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16 Ways InfoWars’ Alex Jones Enables The Left In The “War For Your Mind”

Beth Perry is a professional author and a Libertarian from Tennessee.


A lot of us associate fake news as the propriety of Alt-Left media outlets. This feeling stems from years of seeing the ridiculous number of stunts from these so-called news sources. Think of Michelle Kosinski from NBC’s Today Show, who pretended to row a canoe through heavy flood waters -until a pair of men walked through her puddle right in front of the camera. CNN’s history of faking “live” news coverage in front of bogus backgrounds. NBC’s Brian Williams lying about being aboard a helicopter forced to land by enemy fire in Iraq. The CBS radio report that deceitfully made white Trump supporters out to be responsible for the brutal beating of a Chicago man. One might well assume that these liberal leaning media giants have cornered the market on insincerity in broadcasting.

Michelle Kosinski's infamous canoe ride through "flood water".

Michelle Kosinski's infamous canoe ride through "flood water".

As a Libertarian with a lot of love for the U.S. Constitution, it’d be real nice to say yeah, only liberals kiss the Blarney Stone. But this would be a lie as I have a relative who faithfully watches InfoWars. As I love this relative and share the same home, I have become quite familiar with the program’s content and the antics of the InfoWars’ host, Alex Jones.

For those unacquainted with Alex Jones or InfoWars, here is some basic background:

Alex Emerick Jones was born and raised in Texas. He initially earned internet fame from operating a blog style website called Prison Planet. The content of Prison Planet did and still does rely on political conspiracy theories and apocalypse-type predictions. Jones has also appeared in a few B-movie films. He is currently host of InfoWars, an internet program that broadcasts via the Genesis Communications Network. The backbone of this program is The Alex Jones Show. InfoWars has a number of personalities on their creative team including Paul Joseph Watson, David Knight, Owen Shroyer and Lee Ann McAdoo, however the undisputed star is their impassioned host. The program's slogan is, “There’s a war on for your mind!”

InfoWars offers a steady diet of pundit commentary, conspiracy-based commentary, social commentary and religious commentary. Viewers will also find interviews and tidbits from daily headline news. The program frequently opens with the dramatic theme from the 1982 “Conan The Barbarian” film blaring through the audio. Throughout broadcasts viewers are informed about the numerous nutritional and dietary supplements sold under the Alex Jones packaging. Sales from these products pay for the airtime.

After years of watching this program I have come to the conclusion that host Alex Jones has become the Alt-Left’s most powerful weapon. Jones has either unwittingly or intentionally allowed certain personal behaviors to run unchecked on InfoWars - weird, WTF? behaviors that ultimately work against the integrity of Libertarians, Conservatives and pro-Constitutionalists alike.

Let’s examine the sixteen most familiarly demonstrated behaviors exhibited over the course of a week, and perhaps you’ll understand why I think Jones enables the socialist Alt-Left he claims to oppose.

(Remember I am writing as someone who has been exposed to InfoWars for over three years. I do not harbor any personal negative feelings toward Mr. Jones, nor is my aim to belittle his fans. I also happen to really like some of the other talents who appear on the program. The aim of this article is to merely give a heads up to people who have not seen or listened to InfoWars. And as any sincere Libertarian would agree, you may judge for yourself if my info is valuable. )

16. Hurtful, gross exaggerations and insinuations

While many of us may agree that certain world leaders often keep strange bedfellows, strange is just too mild a word for Jones to use in describing political leaders who don't meet his approval. The descriptions he regularly uses waver between the spiteful or the outright gross. Like his insinuation Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are sulfur-reeking demons. The time Jones claimed John Kerry and his cohorts have sex in coffins and giant pits of feces. Jones’ infatuation with calling Michelle Obama a “tranny”. Or the innumerable times he’s accused the British Royal Family of being inbred cannibals.

We don’t have to like any of these people (and I for one don't) to know how downright mean -and improbable- these statements are. The only end they serve is to cause rancor between political sides.

InfoWars' Alex Jones in full-blown rant mode.

InfoWars' Alex Jones in full-blown rant mode.

15. Rants

Alex Jones’ volatile temperament and bloviated remarks are a major allure for the show’s diehard fans. In most cases these rants follow a formula, one that typically commences with Jones addressing a topic near and dear to his irked-off heart. Some tried-and-true of his targets include establishment Republicans, the Catholic church, gun restriction proponents and of course, your average, everyday neighborhood elitist-slash-liberal-slash-pedophile-slash-Satan-worshiper. When going into full rant mode Jones’ normal speech pattern accelerates and his gruff timber deepens with emotion. Next comes shouting, usually laced with some name-calling. Within moments Jones goes from a man speaking in a rational tone of voice to an angry, red-faced prophet of doom, despair and agony.

