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3 Day School Weeks And PlayStation's For Every Child Says Ben Whittaker

Two of Karla's favourite things in life are: ITV1 and British celebrities.


Ben Whittaker: "For The Kids Who Don't Have A PlayStation, Something Can Be Sorted Out"

Ben Whittaker is a 24 year old born in Darlaston, England. He won silver in the men's light-heavyweight boxing last week in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He has appeared on Good Morning Britain before, but today he was asked what he would do if he took up a political career.


3 Day School Weeks And PlayStation's For Everyone

Appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning, Ben Whittaker was asked by GMB host Ben Shepherd what he would do to gain votes in an election if he was going for Prime Minister and he seemed as though he'd spent some time thinking about this as he answered quickly, saying he would reduce the school week to three days; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be exact. He explained he would do this so that parents could spend more time with their children.

He went on to say that something could be "sorted out" for the children who don't have a PlayStation. He also said he thinks children should be allowed to vote... I wonder why!


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What would you do if you wanted to gian the votes of the public to elect you for Prime Minister?

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