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10 Extreme Weather Events Fueled by Global Warming

Before planning a vacation to a hill station, or going for a picnic to the riverside, do make sure the weather is right, because extreme weather events are happening quite often now. A growing trend of extreme weather events projects the blessing of the industrial revolution. Time and again, extreme weather events which were used to be rare in occurrence are becoming common. They are turning out as the new normal for the planet.

Experts are associating global warming as the real culprit behind the frequent happenings of such events. A massive increase in the consumption of fossil fuel, carbon dioxide gas and greenhouse gas emissions is the reason behind the elevated temperature of the earth's atmosphere. The arctic sea ice is shrinking, and glaciers are melting. No wonder the polar bears will soon be shifting to the moon.

The human-driven greenhouse effect is causing widespread changes in weather patterns. It is disrupting the earth's natural climate, which is resulting in more damage to the planet than was assumed. Earth is now witnessing more climate catastrophes than any time in history.

Read on to learn about 10 extreme weather events which have become common in the current era.

1- Intense Heat Waves

The world's weather is getting too hot to handle as heat waves are appearing twice or three times a year these days. Heat waves appear due to the development of high atmospheric pressure across an area. It is a consequence of the higher concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.

The trapped warmth of the sun is disrupting earth's atmosphere and is making hot weather hotter. It is believed that if the consumption of greenhouse gases persists, then heat waves of higher intensity will hit the planet on a regular basis. The most alarming finding from research is that the survivability from heat waves will reach fatality by the end of 21st century.


2- High-Scale Floods

Certainly, water is essential for living beings, but not in the form of a flood. Looks like millennials asked God for water so He gave them overflowing rivers. Jokes apart, the enormity of flooding has reached an alarming level this year. Floods after floods have been hitting South Asia since may 2022.

Flooding is triggered by excessive rainfall and a huge water-body overflow, which usually causes massive destruction. Floods are happening more often now because global warming is changing the order of natural rain systems, especially the monsoon rain system of South Asia.


3- Wild Fire

Wild fires are becoming fast and fiery-ous, thanks to the unprecedented effects of global warming. Climate change is the reason behind the continuous ignition of these immoderate fires. Wild fires burn forests or any combustible vegetation area into ashes.

Wild fires from the Amazon forest to the bush fires of Australia, these events are witnessed more often than ever before. Although it can be caused by human error, but happening of such events more frequently are a result of extreme hot and dry weather which is fueled by global warming.


4- Droughts

Excessive droughts are a consequence of human greed to consume nature without giving back, like deforesting and not planting enough trees, diverting river paths and emptying lakes. It happens because of a long-term shortage of water supply in the region and the absence of rainfall from rain systems.

It is one of the extreme weather disasters that invades slowly and lasts for a longer time. Droughts bring with them several serious issues which threaten the life of all living beings.

Climate change has put Africa on the verge of extreme catastrophe. This is because the longest drought in the history of four decades has gripped east Africa in 2022. Altered weather patterns, deforestation and global warming are the basis behind this intense weather occurrence.


5- Tornadoes

Thanks to the twists and twirls of global warming, devastating tornadoes have started striking frequently. None other than human-driven climate change is to blame for their frequent occurrence and increased strength.

Tornadoes are an aggressively rotating wind funnel, which is formed from the point of its origin in the storm to the ground. It sweeps away everything that comes in its way. Tornadoes are developed through the combination of energy and shear wind.

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Elevated temperatures of the earth are causing more and more tornadoes of higher power. A tornado of speed faster than a formula one racing car can uproot houses from the ground.


6- Hail Storms

Hail storms are a ferocious weather event which can cause severe damage to property and life. If one starts to hear the sound of unusual taps in a thunderstorm, then don't worry, it is mother nature which is calling us to payback for the disasters that humans have caused in its atmosphere. Because the increase in global warming is causing more intense and violent hailstorms.

Get your vehicles a suit of armour because future hail storms may cost a lot. In this extreme weather event, ice pellets are formed in the shape of balls or irregular lumps which can get as big as a golf ball. It happens when a thunderstorm uplifts water droplets above its freezing point. As a result, heavy downpour happens with hails of different sizes.


7- Blizzards

When the earth gives us a cold shoulder, a blizzard brews with air gusts above 35 miles per hour in extremely cold weather. They are termed as severe snow storms accompanied by howling winds and reduced visibility that lasts for elongated hours. Exposure to this extreme weather can cause frostbite or hypothermia.

Numerous unusually severe blizzards have hit the planet in recent years due to climate change. The temperature of the earth is disrupted and it has a drastic impact on the overall climate system of the planet, which is directly or indirectly associated with these severe weather events.


8- Sand Storm

Sand storms arise when strong winds blow large amounts of dust or sand into the air, which commonly occurs in arid and semi-arid regions. This extreme weather event can be very fatal as it can reduce visibility to zero. Dust particles from dust storms can impose serious risk on human health.

The periodicity of sand storms has also increased to an alarming level. This is because the conditions that cause sand storms are exacerbated by human-driven climate change. Mankind has to get their heads out of the sand before human-caused weather interruption actually hits their faces with stones.


9- Tropical Cyclones

Tropical cyclones are one of the most horrific weather phenomena which wreak havoc on life across the coastline and several miles inland. Flying debris and heavy rainfall can cause extensive damage in the affected region.

Excessive rainfall can also trigger flash flooding or urban flooding. It develops over a warm ocean which generates winds of 150 miles per hour. Due to global warming, tropical cyclones are intensifying more rapidly, and occurring at higher latitudes. If the greenhouse gas emissions do not cease, then it will substantially impact the severity of such events.


10- Cold Waves

Just as hot weather is getting hotter, cold weather is also getting colder, thanks to the glitz of industrial progression. The term which was hardly heard a decade before has now become a regular weather phenomenon.

It is an extreme weather event in which severely cold air invades a large area after a rapid fall in temperature usually happens within a span of 24 hours. Cold waves affect larger areas than blizzards. It is believed that arctic warming is causing extreme cold weather events.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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