Most of us understandably find this kind of behavior disturbing. But if you are a Jones junkie or just curious about watching such spectacles, there is an archive of Alex Jones rants to be found at the InfoWars website.

14. Spooky stories told in spooky voice

Jones does not always resort to sermons. Many times he pitches doom and gloom like an artful storyteller spinning creepy urban legends by the campfire. Speaking in a low, menacing -and sometimes rambling- way, Jones can keep wide-eyed fans holding to the edge of their seats with sinister tales that would put Stephen King to shame. The plots of his stories revolve around chilling scenarios like mass brainwashing, devil-worshiping lizard people and NASA-sanctioned child slave colonies on Mars.

S’mores worthy stuff here. Be sure to have the nightlight on and your teddy bear close.

Alex Jones donning a Joker face.

Alex Jones donning a Joker face.

13. Adolescent humor

Jones doesn’t let the weighty subject matter of his topics ruin his humorous side. He will often use the grimmest of topics as inspiration for on-air comedy skits. There was the time Jones wore Joker make-up during an Obama-as-Joker stunt. The multiple times he read headlines with a poorly mimicked British accent. The InfoWars’ comedic skit to promote their male supplement product called Caveman. Jones’ reoccurring “Cobra Commander” persona. The time Jones interviewed himself dressed up like the globalist insider, “Don Jon Corzine”, a nefarious character whose dialog made it obvious Jones had taken a huff or two of helium.

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These skits are too kitschy to amuse most thinking adults. But to be fair, the Caveman skit could have gone over well on MST3K.

12. Name dropping

Alex Jones decries what he sees as utter rejection of morality by the entertainment industry. His list of labeled degenerates among entertainers is a rather lengthy one, and viewers are routinely warned against letting the opinions of celebrities to influence their thinking.

On the other hand, Jones really enjoys interviewing celebrity guests. Some of those who have been interviewed at InfoWars include comic actor Rob Schneider, rock singer and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent, former governor and wrestler Jesse Ventura, animation icon Mike Judge, actor and writer Richard Belzer and Donald Trump (before being elected President).

Despite Jones’ vilification of the entertainment world his guests are treated with respect on the show. Jones often talks about being friends and hanging out with this celebrity or that one. In fact, Jones isn’t above displaying some outright schoomzing toward his guests - enough to leave the average viewer wondering if Jones isn’t a secret celebophile?

Alex Jones with Megyn Kelly.

Alex Jones with Megyn Kelly.

11. Daredevil stunts

Alex Jones has steadfastly cautioned viewers about fake news and the level of underhandedness that runs amok among mainstream reporters and personalities. At the same time Jones shows his audience what a daredevil he can be by ignoring those very warnings. One of these daredevil stunts was in agreeing to an interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly. The interview was slickly edited for the NBC airing; an edit job that made Jones come off even worse than he would have without the splicing of footage.

Jones subsequently leaked a pre-recorded audio conversation he had had with Ms. Kelly. This audio revealed Kelly had previously been quite flattering of the InfoWars star and promised her interview would not be a “hit job”. Jones nevertheless went on a week-plus binge of red-faced, indignant rants against both Kelly and NBC.

But it wasn’t like Jones could not have foreseen what would have happened. And the Megyn Kelly interview was not the first time nor last time Jones did something he’d later whine about. Jones has claimed that while leading a “peaceful” protest at Dallas’ 50th JFK commemoration a cop came up and punched him in the stomach. More recently Jones got a cup of coffee thrown in his face after stalking Seattle passersby and hurling a bunch of “F*ck you!”s when they didn't want to talk.

Jones stalked this guy on the streets of Seattle, then turned to chase down this next dude. Dude and his coffee didn't take it so kindly.

Jones stalked this guy on the streets of Seattle, then turned to chase down this next dude. Dude and his coffee didn't take it so kindly.


10. Redefining Webster's definition of "chivalry"

Mr. Jones is highly critical of modern men who have rejected the morals of yesteryear. He likes to tell his audience he is an advocate of chivalry.

