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7,Race Course Road



Prior To 7,RCR

Jawaharlal Nehru ,the first Prime Minister of India ,liked to have his residence at Tinmurti Bhaban where had lived the Commander-in-Chief in British India. Thus Flagstaff was the name of this house. But after the death of Nehru ,it became the Nehru Museum and Library. Next Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri liked to have Das Janapath as his residence. Eventually it became the party office of Indian National Congress. Now here lives So9nia Gandhi, the President of Indian National Congress and the other side of this address is Lal Bahadur Shashtri Memorial. But official address was Motilal Nehru Place.

Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India did not obey the warnings of intelligent Bureau again and again. She din not agree to leave the Bungalow at Safdarjaung Road and to settle any other strong secured part. She liked the lawn and the driveway very much. Everyday she walks there in the evening and with her loving grandson Rahul and grand daughter Priyanka she used to run. Unfortunately Biwanta Sing and Jaswanta Sing chose to shoot out the Prime Minister of India. And her favorite ground became her death ground .

PM's Residence


7,Race Course Road

After the unfortunate unexpected event ,7 Race Cource Road came into light. After the event in 1984 ,the residence of Indian Prime Minister changed to 7 Race Course Road.

History Behind 7,RCR

When the Indian Capital came to Delhi from Kolkata in 1911 , the responsibility to make Delhi the Capital town was given to Lutience who started his noble work from the time of Lord Hardinge .The New Delhi within Delhi gave the central part for setting up Risina Hill, the residence of the President of India.And the attractive modern town around the Risina Palace is called Lutyens Delhi.7 Race Course Road is located at the epicenter of this Delhi.

Robert Tor Russell, part of British architect Edwin Lutyens' team originally designed these bungalows. Teen Murti Bhavan, Connaught Place and the Eastern and Western courts on Janpath were also designed by this architect.During the time of Manmohan Sing No. 1 RCR was a helipad, No. 3 was the residence ,No. 5 was the guest house, No 7 was the office and No9 was the residence for the Special Protection Group.Modi has taken No. 5 RCR as his residence instead of No 7 RCR though his predecessors had been living in this bungalow. No 9RCR is constantly occupied by Special Protection Group.Famous interior designer and architectural restorer Sunita Kohli designed and decorated PM’s office in1984. No. 5 RCR was again restored in 2005 by her. Over the years divisions of rooms ,alteration of structures, lowering the ceilings have been in act for many a time.

7,Race Course Road

7 Race Course Road is a bunch of Bungalows. There are five Bungalows in total. Bungalow no 1, Bungalow no 3, Bungalow no 5, Bungalow no 7 and Bungalow no 9 are all the Bungalows here. Bungalow no 1 is a helipad. Here the Prime Minister can reach to the stage for cultural function or can go straight to the tarmac of Palamau Air force airbase. Bungalow no 3 is smaller than others. It has only two bed-rooms. There is a living room. There are two rooms for drawing and dinning. There is a separate study room. There is a corridor like room where thirty people can sit at a time. This is only to organize a personal party. Manmohan Sing liked to stay here and stayed since 2004.

There is an electric sub station in this Bungalow. No black out has been in sight since 1984.There are a crowd of sixty servants like gardener, electrician, plumber etc engaged here to serve. But no one is allowed to stay here. Everyone comes in the morning and returns to his/her own house after finishing work. May it be government quartet but in Race Course Road there is no staff quarter. Prime Minister only can appoint cook and personal secretary.

For the guests there is a lawn which is adjacent to Panchabati , the guest house .At first guests come to have their seats. Then comes the Prime Minister. The pathway to the place is covered with glass tube. It is to protect Prime Minister from any kind of shooting attack.7Race Course Road is surrounded by some high buildings like Ashok Hotel, Samrat Hotel, Delhi Jimkhana Ground .All rooms on top floors of Ashok Hotel and Samrat Hotel are occupied by security force. There is a 24 hours sniper security observation .

There is a 2.5 kilometer-long tunnel from 7 Race Course Road to the tarmac of Safdarjang Airport.

There is a cinema-hall. Screening of Munnavai MBBS , Tare Jamin Par has been done here. When Manmohan Sing planned to see cinema, a special guest had always been invited to watch movie and this guest is none other than the Iron Man Lal Krishna Advani.

PM Manmohan Sing With Wife At 7,RCR



There needs a huge expenditure for decoration and infrastructure when the change of the owner of 7 Race Course Road takes place. It is about eight to ten crore . Fortunately this time the Present Prime Minister said earlier when he visited 7 Race Course Road that only a home was needed .No any other change was required. He wanted to dye his home. So this time a single curtain has not been changed. Central Public Works Department (CPWD) looks after the complex.All the bungalows , boundary walls and the flower pots have been given a dye of white color. The gardens have been manicured . The guest house has also been renovated.

7,RCR Ready To Welcome Modi



  1. Designer :-Robert Tor Russell
  2. PM's Residence Declared By :-V.P. Sing ,the Prime Minister
  3. 5 Bangalows :- 1 RCR ,3 RCR , 5 RCR , 7 RCR ,9 RCR
  4. First Occupant :- Rajib Gandhi ,the Prime Minister

Significant Facts About 7,RCR

  1. Robert Tor Russell, part of British architect Edwin Lutyens’ team, originally designed the bungalows of the Prime Minister Residence at 7RCR.
  2. V.P. Sing ,the Prime Minister made 7RCR the permanent Prime Minister’s residence.
  3. There are five Bungalows in this residence.No 1 RCR,No3 RCR,No5 RCR,No7RCR and No 9 RCR make the Prime Minister’s residence.5 Race Course Road is the residence of the Prime Minister,3Race Course Road has been made the guest house,1Race Course Course Road is a helipad,7 Race Course Road is the office for the Prime Minister,( race Course Road Road is occupied by the Special Protection Group.The interlinking tunnel from 7 RCR to Safardajung Airport to reduce the traffic congestion. Will be in use during the time of Narendra Modi.
  4. As the residence for the Prime Minister of India was first used by Rajib Gandhi in 1984.


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