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5 ways to promote Green computing


With the boom of our technology, thousands of new devices brought upon by technology are released every now and then. Most of them claims to be better than what we have right now. They can be upgraded computer systems, more powerful phones, laptops, tablet PCs, an awesome home theater and many more. There are countless possibilities for improvements and all of us are very excited on how technology can lead us to a better way of living. However, have you ever thought about its negative effects? Even a coin has two sides. That is why it is a fact that even our technology gave birth to some unsightly effects. This problem has been constantly neglected through the years and we are slowly feeling its presence today which is very alarming. I know my lone efforts will not be enough to create change. But if we stand united, nothing is impossible. Here are some ways for you to start an advocacy in your own little ways.


Buy what you need

Honestly, I was planning to purchase a new laptop and dump my old one. However, I was left thinking if my action is reasonable. Do I really need a new laptop? I have a good desktop where I can do my 3d projects and other computer activities that require higher computing power. We have a decent television if I plan to watch a good movie. And my old laptop is still in good shape. After reading some online contents, I found out that one of the largest contributors of global wastes is the IT industry. And after knowing it, I was fixed with my decision. I do not need a new laptop. You can also do likewise. Do not be selfish. Think of others. Think of earth.


Use an LCD monitor

I am not here to promote any brand but it is a fact that LCD monitors are more environment friendly compared to the conventional CRT that most of the industries use. LCD televisions are energy efficient and emits lesser amount of radiation compared to CRTs. Nonetheless, this problem is a big issue especially to third world countries where people cannot afford to buy televisions that uses LCD technology. It is a good thing that some companies are offering trade ins. You can reduce the price of purchasing a new LCD TV given that you will hand them your CRT. I commend the companies that is doing such noble act. Although they might intend to do such a wonderful offer for advertising purposes, but the effects are not only beneficial to the customers and the company itself  but most importantly to our environment.


Don't be shy to turn it off

Use the computer only when needed. If you have a laptop, use it more because it is has a lesser energy consumption compared to your desktop. I am working online but I make it sure to use my desktop only when needed. I stopped playing computer games and doing unnecessary stuffs on my computer because of this advocacy. I was also concerned with my health because using the computer too much caused me some headaches. Be with me and never hesitate to turn your system off. Do not worry if it will easily be damaged through constant on and off because that is only a myth. The truth is, we need to conserve energy and you can certainly be a big help even by just pushing that button every now and then.


Be reponsible to your technology waste

Like I said awhile ago, the IT industry is one of the leading contributors of what they call e-waste. Constant upgrades are made and it will not only mean better performance but some dumped old technology as well. Have you ever wondered where are they now? Keep in mind that materials used in building computers systems are not organic. They will not rot. If buried, they will remain there for years and might even cause pollution if left unattended. There is nothing that we can do about it now. We do not have the authority to create a big move towards a solution to this problem. However, we can start within our family. Teach the younger ones to reuse. You can return a broken keyboard, mouse or any electronic device to the manufacturer so that they can recycle or dispose it properly. Be creative. There are even some who were able make works of art out of these materials. There is nothing impossible as long as we work hard on it and be devoted towards such a wonderful cause.


Act now

Don't wait for tomorrow. It is never too late. Do not let hope fade away. I know it is never easy and I might be just delusional about this cause but I just can't stop thinking about the generations that will shoulder all that we did today. Let us think of others for once. Think about your child, your grandson and the future generations. The once I mentioned are just the basics and there are hundreds of actions that you can take to promote our environment. Nonetheless, I hope my article inspired you to make a move. Be involved and lets do it together.


Alma Cabase (author) from Philippines on July 12, 2011:

@Max You have really good poems. I'm reading all your works now. Please keep it up.

Max Havlick from Villa Park, Illinois on July 09, 2011:

Alma, you've done a nice job here presenting the idea of green computing, mostly just stopping to think about how we're destroying our own planet by rushing needlessly from one innovation to the next. You seem to relish this super-human task of warning the world. Are you turning into a super-hero from another world like the ones you write about in your other hubs?! I thought the Philippines were in this world. (just kidding!)

Now you keep up the good work, Alma, and thanks for reading and commenting on my poem. You might like my other work also, esp. for you, my poems, "You Have My Permission to Write," and "A Dream of Driving through the Sky." And soon, the 10-part introduction to my philosophy of personal creation and world citizenship which you seem already to be living!

Alma Cabase (author) from Philippines on July 08, 2011:

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Most of us don't seem to be satisfied. We are like filling a bottomless cup. I find it irrelevant to upgrade my phone. I have my old one which can text, take videos and pictures and listen to music. That's all that I need and I don't have any plan to replace it.

Just like what a famous personality said.."Buy what you need"..

btw, thanks for appreciating my work.



Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on July 08, 2011:

You made an important point with this hub. At the rate new technology is coming out, if we are not responsible in it's use, soon we will have mountains of discarded but still usable items littering the landscape. How about thinking of donating some of our items instead of simply discarding them? you so aptly pointed we really NEED the next upgraded item? As soon as it is purchased it will be replaced by the next "latest and greatest" at just about lightening speed these days.

Alma Cabase (author) from Philippines on April 12, 2011:

@ evolveasite If I'm really serious about making money here, I'll be posting some internet marketing bla bla blas..I'm here to express what I love...But i do have an online job...

evolveasite from United States on April 12, 2011:

clik mine cuz i cliked urs i know what ur tryin to make some money lol do it i already did urs :)))

Alma Cabase (author) from Philippines on April 07, 2011:

@Paul Thanks.I'm filled with joy knowing that even with some differences in race and color, unity is still with us. Earth is our common home and we should do something to make it better for th next generation.

Take care.

Paul Kohler from Cleveland, Ohio on April 07, 2011:

You have brought to light an oft-neglected issue, I will join you in your cause and hope there will be many more to follow. This technology high the world is on will only get worse and so will the problems caused in their disposal, whatever dent we can make however slight at first will make a difference.

Alma Cabase (author) from Philippines on April 07, 2011:

@wheel True...I was not so serious about this advocation before but when I saw a certain documentary my heat burned with passion to write for this purpose.

Dennis Thorgesen from Beatrice, Nebraska U.S. on April 07, 2011:

Recycling and reusing has been something important to me for years. I know I hated as a child picking up after people who didn't care about the environment. I still don't like it as an adult but I still do. One person can't make a lot of difference but a group can work miracles.

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