed to catch even though he has a unique ability to control the people who he comes into contact with. The economy is basically crap (and would be even crappier if it wasn't being propped up by heavy deficit spending and low interest rates). And even his supporters have to admit that he has a tendency to say things that rub people the wrong way. I'm actually amazed that he even came close to winning.

5) Which of these seems more plausible? Trump is a notoriously poor source of information who is incapable of admitting defeat (or even mistakes), or there is a multistate conspiracy involving large numbers of people who are cheating this poor man out of victory. Seems to me that it is a hell of a lot easier for one man (with a long history of saying inaccurate things) to lie than for a large number of liars and cheaters to rig a presidential election.

Or maybe I'm just wrong. Maybe that murderer Clinton and that Kenyan Obama, along with Bill Gates and George Soros, are behind the scenes pulling all the strings in order to make sure that a poor, oppressed, rich (maybe) and famous businessman/tv star will not win reelection and continue to fight for the little guy. Trump, after all, knows the pain of only inheriting a couple hundred million from his dad. He knows the pain of going through bankruptcy. The elites of America could not let him win (well, at least this second time).

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