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If You're a Horrible Person Then You'll Be a Bad Cop. You Are Not Police Material If All of These Apply To You.


You’ve always wanted to be a cop, but you’re not sure if it’s the right career path for you. After all, you can never know how difficult a job will be until you do it, right? Wrong! There are a lot of reasons why being a police officer isn’t the right job for you. Here are seven reasons why you should not become a cop.

Reason 1. If you were bullied in school then you shouldn’t be a cop.

Many of us had it hard in high school with bullying, and we wished someone had stood up for us. However, if becoming a cop is your way of seeking revenge and imposing your will on society for not helping you when you needed it the most, I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through in the past, but you’re perpetuating a cycle of trauma. Becoming a cop will not make the pain go away. Therapy, however, could be beneficial.

Reason 2. You have lousy aim.

Although the police academy will teach you how to increase your hit ratio, you should at least have some natural affinity for hand and eye coordination or it’ll be much more difficult to hit a moving target during stressful situations.

Having bad aim can make an encounter deadly for bystanders. You might hit everybody else except the bad guy. So be realistic with yourself. If you can’t shoot straight, then reconsider the profession.

Reason 3. You are thin skinned.

If you are offended easily, then you won’t last long as a cop because interacting with hostile and verbally abusive people is also part of the job.

Cops have to deal with intense situations regularly and need a thick skin when dealing with angry people who hurl insults at them. We know it’s tough and mentally draining dealing with emotionally stunted people but it’s an asset to be able to keep your cool around these types of people.

If you’re, however, easily offended or if your ego always wins over your better judgement, it might cause you to get into a verbal altercation or, worse, get vindictive and arrest them simply because they hurt your feelings. A bruised ego will always escalate an already intense situation.

Reason 4. you are a racist

There are some cops who hold racist views. When a police officer violates someone’s civil rights or brutalizes them, it is traumatizing to know that the only reason is because they’re different. Becoming a cop to abuse your power is not only unethical, but also stupid.

Nobody can honestly say they have never had a biased opinion about someone or a group of people who are different from them. However, if you are a blatant racist, you should really consider not being a cop. We’re all human, and we all have unconscious prejudices, but if you plan to police based on your prejudice, you’re a horrible person.

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Reason 5. You have too much fear.

Too much fear causes you to make bad decisions or no decisions at all. If your mind is clouded with fear, what would happen if someone pulled a gun on you? Will your fear cause hesitation? Will your fears cause you not to react at all? Hesitation and not acting in a dangerous situation can cause serious injuries or cost you your life.

No one likes taking risks or dealing with danger but cops do it every day. They don’t run away from danger, they face it with a clear head.

Reason 6. You were a bully in school.

Being a bully doesn’t make you a good cop. If you were mean to other people when you were in school, it’s likely that you were being mean for several reasons. Perhaps you didn’t know any better or you felt threatened by others, maybe you were simply acting out because of some trauma. If these issues aren’t resolve then someone who was a bully in school usually goes on to become a mean-spirited adult; this is not exactly a trait of a good law enforcement officer.

Law enforcement officers are tasked with upholding and enforcing the law,but if you’ve too aggressive, likes to see someone suffer and spent much of your life tormenting others, then there isn’t much room for you in law enforcement.

Reason 7. You lack fear.

Some fear is important, or to be precise, cautiousness is important. It helps us to recognize potential dangerous situation. Cops are trained to handle situations with physical and emotional bravery and also manage there fears in the face of danger. However, if you lack fear completely, you might put yourself in a dangerous situation without thinking.

The lack of fear makes you reckless and being reckless as a cop is not a good thing. If you don’t possess some level of fear about life, you probably should think twice before considering policing as a career.

Serving your community is, at the end of the day, a noble thing. It is, nonetheless, critical that you examine yourself and figure out who you are as a human being. We’ve all come across people in jobs they have no business doing. So, make sure you don’t end up as one of them and select a vocation that you are psychologically prepared for.

What are some other reasons you think someone shouldn’t become a cop?

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