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5 Of The Worst Dictators Alive | Ruthless Dictators


The dictator is commonly seen as a person autocratic, oppressive, despotic and tyrannical. One who rules above the law, exercising absolute power usually attained through a coup or deception. The dictatorship has the meaning of absolute dominance, authoritarianism, totalitarianism and is the significant reduction or the total absence of political and civil liberties due to the concentration of power.

Some of the bloodiest dictators of the past century are :

  • Mao Zedong (Period: 1949-1976 - Deaths: 50 million)
  • Adolf Hitler (Period: 1934-1945 - Deaths: 30 million)
  • Pol Pot (Period: 1975-1979 - Deaths: 2 million)
  • Tito (Period: 1944-1980 - Deaths: 1 million)
  • Saddam Hussein (Period: 1973-2003 - Deaths: 1 million)

As of today, 44 countries of the world are not free, out of a total of 192 . Dictatorial regimes remain prevalent in the former USSR (including Russia), Middle East, Africa in China and neighboring countries. Currently in Europe, except for the area of the former USSR (including Russia), North America, Latin America and Oceania continents are devoid of dictatorial regimes.

Today we will deal with some living dictators, many holds the power and wealth, and in particular we will discuss 5 of the worst in the world.

Here we go.


1. Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir (Sudan)

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir was born in 1944 and is the current President of Sudan and the head of the National Congress Party of Sudan. Sudan is the largest African state. He is notorious for causing the scene of a complex civil war that has torn the country apart for 20 years, causing 2 million deaths and 4 million refugees.

Al-Bashir came to power following a military coup, he immediately suspended the constitution, abolished the Legislative Assembly and banned political parties and trade unions. He attempted to negotiate a peace agreement with the main rebel groups and has always insisted the nation was governed according to Shari'ah (Islamic law), even in southern Sudan, where the population is majority of Christians. Because of these events, the Sudan was made the subject of numerous international sanctions.
Meanwhile, the army has systematically bombed tortured and massacred the civilians as well as non-Arab population, particularly in the southern areas. Sudanese troops have also been responsible for kidnapping the inhabitants of the South who have been enslaved. Al-Bashir was also accused of "designing famine" in the areas where his opponents lived. He has turned his country into an Islamic regime dominated by Sharia and in one of the al Qaeda.
Since 2003 he has unleashed against the people of Darfur Arab militias called " devils on horseback" who were responsible for the gruesome violence. The dictator has a long history of protecting a wide range of terrorists. Not only has he delivered the famous Carlos "the Jackal" to France in exchange for financial and military aid, but in 1996 he tried unsuccessfully to "sell" Osama Bin Laden to the United States government.

In July 2008, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, accused al-Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur, but he denied all the allegations. His regime is directly responsible for the deaths of 300,000 people in Darfur and more than 2 million refugees.


2. Kim Jong-un (North Korea)

Kim Jong-un was born in 1983 in Pyongyang (though his exact birth date is unknown outside of Korea) and is the current leader and dictator of North Korea, from December 18, 2011, the day following the death of his father Kim Jong-il, who still retains the title Eternal President. The government of Kim Jong-il has proved dictatorship brutal more than any other dictatorship in the world.
Each year, the human rights group Freedom House classifies countries according to the situation of political rights and civil liberties present in each of them. North Korea is the only nation to have been awarded the last spot for more than 30 consecutive years. It is estimated that in the country, 150,000 people are in forced labor in prison camps created to punish the alleged political dissidents and their families, as well as the North Koreans who have fled the country to China but were made by the Chinese government forcibly return.

The North Korean regime does not merely punish the individual. But is condemned whole family: parents, grandparents, children, all are sent to labor camps where they are subjected to forced labor. Kim Jong-un would be responsible for the killing of at least 31 officers and senior officials from September 2010.


3. King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)

King Abdullah was the regent of Saudi Arabia since King Fahd, his half-brother, was struck by a heart attack. He was born in Riyadh in 1924 and is the sixth king of Saudi Arabia, came to the throne in 2005. He was the designated heir and regent from 1995, but was only formally established August 3, 2005. Has 25 children, and according to the Forbes magazine, it would be the third richest monarch in the world, with assets of approximately $ 21 billion.
Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries where they have never held elections for many decades. There are parliamentary elections, but no political parties in the country. In 2005, however, they organized local elections. Women can not vote, travel, work or undergo medical procedures without the permission of a male of his family and who is not allowed to even drive a car . They can not testify, also, in their own interests in the process of divorce, and in all judicial proceedings the testimony of a man is worth twice that of a woman.

According to the U.S. Department of State, Saudi Arabia continues to make arrests and to practice torture. During a conference on human rights held not long ago, the Saudi authorities have arrested peaceful protesters who were demonstrating for freedom of expression, and some were then subjected to whipping, a practice that is regularly implemented for alleged political and religious offenses.
Under the pressure of world public opinion, the government announced that citizens living in Saudi Arabia can practice religious cults other than Sunni Muslims, but only in private, inside their homes. The religious police has even forbidden for children to play with Barbie and defined dolls as "Jewish symbols of Western decadence and corruption."


4. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea)

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo was born in 1942 and is currently at the helm of Equatorial Guinea. This tiny West African nation (500,000 inhabitants) was a dictatorship forgotten by the world, until they were discovered huge oil reserves in 1995. Since then, U.S. oil companies have poured billions of dollars into the country. Despite the annual capital income of $ 4,472 is 60% of the inhabitants of Guinea
Equatorial live on less than $ 1 per day .

Most of the gain resulting from oil exploitation is collected directly by President Obiang, who said: " There is no poverty in Guinea, rather the population is accustomed to live differently . " The state radio announced that President Obiang is a permanent contact with the "Almighty" and that therefore " can commit murder without accountability to anyone, without going to hell . " In Guinea there is no public transport or newspapers, and only 1% of public expenditure is spent on health care.

Once Obiang was asked why most of the oil revenue is deposited directly to his bank account at Riggs Bank in Washington, President Obiang said he prefers to control the money in order to "prevent corruption". It is estimated that his personal wealth is estimated to be approximately $ 600 million, and Forbes magazine placed him in eighth place in the ranking of the world’s richest kings and dictators.


5. Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)

Robert Mugabe was born in 1924, and is the current leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) from 31 December 1987 also holds the office of President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The rise to power of Robert Mugabe received a broad consensus both domestically and internationally.
After the successful launch of an anti-colonial war of liberation, he was elected as the first president of independent Zimbabwe, but over the years has increasingly highlighted his dictatorial tendencies: according to Amnesty International in 2002 alone Mugabe's government was guilty of torture and killings of 70,000 people. Unemployment is over 70% and inflation reached 500%. Mugabe has been accused of blocking food and aid to areas and groups that support the main opposition party.

Six presidential terms, 25-year regime strenuously defended by the use of fraud and violence, make Robert Mugabe a "dinosaur" of dictatorships . A despot who contributed mainly to make Zimbabwe a country plagued by a deep economic crisis, without freedom of press and expression. A country that sees journalists and dissidents who are victims of intimidation, violence and imprisonment. A regime pervaded by violence and intolerance, in which there are laws against homosexuals and where sexual abuse against women is a political weapon.


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This is a great thumbnail of the leading indisputable and violent abusers of governance in our world. Thank you!

Akhil Dev (author) from India on April 11, 2014:

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