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11 Whole Minutes of Sanity: Trump's Twitter Checks Out

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The Twitter Presidency

The Twitter Presidency

The Twitter Presidency

I sleep poorly most nights, but when sleep is elusive, I try very hard to avoid technology, knowing that it will just fire up other areas of my brain and make sleep even more difficult to find.

I really wish November 2nd, 2017, was not one of those nights where I'd avoided tech in an effort to catch some Zs.

There was nothing super exceptional about that night - unless you look at the fact of President Trump's hyperactive Twitter feed being shut down for 11 whole minutes.

Ex-Twitter Employee Becomes a Hero?

Yes, even Trump could not access his own Twitter feed and show the world once again how to try and pass policy in 140 characters or less, and it was glorious. Reportedly, his account was shut down by an exiting Twitter employee who is now getting some serious high-five action via social media.

"Trump's Twitter deactivated for 11 min, and I suddenly thought I'd jumped back into the real timeline where things aren't so damned absurd," said George Takei.

"Shout out to the Twitter employee who deactivated Donald Trump's account for 11 mins on his/her last day in the job," tweeted Paddy Power. "What a hero."

Calum McSwiggan plans on memorializing the rogue - and now former - Twitter employee as a statue.

"Can someone find out who that twitter employee who deactivated trump’s account was so I can erect a statue of them in my garden," McSwiggan tweeted.

For his part, The Donald didn't seem fazed and indeed started up tweeting again as though absolutely nothing occurred. He did respond to the "rogue" employee and suggested that perhaps the employee's response was an indicator that Trump's influence was more widely felt than even he realized.

"My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. I guess the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact," Trump tweeted.

What Trump feels might be "the word" that's getting out does not appear to be immediately clear, but what is clear is that said "rogue" employee has suddenly become a hot topic in many circles - both for good reasons and bad.

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And what, if any, is the potential message to President Trump or perhaps anyone who might choose to communicate policy and what many deem to be painful or hateful rhetoric via the social media platform?

The Page Doesn't Exist?

The Page Doesn't Exist?

He Wasn't Offline For Long - Not Long Enough, Anyhow...

While some claimed that the ex-Twitter employee should be considered some sort of security risk, given how readily he or she was able to take President Trump's Twitter feed offline - and apparently even decimate his followers from around 40 million or so right down to about 5,000, according to some reports - what of the responsibility President Trump bears for his own behavior?

This man is 70 years old and is supposed to be behaving in a manner that is appropriate for someone who is leading a large country. Certainly, there are those of us who are continuing to wait for the moment where he actually leads appropriately, rather than spouting policy in 140 characters or less. He is often virulently aggressive in his rhetoric, if not completely immature, and appears to spend most of his time online either blaming or accusing people of inappropriate behavior or patting himself on the back for a perceived good job.

I know I'm not alone in saying it's time that someone put his Twitter feed on mute for a good long while. Granted, his Twitter account has provided some good laughs - #covfefe, anyone? - but since his Twitter account was briefly suspended the night of Nov. 3, he has now gone on to use a racist nickname to disparage a sitting United States Senator, and goodness knows what else he's done in the 24 hours since his account went offline.

It is terrible to think we're now in an era where we have to look to a president's social media account to see what his or her latest plan happens to be; there is little to no dignity left in the upper echelons of this administration. For God's sake, he has been trying to shift the blame, at least in part, for the Russia fiasco onto his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Yet a good lot of what's transpired has actually been Trump doing what he does best: calling people out if they dare to do something that goes against what he expects at the moment and taking little to no blame about virtually anything, whether it's the widening collusion investigation or his gross mishandling of the ongoing cleanup in Puerto Rico. It must be nice to be able to shirk responsibility for everything that's even come under your radar, even a little tiny bit.

But wait - most people can't do that; taking on responsibility is called adulting, and when your own president can't even adult via social media, what does that even mean for the state your country will eventually find itself in?

We can only hope his Twitter feed goes offline again on a more permanent basis.


Andrew Petrou from Brisbane on November 03, 2017:

We need to keep accurate documents for history about the slow descent into madness or Alzheimer's of the Reverend Donald. It may prove to be a litmus test for others who have early onset Alzheimer's ie. those poor ones who ascribe to the Dons "logic". As his bizarre behaviour worsens publicly we have an accurate picture of those simply can't see poor Don's mind dismantling live on media because their own minds are winding down too. We are getting an accurate figure of 30% of the population of the USA have symptoms of early onset Alzheimer's.

It is anthropologically and medically important to let the disintegration of Donald unfold live.

It is also important documentation regarding a rich corrupt mogul would be king whose mind disintegrates publicly.

As it stands the orange one is currently making Reagan and Bush look like geniuses so the level of mental disintegration is very severe. The parts of the mind to disintegrate first may be related to normal ethical behaviour corrupting into a mass of self delusion (similar to the fact that many Alzheimer's suffers are not aware of what's happening to them). Inappropriate sexual comments for example are an indicator. Don has publicly made such comments about his daughter for example.

In Donald's case also by going on extended vacations, golf games or leaving the country while his family and friends are being subpoenaed etc.

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