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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Truthful

Human nature always interests me. Cast in wonder, I endeavour to peep into the depth of human nature that makes a mirror of the world.

truth vs lies

truth vs lies

Truthfulness is a great virtue in human life. No one can be great in act or words without being truthful. On the contrary, by telling lies you degrade your status let alone be great. To tell a lie is a great sin. Actually this well-known proverb conveys a truth about life, and about humanity in us. As human beings we should cultivate the habit of speaking the truth. In this article, I will focus 7 reasons why you should be truthful.

1. Truthfulness is essential for your integrity

Truthfulness is essential for your integrity while telling lies is against the same. Humans are the best creatures of the Almighty. As best creatures, as conscientious beings, we must possess some characteristics that make us deserve the status of the best. We are human beings not just in physical shape but also in essence as humans – we are special, something different from animals. Therefore, to be true humans, we should have integrity in our character, and we should nurture truth in us. We want to be true human beings deserving this very term. Truthfulness is the spirituality conforming to the truth that is core to anything that really exists.

2. Speaking the truth, you retain clear conscience

If you want a clear conscience, you should not tell lies. If you tell lies to achieve temporary benefits, you feel guilty and lose clear conscience. Someone feeling guilty cannot enjoy the happiness that transparent behavior can bring you. With a clear conscience, you know yourself to be the one – real, candid and genuine, and this genuineness brings you a transparent sense of yourself. In this genuineness and transparence, you can enjoy your ‘self’ being proud of you, not disturbed by a sense of guilt.

3. Telling lies is complicated

It becomes complicated to tell lies after lies. To justify a lie, you need to tell more lies. More lies incur even more lies. Things become complicated keeping trace of all the lies. If you are honest and truthful, you enjoy a straight path free from the burden of complications. Your path is smooth and transparent.

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Telling the truth is a normal phenomenon. Contrarily perceived, telling lies is not a normal thing. Are you surprised at this remark? Let us explain this matter. Lie detectors work based on some bodily responses which indicate that lying is not a normal thing. However, for a hardened liar, this test may not work. There may be some persons who continuously lie without any special reason just to make a better impression of them and may develop mythomania, a pathological disorder involving tendency to tell lies. Neatly explained, telling the truth is straightforward but simply beautiful in its character, and is a healthy trait.

4. Truthfulness helps uphold respect

If you are habituated to telling lies, one day your real character will be exposed. Buddha said, ‘Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.’ When other people will doubt you, they will not respect you. If you are a truthful person, true to your words being true to yourself, you will achieve the respect of others. Your status of being truthful is the tool that sustains you as someone who should be honoured.

5. Truthfulness helps build trust and reliability

If telling lies is your business, once your character is exposed, you lose trust – nobody can rely on you. On the other hand, truthfulness can gain you trust and reliability which are prestigious for you.

6. Truthfulness makes social bonding

Lying and hypocrisy break trust and relationship while honesty and truthfulness create social bonding. Honesty can act as a factor for peace in society while lies and deception spoil harmonious existence. Think how you feel when someone lies to you or cheats you. You feel less inclined to trust them next time. Moreover, if you face liars, you even feel less inclined to trust people in general. Only love, respect and honesty can bring harmony and peaceful co-existence.

7. Telling lies is a sinful act

Human ethics has established telling lies as a great sin. Actually, if you practice truthfulness, you are bound to avoid many sinful acts just because you cannot lie. All religions preach to be honest and truthful. If you believe in the hereafter, there is adequate reason for you not to incur sin by telling lies. There lies sound judgment in expecting copious rewards in the life hereafter.

To conclude, simplicity in a form lies in truthfulness though at times it may be hard to speak the truth. But it is the path of candidness – straight and not curved, towards a great virtue of life – this is truthfulness giving you a clear conscience. A human being deserving to be proud of his or her entity as human should practise the virtue which is justly demanded by well-balanced conscience and perception of being human. Truthfulness is a human virtue which can be possessed only by those who dare to face the truth. It is a part of religiosity which is valued by your creator.

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