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2023, off to a Whirlwind Start


Standing By

Late in the day, Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Kevin McCarthy still did not have the votes necessary to become the next Speaker of the House.

The Conservative Wing of the Republican Party isn’t sold on Mr. McCarthy. In fact, they never have been and they have been very vocal about that.

Currently, they have moved on from talk to taking a big, big stand.

They are standing firm on their position and, as a result, while they are on the hunt for the right person, whomever that may be...we wait!

As this happens…or doesn’t happen, we also wait to hear the latest on the Buffalo Bill’s safety, Damar Hamlin.

Late in the first quarter of the game on Monday Night, while making a tackle, Damar stood up, after what seemed a very routine play, and then he collapsed. CPR was administered on the field and he left the field, via ambulance for a Cincinnati hospital. The Bills were in Cincinnati facing the Cincinnati Bengals.

As of this moment in time, Damar is on a ventilator, currently in critical condition, the diagnosis is cardiac arrest, the prognosis is unknown for this 24-year old young man and people have lots of questions!

Yes, We Must Talk About It.....

There’s a lot of fallout regarding both of these big stories and it shouldn’t be so difficult for the mainstream media, social media, some sports figures, Twitter users, etc. to understand why we have more questions -

A result of no good answers!

The Conservative wing of the Republican Party, can’t get excited about McCarthy. He, like so many of his predecessors, caves to the Democratic Party time after time. These individuals, including Paul Ryan and John Boehner before, talk big, talk tough and then…they fold.

They don’t have the spines of steel which these particular hold-out conservative Representatives, know we need and many Republican voters agree with them!

Thus far there have been three votes and McCarthy can’t get to the required 218.

They will try again tomorrow and then again the day after, that, if necessary.

I don’t know what happens next, but I sure understand why it is happening. It isn't complicated!

Which brings me to the truly heartbreaking story of what happened to young Hamlin on Monday night.

People are speculating as people will do, as free people have always done, we question when things are off, when something isn't right!

Things are definitely off, when large numbers of young, healthy athletes are experiencing cardiac arrest in record numbers.



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Damar Hamlin has joined an ever-growing list of healthy, young men brought down by cardiac arrest. There's more complications of the heart, more unconsciousness, more collapsing and more death, post Covid-19 and experimental vaccines/boosters. That is a fact!

But, that's not the controversy!

It’s not the experimental vaccine/boosters, which were created to protect the most vulnerable to COVID-19; the elderly, the already sick and compromised, the immuno-deficient.

It's not the fact that, nonetheless, in many cases the vaccine/boosters were mandated for perfectly healthy individuals. Even when/even if, they are athletic men in peak condition, but that's not the’s the fact that we aren’t supposed to talk about/discuss/question, any of this!

We aren’t supposed to question these suspicious cases, these unexplained deaths, we are just supposed to accept it, as normal!

If right now isn’t the time to talk about it, when might that be? How many more young men have to go through this or worse yet, have to die?

How many perfectly healthy, young, athletes must die, before we revisit the vaccine/booster mandate and the fact that it becomes as poison, a death sentence, for too many?

Boosters have been mandated by the NFL, as they enter into the play-off and post season, that is not a secret, there was a Press Release.

Mr. Hamlin, had his booster on December 26th, 2022.

The mandates that the NFL have placed on their players and others in their organization, from the get-go, has not been a big, guarded secret.

We have all known about it and we've either supported the move, questioned the move or outright abhorred the move.

But, at this point, I have to wonder, how many football players, how many athletes in general, are beginning to doubt, question, ponder, wonder...if they have been targeted and could they be next?

How could they not be concerned?

In Prayer For Damar


Dear Lord

I believe in prayer, not just when it’s suggested by some earthly authority that it's an appropriate time to do so or when I don’t know what else to do, where else to turn, I believe in prayer at all times!

My Faith is a part of me, it sustains me and the Holy Spirit leads me to pray for others.

I feel led and so I have been praying for the full recovery of this young man

I am praying for peace of mind for his family, friends, teammates and for all of Football Nation.

At the same time, we cannot ignore what is happening or why it is happening and until we know for sure, I am pleading with the NFL and any other corporation or company, mandating the jab/the boosters, for perfectly young and healthy individuals, to stand down!

There’s too much we don’t know, all while seeing for ourselves, what has been happening to perfectly healthy young men, in particular!

Something isn’t right here!

Don’t shoot the messenger, just think about it, it will take you every bit of a nano second!

Lord, please have a hand in preventing whatever this is which is happening from continuing to happen. I pray it isn’t as evil as I fear it may be!

Please watch over our Country and help us to choose and elect individuals who have our best interest at heart, in all cases, at all times, in every situation!

Please Lord, in this moment, I lift up your child, Damar Hamlin for complete healing, and I pray for peace of mind for his loved ones and for his teammates.

God Bless America!

© 2023 Angie B Williams

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