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Top 10 Worst Things of the 2010s



The era of 2010s had a lot of ups and downs. Instead of focusing on the good things of this decade, let us take a look at all the bad things.

Here is a quick review of some of the worst things from 2010 to 2019.

Deaths through Drugs


Even though this graph only shows deaths through drugs in the U.S. , the numbers have risen drastically over the course of this decade. There are also more drug users and abusers than ever before, which unfortunately has been a big part of 2010s. Popular media, especially specific music genres, are sadly pushing drug use. Every other artist talks about it and unfortunately kids and younger people follow whatever their idols are doing.

The U.S. goverment and most of the world is also doing a bad job right now of handling the issue.

It is also easier to get drugs than ever before, because there are a lot of ways of to do so. I don't want to go into specifics, because I don't want to push drug use.

Bad Politician and Leaders


Usually I don't like to judge on issues like this, but Trump has to be one of the worst leaders in our new age ( 2000s+).If a leader gets into Twitter beef with a 16 year old girl from Sweden, it already speaks for itself.

And unfortunately, he is not alone as one of the worst leaders. A lot of other countries ( Russia, Turkey, France, North Korea, soon England) also have given the control of their countries to unreasonable people.

It feels like every country would probably start a war over nothing. Just saying one wrong thing is enough for them to pull the trigger.

Music ( mainstream music especially)


Mumble Rap has been the most popular music of most of this decade, which is really unfortunate, because it is just not good. There are a couple songs, which are fine, but most of the stuff doesn't make sense. It is also promoting the wrong things ( drug use, fame, fancy lifestyle,...) and since mainstream music is mostly listened to by teenagers, they grew up in a very weird way.

Even though there are a lot of good songs and artists, because more people than ever are doing music, the ratio between really bad popular music and really good popular music is very poor.



Another bad trend, especially for teenagers.

A lot of social media platforms can be used to protray yourself, which isn't bad in the first place, but most people do it the wrong way. They edit themselves to be prettier, protray themselves in ways they don't even live and show a fake lifestyle. Other people watch it, feel bad about themselves, because their lifestyle isn't the same and their personal self value diminishes.



Ethically speaking, this is the worst time of journalism.

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Right now, it is too easy to get any information about anything you want, so journalists try to find very obscure things, so anyone reads or listens to their content. They also quote people in the worst way, take things way out of context and most of todays journalism is more gossip than facts.



Just go to YouTube. Every other video has a title like ' YOU CANT IMAGINE WHAT HAPPEND TO ME ON CHRISTMAS' and you will see some random guy talking about something stupid.

This is also part of todays journalism, which is really sad.

Wars around the world


People talk about the 2010s as the best time to be alive, because the world we live in is extremely advanced. People are more open minded, they know more other countries, religions and ethnicities, but there are still a lot of wars going on, for exactly those reasons.

Of course, not every country is as advanced as like Germany or USA, but starting wars with other countries, because of their religion or their race in todays time is just impressively stupid.



Poverty and poor health is still striving across a lot of countries.

In a world, where some people spend 4.000 dollars for a plain white shirt with holes in it, some people don't even have water. And that can happen to people from the same country, which shouldn't be possible.

To be fair, there always will be people who are richer, but it shouldn't be possible that some people ( a lot of people) don't even have food or water. Not in a age, where it is possible to send anything anywhere in a matter of hours or days.

Mental Health


A lot of people struggle with mental health.

Unfortunately this has become popular, because of a lot of different reasons. As stated before, people see other successful people and compare themselves with them, which creates self doubt and unhappiness.

Another big issue is the availability of doing anything. Since there is so much you can chose, you kind of don't know what to chose. It is not necessary a bad thing, but it is hard to chose if you have so many options.

If you walk through the streets and ask people about their mental health, at least 1 out of 2 people will tell you that they have some mental health issues, which is really sad.



Life isn't simple anymore.

Anything you want to do, you have to do something before you can do that. Like for instance, if you want to buy a car, you have to fill this out, go to this office, fill out that, do that and then you are allowed to drive the car. And that's basically with anything.

That is especially an issue in the west. Even if you want to go out for dinner with your friends, at least one of your friends is like vegan, can't eat gluten, can't eat that or anything. Everything has to be special or explicit, which is really hard sometimes.

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