Yet Jones does not hesitate to hurl vulgar labels on women that rile his ire. He has called Nancy Pelosi a witch, a hag and worse. He has suggested actress Jennifer Lopez should to go get herself gang raped in Somalia. He regularly throws out the B word on-air when talking about females he finds antagonizing. Besides the crude words for women, Jones has little problem throwing his middle finger up whenever the mood takes him. And coarse language is surely no stranger to his mouth.

As admirable as real chivalry is, most of us would be hard put to reconcile his hypocritical definition of the term with any found in Webster’s Dictionary.

9. Marriage advice

Alex Jones often preaches about the moral decline of the family and how society is falling apart due to a renunciation of Christian principles. The unknowing observer, having listened to some of these sermons, might sensibly conclude Jones takes marriage vows pretty darn seriously. But Jones’ history and personal choices tell a quite different tale.

Not only is Jones divorced, he admitted in recent court custody proceedings of having cheated on his current wife. Jones went on to boast at InfoWars of having slept with 150 or more women by the time he was sixteen-years old. He exonerated this feat by saying any male who has not experienced sex by the age of sixteen has something biologically wrong with him.

While we may be uncomfortable with the notion that sex outside of marriage is a “sin”, we can respect friends that adhere to the idea out of religious conviction. Somewhat harder is listening to a self-righteous individual bragging about their carnal conquests.

Alex Jones announces he slept with 150 women by the time he was sixteen-years old

8. Cries of victimization at the hands of social media

The InfoWars team devotes a substantial amount of air time in reminding viewers how very popular their program is. Even so, they managed to get their program demonetized at Youtube. This came about after Jones helped to perpetuate the “PizzaGate” conspiracy theory.

The theory was birthed in the mind of a Ultra-Right Wing conspiracy enthusiast. This loon claimed a cabal of high-ranking Democrats operated a satanic child sex ring out of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria called the Comet Ping Pong. The story went viral in social media, as did the angst among those who fell for it. Angry mobs picketed outside the pizzeria and the owners received threats. The ugliness culminated when 28-year old Edgar Maddison Welch decided to “self-investigate” the allegations. On the afternoon of Dec. 4, 2016 Welch entered the pizzeria with a AR-15 style rifle. He pointed the weapon at one employee, which sent the customers fleeing. After allowing the staff to leave as well, Welch discharged the rifle several times. Luckily no one was injured and the police arrived promptly. Welch was taken into custody as he exited the building.

The social media outlets that encouraged this vigilante mindset did take some responsibility. Alex Jones even apologized publicly for his part. Youtube, in a reckoning of their own conscience, demonetized practically everyone involved in spreading the story.

Jones’ apology may have been sincere. This has not stopped him from pouting over Youtube’s decision. Even as Jones maintains his own Youtube channel (where he uploads his show on a daily basis) he maintains that InfoWars is “banned”. He likewise says InfoWars has been targeted and censored by Google and Facebook. Undaunted as ever, Jones makes these claims with the same voice of moral outrage as he did in spreading the PizzaGate fiction.

One of Jones' "Pizza-gate" tweets

One of Jones' "Pizza-gate" tweets

7. Adventures in paranoia

InfoWars’ popularity is not the only thing the host urges viewers to remember. Jones has let us know that certain government agencies and globalist-controlled banks have plotted to assassinate him.

Most of us probably do not see Jones so vital in the war on globalism as to think there’s a plot to make him sleep with the fishes. Then again, it could be we’re not listening to the right pundit?

6. Those other pundits

To hear Jones tell it, his fellow conservative pundits must be the laziest bunch of Johnny-Come-Lately’s ever born. Why? Because they repeatedly report facts and share information he has already uncovered by the sweat of his wide brow.

Generosity compels us to assume Jones exaggerates just a bitsy on the integrity of his peers. Because surely to god no grown man could be such a narcissist. Oh, wait…

Alex Jones from back in the day.

Alex Jones from back in the day.

5. His old bodybuilding photos

Jones wasn’t always a size “husky”. At one time he was a lean, buff bodybuilder.

If you find this hard to believe tune into InfoWars some time. You might just catch glimpse of the cheesecake photos from his old bodybuilding days. They are put up rather frequently, because I suppose, nothing gets people hooked on frothing opinions and supplements quite like a portfolio of your sweaty glam shots from years gone by? Unless it could be..

Alex Jones' before-and-after "weight loss" photos.

Alex Jones' before-and-after "weight loss" photos.

