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6 Inspirational Survivors of Brutal Attacks

Julie Weil


Juile Weil's Story: While picking up her daughter from daycare at the church she attended her entire life, she was ambushed by a man and taken hostage along with her two young children. The man took her driver's license and informed her he knew where she lived and would kill her entire family if she reported the crime. The man drove her mini van to the Everglades where he violently raped her four times and forced her children to watch. After hours in the middle of nowhere he drove them to two different ATMs and made her withdrawal the largest amount she could. He then drove to a park which coinsidently was across the street from her parents house and raped her again. After he was finished he drove back to the church forced her to while all the fingerprints from the van with her underwear and walked away.

Julie took her story to lawmakers seeking funds to test backlogged rapekits to help bring justice to other victims like herself. As many as 400 thousand rapekits have not been tested in The United States.

Lydia Tillman

Lydia Tillman's Story: After a 4th of July celebration she was followed home ho!me by a man who later broke into her apartment. He strangled her brutally beat her so bad it injured her brain, broke ribs, bruised lungs, shattered her jaw, wrist, and ankle. He also sexually assaulted her. After he was finished he covered and her apartment in bleach and started a fire in an attempt to destroy any DNA he left. Tilman then jumped through her second story apartment window and met a fire truck on it's way.

The man who attacked her also murdered another young woman And stuffed her body in a freezer. By saving herself she also helped solve a murder. Lydia has a very high spirit and says she still have faith in people, which many woman wouldn't after something like that.

Bridget Kelly


Bridget Kelly's Story: The first grade teacher was home alone one night when a man kicked in her door wielding a gun. He demanded her to take him to an ATM where he forced her to withdrawal $200. After that, he drove to a field and told her to take off all her clothes which she did, but then ran for her life. Unfortunately her attacker caught up with her and demanded she lay on the ground, he then raped her. He then made her stand up with her back facing him and fired his gun, he missed. But, then he fired again and didn't miss then again. She was lying on the ground when he started to walk away but turned back around and fired once more. She miraculously was able to get to a near by house who's resident called paramedics who arrived within minutes.

BridgetBridget still holds her faith in God, but openly admits she isn't ready to pray for him and mean it, I don't think a soul on Earth could blame her.

Mary Vincet


Mary Vincent

Mary Vincent's Story: When she was only 15 years old Mary hitch hiked from her hometown of Las Vegas to California. On her way back home she took a ride with a man, who other hitch hikers warned her not to go with because he refused to carry anyone else despite having plenty of room. But, she was only 15 and all alone. The man then drove to a secluded area where he repeatedly raped her. After the ordeal worse was to come. He then hacked off both of her arms and threw down a 20ft cliff and left her for dead. But, Mary packed her arms full of dirt and crawled her way up the cliff. She then wondered the desolated road with her arms above her head to keep from losing blood and keep muscle from falling out. After one car sped by her in her time of need another car came to her rescue.

Mary has spoke publicly about her assault and unfortunately her attacker only received 14 years in prison. Sparking a chance in the California judicial system. Upon her attackers release he murdered a woman and died behind bars.

Michelle Corrao


Michelle Corroa: On her way home from shopping she drove down her street and saw three men walking down the street, they seemed odd to her (for good reason) so she drove around the block and when she returned they were gone. She walked up to her doorstep and she was hit in the head from behind. The men shoved her in the trunk of their car and drove to the woods. The three men then violently beat and sexually Assaulted her. The men then shoved her back into the trunk where she passed out from her head wound. They drove to a dinner and robbed it. An off duty police officer caught the three men, during the commotion Michelle woke and tried to escape from the trunk. The police officer heard her and opened the trunk. They are now good friends.

Michelle is now a public speaker and has won many awards including the “Special Courage Award” by the US Attorney GeneralGeneral.

For more information visit www.michellecorrao.com/

Jennifer Schuett

Jennifer Schuett's Story: When she was only 8 years old young Jennifer was snatched out of bed through her window. The man reached through her window and grabbed her from her bed while she was sleeping. He then took her to his car where he raped the little girl, which left her infertile. He then took her to a field and slit hern throat from ear to ear and left her for dead. He threw her on a fire ant mound, where the ants then stung her lifeless body. She was unable to move or scream because of her injury. But, the ants actually aided in her survival by clotting her blood. Some children were playing hide and seek in the field and one of them tripped over her ankle and alerted an adult.

Jennifer is now a miracle mom and now has a daughter of her own. Doctors paid for her IVF treatments and she was able to successfully conceive! She also speaks out about her tragidy.

For more information visit www.justiceforjennifer.com