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From Prison to Presidency, 77-Old Brazil's Lula Makes Huge Political Comeback

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History has a tendency of repeating itself, and this was proved to be true in Brazil after former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who was humiliated and spent close to two years in prison was re-elected as the president.

Lula defied odds becoming the first former leader to be jailed on charges of corruption, who managed to bounce back defeating his far-right political opponent, Jair Bolsonaro. Before this runoff which saw Lula emerging, there was no outright winner when Brazil had its polls last month.

Four years ago, Lula da Silva could not have thought that he would be leading the world's fourth largest democracy as his political career was in tatters. He is however known for his emotional speech in which he said ; "they tried to bury me alive, and I'm here". These words alone inspires hope to some political prisoners across the globe.

His bounce back to power is not only inspiring hope to Brazilians, but to the world at large especially Africa where some opposition parties look up to Lula da Silva as their political icon. These political parties in Africa which are celebrating a win for Lula includes the popular Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa which is led by Julius Malema, a 40-old radical cadre.

The EFF states that it was Lula's domestic and international politics and policies which led to his persecution and "wrongful arrest". They hope that his re-election will lead Brazilians towards prosperity and restore their human dignity as they have proved that people power is still very much effective.

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"We send our best wishes to president Lula and the people of Brazil for resisting and rejecting puppets of Western imperialism and re-electing a progressive president, who was unfairly and unjustly persecuted by enemies of progress and prosperity," said the EFF in a statement.

The re-election of Lula da Silva could it be the beginning of a new era? Are we to see a paradigm shift globally after this Brazilian election? Only time will tell.

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