4. Jones' weight-loss images

These are displayed in classic before-and-after photos in the goal of showing viewers what InfoWars’ supplements can offer those seeking to shed some pounds.

The only problem is that Jones’ “before” physique looks practically the same as the “45 days later” follow-up. On close examination the first photo appears to have been taken before Jones spent some time in the tanning booth, while in the follow-up he appears to be holding in his stomach. Not to judge here, though. Some women probably go for that sun-pink Tony Soprano look.

3. The Scut Farkus method to reclaiming masculinity

Jones encourages male viewers to rise above our modern man-bashing culture to proudly reclaim their masculinity. This would be admirable if Jones could give up the irritating habit of mocking people in a nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah voice. Making the nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah voice may be perfectly normal for an adolescent. When a grown adult talks like this, it is just disturbing.

Hearing Jones’ nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah voice does bring fond memories of the movie, A Christmas Story, more specifically the character of Scut Farkus saying, “What, are you gonna cry now? C’mon crybaby, cry for me!”

We can say fond memories, because for all his bullying Scut Farkus was the one who came away sniveling.

Alex Jones channels his inner Scut.

Alex Jones channels his inner Scut.

2. Hyperboled interviews suitable for a shot-at-a-time drinking game

People interviewed by Alex Jones typically agree somewhat with his political and world views (there are a few notable exceptions). But whether he is talking with ally or foe, these interviews are invariably interrupted with outbursts of Jones’ favorite distasteful hyperbole. While we can sympathize with the interviewees, the casual viewer may be more inclined to pity Jones as these outbursts could be interpreted that the man suffers from some kind of neurological tic. This is not the case. After catching a few of the interviews we understand Jones throws in these catchwords and embellishments for shock value.

On the positive side, Jones’ hyperbolic interruptions can make for a good drinking game. Just get your friends together, turn on InfoWars, open a bottle, set out glasses and then pick a favorite Jones embellishment. Every time Jones utters it, throw one back. If you are an InfoWars newbie unfamiliar with his most overly abused words and phrases, feel free to choose one off this list:

false flag




devil worship

killing us with GMO’s

dumbing down our children

kill you and your family

eating the unborn

eat the brains of your children

should be lined up and shot


You can’t make this stuff up!

I’m not bragging





Look it up!

The last one happens to bring us to…

1. Taking office bets on Jones’ credibility

During the course of making startling revelations Jones frequently tells his audience to look up the facts. This gives the impression he wants viewers researching his information so they may decide its accuracy for themselves. Not that an average viewer has inclination to pause the show and run to a search engine. Nor does Jones always state where the information has been derived (though there are often links provided at the InfoWars website). Some of these links actually go to informational documents, while others lead to further opinion sources.

It is human nature to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who takes the time to utter an encouraging, “look it up!” By the same token it may prove just as enlightening to take a few minutes and look up Jones’ own credibility. Such research reveals that during Jones’ custody battle his own lawyer informed the presiding judge that his client is merely “playing a character”, and that Jones is “a performance artist.” Jones’ defense team went on to describe his work on InfoWars as “satire”.

For Jones junkies convinced of his sincerity these revelations are no less than a last-ditch legal tactic to protect a client from the wrath of a scorned ex-wife and a biased court system. Fans will inevitably remember Jones’ words when he appeared in a Right Wing Watch video. The video was made while Jones was driving between court appearances during the custody case, and it seemed he was just a little concerned his lawyers’ defense might be heard and believed by his own viewers. Thus he declared that InfoWars is, “hardcore, bona fide reality, total commitment to the truth.”

Gee, after hearing this, outside of elitist, globalist, child-eating lizard people, what rational viewer would ever doubt him?

The unfortunate reality is that it doesn't matter whether Jones believes or doesn't believe the stuff that flies out of his mouth. Even when we can agree with something he's said, his spite, narcissism and exaggeration make for carnival sideshow entertainment at best. Worse, his persona plays straight into the hands of those who love nothing more than to stereotype people who are pro-Constitution and love the U.S., and especially those of us who voted for Donald Trump. Whether sincere or just an actor, whether sane or batsh*t crazy, in the end Alex Jones' InfoWars persona serves only the interests of Alt-Left propaganda.


©2017 by Beth Perry


Beth Perry (author) from Tennesee on September 03, 2017:

Thanks Angel, hope you have a great one!

Angel Guzman from Joliet, Illinois on September 03, 2017:

Alex Jones is a nut but hey he brings in an audience. Happy Labor Day weekend Beth.

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