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DIA: The Denver International Airport, Secrets, Demons, and a Statue

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A Few Words to Start With

One of the first observations some have made about the hub, is that from the air, the design appears to resemble a swastika. This may be a bit of a stretch, but if you look at the lines and angles from aerial photos, it is possible that the image very much resembles the symbol. Of course, one would have to be curious as to who the message was meant to be seen by, because this would only be visible from the sky.

Several other notions have been brought to the attention by conspiracy theorists in popular culture concerning the Denver International Airport (DIA). One of the connections that have been made is that this location will provide the Illuminati either a refuge or a destination in which to help create the New World Order. A series of underground tunnels is rumored to lead from this location to other areas of the country and possibly planet. Strange construction projects have been observed occurring in the vicinity, some of which resemble fenced compounds which will one day serve as prisons.

Some of the Imagery

Of course, most of this is conjecture and as you might imagine, the speculative mind is much more creative than scientific fact. It may be possible that there are underground passageways that lead to this location in the Rocky Mountains, but would that be anything that should arouse suspicion?

Haven’t underground homes, bunkers, military bases been present through history? Underground thoroughfares are often seen as more environmentally friendly in that the landscape isn’t visibly scared by steel and cement. Subterranean transportation can be viewed as more convenient especially given inclement weather conditions that occur in the region.

Other folks have pointed out that some of the imagery visible in the artwork that graces the terminals has an apocalyptic theme to it and that hidden messages in the paintings provide direction and messages to future evacuees. This is quite possibly hyperbole in that most people read much more into art than is necessary.

Sometimes a painting is just a painting. The designs are a bit macabre and foreboding, but it just seems to be a reflection of the style in which the artist took certain thematic liberties.

Art or Secret Message?

Of course, the images of a Holocaust and the Rapture are historical and religious themes which are not unique. Why put them in an airport? Well, Denver has almost 60 million people pass through its corridors annually.

This number provides quite an audience to artists who have one chance to make an impression on people from all over the world. While the iconography may be a bit frightening and the panels disturbing, there are readings which can be taken away that suggest the need for peace and unification. Art is subjective and its meaning fluid: you can read anything into anything.

It does strike me curious, personally, however, why someone would want to have a soldier in a gas mask, rounding up children, on public display.


Simple Symbol or Sinister

The demon in a suitcase has been suggested as another unique symbol that has nefarious implications. While it may seem an inappropriate statue to greet you as you are either arriving home or leaving for a pleasant destination, the image is typical of motifs in Hispanic influenced art.

The culture of the Denver and most of the western United States has ties to Mexican influence so it seems appropriate that certain motifs or images should stand out.

The conspiracy theorists of course suggest that this is further evidence of the future plot of the elite to ensure their safety in a world that will one day be unable to handle the capacities of the human race.

What the gargoyle specifically means is probably ultimately up to the observer. Keep in mind that such statues once graced cathedrals and other architectural delights throughout history and that their meaning was more aesthetic than sinister.

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The New World Order

Finally there are those that point to the time capsule stone that is set to be opened in 2094. This should provide at least one means of reassurance to conspiracy theorists and that is the fact that we will be around until 2094 since the capsule is set to be opened then. The inscriptions however have been interpreted as supporting the idea of the elite because of the phrase “New World Airport Commission”.

While there may be plans for the new world order – look at the back of a dollar bill – and those plans may have been decreed many centuries ago, I think it will be awhile before they are realized. And even when they are, will that be such a bad thing?


A short clip with Jesse Ventura on the murals at DIA


Finn (author) from Barstow on June 25, 2018:

yes these things make you think and wonder sometimes. I guess ignorance is bliss in many cases.

FlourishAnyway from USA on June 25, 2018:

How odd! When I first clicked on this I thought this was going to be another kind of article but this was wild! I’ve flown into Denver but it’s been years so I bet the art went up after my trip sometime (maybe that’s a clue). What were these folks thinking when they chose this theme? You very well may be onto something as there’s all kinds of secret government stuff out there. Very intriguing. Especially recently after it’s come out that DC has a secret plan to save the government in case of nuclear war located just outside of the beltway. Never say never!

Finn (author) from Barstow on June 18, 2018:

I haven't seen the movie but it sounds like you are talking about The Stand

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on June 18, 2018:


Just the setting reminds me of the 3 or 4 part movie series, I don't remember the name at the moment, that implied Denver is the place of "good people" and Los Vagus is the home of the evil. Of course what one wants the outcome to be they will always portray as "good" so everything you are saying about the NWO may very well be what those markings means.

The "time capsule stone's" opening date of 2094 reminds me of what is said about "Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth" who "hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow" suggesting those who built the time capsule stone doesn't believe in the prophecies concerning this nation [my hub "The USA In Bible Prophecy" reveals a few] suggesting she is the first of all nations to be destroyed in ending this civilization (not earth) for another different kind to replace it after 7000 years.

Your presentation brought both of those things to my mind as soon as I began to read it. No wonder I was never able to get past the first of the series of that movie and can't remember its name now. If my interpretation of the prophecies are true that Trump, the 43rd president since Adams the 22nd and 24th (or 21st and 23rd) and William Henry Harrison discarnated 31 days after taking the oath without doing any presidential duties, will be removed from office and replaced by the "messiah" and civilization will terminate no latter than 2028.

I will side with the nearly thousand year old sacred writings instead of any writings said to oppose what is considered "god inspired writings." Thank your your presentation, it is very enlightening.

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