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A Comedy of Errors: Starring Boris the Clown.


A Smear Campaign?

Whilst Boris appears to be flying high in the polls, a smear campaign has come along. A series of allegations that if true, may dent Tory election chances, in the May 6 elections. Right now, because of the success of the vaccination campaign, Boris has a bounce in the polls. But, are these recent allegations from Sky and The Daily Mail, enough to pop Boris' balloon?

Possibly, these allegations of what Boris may or may not have said, have probably come too late, to do him any damage in next month's elections. However, these allegations could do long-term damage to Boris' popularity, if more briefings against the Prime Minister, keep coming.

Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, speaking to Sky said that all the allegations were a "comedy chapter" and "not true". The allegations are that back in October, during a cabinet meeting about having another lockdown, Boris went on a rant. The Prime Minister is alleged to have told cabinet colleagues, he would rather have "bodies pile up in their thousands than have another COVID lockdown".

The Daily Mail, usually a Tory-supporting paper, also, carries a similar article. Once more it seems, Boris was playing 'Mr. Catchup', (as Sir Keir calls him), in not wanting another lockdown. In the end, Boris agreed to put another lockdown in place, from last October onwards. It is possible, the more sensible people in his cabinet, (if there are any?), persuaded him to have this lockdown. It seems Boris has never cared for what people think of him, love him or hate him. In some ways, that is admirable, but if you are wishing death on the British population, that's a different matter.

Boris' Hindu Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, probably opposed another lockdown too, as he has opposed, further furlough schemes. The current furlough scheme, (which, let's be honest has helped many), ends in September.

Labour has been handed a gift with this and has decided, to run with it. And, why wouldn't they? The party is demanding that Boris make a public statement, about these serious alleged allegations.

Boris has blamed his former 'Svengali', Dominic Cummings for these leaks. Mr Cummings who was sacked by Boris has been labelled 'Atomic Dom'. 'Atomic Dom' because of the explosive allegations, he has supposedly leaked.

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Mr Cummings has written a 1000 word blog attacking Boris' competency, in his role as Prime Minister. Allegations have also, come out about who did and who didn't pay, for Boris' 10 Downing Street flat re-decoration and refurbishment.

Liz Truss was wheeled onto 'The Andrew Marr Show' and 'Sky' to refute, who paid for what, on Boris' flat. Awkward questions were asked of Ms Truss in both interviews, on the matter. Truss, (following the party line), batted away the 'who paid for what' on Boris' flat. It was obvious, Truss was not happy with the line of questioning and kept referencing, the work the government was doing, against COVID. The stance Truss took, is typical of anyone trying to cover up some misdemeanour, by trying to steer the conversation, to more comfortable ground.

Coming back to criticism of Boris, former Tory MP, another Dominic, this time Grieve, said Boris, was a vacuous liar and fantasist. People like the two Dominics, are dangerous for Boris, especially, Dominic Cummings.

Cummings was party to many cabinet meetings and conversations, with Boris. The saying goes "if you throw enough mud, it will eventually, stick" and over time, this is what could bring Boris and his circus government, crashing down.

In the meantime, it seems Boris is enjoying a second honeymoon, with 'Joe or Joanne public'. The first honeymoon was over Brexit, hence, his barnstorming victory in the 2019 December, general election. Once Sir Keir became Labour leader in the following year, his forensic takedown of Boris at Prime Minister's Questions, saw him flying high in the polls. The second honeymoon has occurred because of the success of the vaccination campaign. So, Boris may be on track for a victory in the May 6 elections. However, with David Cameron lobbying Rishi Sunak on behalf of 'Greensill' (a company he sat on the board of and stood to make a fortune), plus Boris' flat shenanigans, also, his alleged rants on another lockdown, the real Tory party is raising it's ugly head, once more.

Hopefully, no matter what happens during this Mays election, people will eventually wake up and damn this government at the next general election.

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