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5 Pros and Cons of Social Media

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social media

social media

Social media usage

In 2005, when social media was in its infancy, approximately 5% of people in the United States were using it. In 2019, that percentage increased to 70%.

The Pew Research Center surveyed the use of social media and its popularity among US adults at the beginning of 2019. The study found that the top social media platforms used by adult users were YouTube and Facebook; teens preferred Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, while the TikTok social network is said to be the fastest-growing social media platform for younger users.

•The use of social media is almost all-encompassing among teens today. The Pew Research Center reports that 97 per cent of teenagers between 13 and 17 have access to at least one or more of the seven important online platforms.

• The amount of time spent on social media is mind-boggling. One study suggests that the average teenager aged 13–18 spends nine hours online on social media per day, and teenagers aged 8–12 are active for six hours per day.

Like all things, social media comes with its benefits (the positive) as well as exemplary stories (the bad) and threats (the ugly) that lurk and can affect the lives of many people, particularly teenagers.

Advantage of social media

Advantage of social media

The Benefits of Social Media

The advantages that social media can bring are well-known,

1.Faster connectivity that's faster

Connect to any person anywhere in the world by pressing a few buttons. It doesn't require computers or a fixed-line internet connection anymore to make it even more convenient. On the other hand, you can use your mobile phone to send messages to anyone, unknown or well-known, on the one hand, and eat slices of pizza on the other.

2.It removes the burden of scheduling meetings face-to-face.

Previously, if you wanted to meet with an unknown person with whom you had no prior relationship, you had to knock on a lot of doors and wait a couple of days before an encounter occurred (if one occurred at all).

Nowadays, you can send an online connection request to anyone within two minutes. The result is contingent upon the level of your ability to impress. However, the old limitations of physical proximity do not apply anymore.

3.More efficient communication

If you plan to invite ten people to an evening of celebration on a Saturday night, you must simply send a single message to all of them. Imagine calling all the people with a landline number to discover them and then organizing an event. Oh, how I sweated when I thought about this. By God, would you prefer to make changes at the last moment?

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4. Opportunities to enhance your image

Social media could provide the opportunity to impress the world.

If you're an author, you're able to self-publish your novel on Amazon today, and it's a lot less expensive than the option of submitting your work to many publishers. If you're a musician, it's possible to start your own Youtube channel, and it's similar to the process of finding a music director ready to launch your channel.

While the web has made it easier than ever before, it is still possible to make your name known with just a little effort and expertise.

5. Change is on the way

Every incident that occurs around the world is the subject of a firestorm. Things like corruption, poor quality of service to customers, arrogance, or even the absence of it, are all subject to scrutiny. There's no need for a media department to release the report through their channels or websites.

Videos are recorded by the general public and posted on the internet to expose the truth to millions of people. Companies are worried about providing an efficient service to avoid negative reviews, and corrupt officials are aware that a video showing them accepting a bribe could result in the loss of their position.

Disadvantage of social media

Disadvantage of social media

Disadvantages of Social media

1. Online and real

Social media isn't the problem, and it's the way people use it instead of actual interaction and socializing. "Friends" are part of the social media network but may not be true friends and maybe strangers.

2. Mental fatigue can be a cause

Social media use during long working hours seems to offer some relief, but it takes your mind to the limit. While you're browsing through your feed, you are making various decisions that aren't based on your knowledge.

Your brain is on alert with thoughts such as, "Should I click on this blog post? Does this photo merit a "like"? What's the best response to this question? " All those decisions take up mental energy.

Therefore, if you are using social media during breaks, thinking it'll help you relax, you're wrong.

3. Social media is addictive

If you're engaged in a game or doing a task, and you'd like to finish it in the best way possible, If you've done it, your brain releases dopamine, as well as other happiness hormones that make you happy. The same process takes place when you upload photos on Instagram and Facebook. When you are aware of the notifications for likes and positive feedback in front of you, your brain will subconsciously perceive the reward to motivate you. But that's more than that. Social media can also provide positive emotions and experiences.

4. Fear of being unable to leave

The anxiety about not taking part has become a regular subject and could cause a constant checking of social media sites. The fear that you may miss out on something while not connected to the internet could affect your mental well-being.

5. Self-image issues

Social media platforms allow users to gain their peers' respect due to their appearance and the chance to evaluate them against other users. They are often linked with body image concerns. The theory is that "selfieholics" and people who spend the vast majority of their time browsing or posting are the most vulnerable to this. Most college students who use Facebook five times per day tend to associate their self-esteem with their appearance. However, this doesn't mean that the problem is only because of the social network. Rather, it serves as a conduit, making it harder to resolve the problem. Similar behaviours can be observed and seen in different individuals.

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