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A Change Is Gonna Come: Climate Change

Hello, Julie has a BA in New Media Journalism, from the old Thames Valley University (TVU), now University of West London (UWL)

They Got So Much things To Say

The World is in trouble, rumour has it (and its sounding more than a rumour by the day), something about the world 'catching fire' - from floods, to famine, wildfires to extinction of some 'species'! A 'Climate Crisis' is upon us!

On top of all that 'all 'hell is breaking loose' - according to the 'conscious community' {check out Matabaruka, Lionking, Jerome Sage' butler, NuBreed, ColdCutz, Ralph Smart and the rest}.

The Climate Crisis, of our own making, is heralding a 'awakening' to our connection with the earth. That's not all, were awakening to or 'spirituality' and connection to each other, and our 'infinite potential', not least in these 'galactic' times, to make a difference.

What's going on? Only God Knows? But, they got so much things to say, so, I figured that, I'd throw my two pennies worth in at this cathartic moment.

How the World a Run

It's clear. The world is not being run practically. On our hands be it. Our being the operative wordl.

So, here comes the big guns - the World's elite; who've called a Summit; coming later this Mont. the COP 26 Summit - With all the heads coming together, with the job of putting things right.

Do they have the answers? Perhaps not. Do we? Mmmm? Perhaps not either. In the meantime, with or without us, time is running and passing. And, the debris if falling.

So, put on my reasoning hat, and asking questions: like how the World a run effects Us all, and we better drop something fast, dope.

Its a Rough Ole Life

More... not less is on the cards. From 'significant rises in gas prices, and emptty food cupboards in our households (Mark Rushford) if climate change has its way – famine apparantly and worst for most of us!

Were at a crossroads; as is what happens to this earth. Moi? I'm ready to strike a chord for the cause; this piece is aimed at those barley listening, or listening intently, like me; part of a listening public, them and 'activists'; who like me are hanging on to every twist and turn, every word on the climate change, the climate change debaters. Them, us, certainly we must be able to hear ‘the Distant Drums’ - of trouble?

This Playlist then, is a reaction, inspiration, inspired by, the volcano spewing in Span, Are we heading the warnings.

It's a rough old life, sang’ Sugar Minnott; Shaking a stick, at world leaders then. When will we learn? Perhaps it’s too late. Music is the food of life; someone once said; so let no one go hungry!

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What with our food supply at risk, our health and more...there's no time to waste by the sounds of it. Nations are running too and fro, the 'Activists' are gathering on Activist Street: (Bigging up Greta et al).It is not a game.

The Pope meanwhile has met with other heads of Churches; as I said, Cop 26 is imminent.


It's clear, to kick start the must do something - so whose job is it to represent us on Climate Change?

A Love Song To The Eath

On top of the debate, we should be sending out a 'Love Song to the Earth. Or something like that. Whatever the outcome, we can't stay quiet. It's not in our DNA.


Climate Programmes are in. Climate speeches aeverywhere; pleading for natins to Change' before its too late. we don't want to let go of our bad habits apparently. That and 'prophecy is being fulfilled (Bigging up Nu breed and the US possee).

On the agenda;

Reducing methane emissions, for starters; halting deforestation; decarbonising the power sector, accelerating electric vehicle use, resource efficiency more of, a complete 'energy transition to Nuclear!

Its decision time. Big time. Whatever else, at Cop 26 what goes down will be decisive.

Throwback Flyers - Webster Records

Throwback Flyers - Webster Records

What with the never ending fight against Injustice, the chance to go back to our old ways? Isn't likely. So, in response to crisis, Music has that ‘raw’ truthful, anthem like expression, they say; were talking about music, to many; keeps our sanity, back then and now; Its dubbed, the ‘Voice of the People, whether 'crying out in anguish, or joy, music is ready; up to speed with change coming, havoc like too.


Or it will be if we don't act! Thank goodness, there's new energy in the younger/next generation; thank goodness for their passion. Will it be impactful? time will tell. A mature mobalization meanwhile, is the real political clap. They are getting behind the cause. Its part of their/our DNA, like the many species of flowers...were' all in this together.


One Drop

That and, they say, 'its time to listen to the next generation'. (Al Jazeera - The Peoples Voice. Them and 'The Sunrise movement', are shouting for environmental action - to be at the top of the World Agenda at Cop 26.

Extinction rebellion a force to be reckoned with, thank goodness. But the debate needs to work for all of us. Non-activists included. So, ‘were we come from’ (Khalid) music is ‘Liberation’ a major contributor to the revolution’ anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Passed on ‘informally, from generation to generation, it’s what we do. a Climate Change Playlist; will I hope be of cultural importance, to the 'revolution' in our modern era, lot of importance still given to musics rich and illustrious heritage.

So, in dropping this playlist; I hope it acts as a potent tool in educating the younger generation that music remains, a potent force, that reminds you where you come from – first of all, right here on earth!

A message then, to those meeting. Who knows, it may help; ln a sort of ‘Chant down Babylon’ moment’, or at least those in it who are bleeding the earth dry

What with music able to ‘elevate the consciousness, 'unite us', be a catalyst, certainly And so for me, a music journo at heart, and all that, with, bass, vibrating dub, drum and bass and all that; its ‘Fyah! time.

In closing then. It's inexcusable to do nothing, to say nothing; just voicing my concerns.


The Blame Game


Better Mus Come

Meanwhile, there's new energy in the music business; bare buckry aside - It will be inexcusable not to act, and with the music in our DNA, here's to Better Mus Come!


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