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What is an Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance

When you know you should have it, you should also know why you do it. Some of us just do things because we are to do so without even questioning why. Yes, there may be times that you ask yourself that question, but asking yourself does not get you anywhere.

Given that you were curious enough to ask the question already presupposes that you do not know the answer to it. Like getting an umbrella policy is what practically everyone told you when you brought up the idea of acquiring insurance.

Since the advice of the greater majority will usually win, you got one, but do you really know what umbrella insurance is? If you do not, then reading this article will be very helpful.

Defining the Umbrella

A bunch of umbrellas

A bunch of umbrellas

You might be wondering what this umbrella insurance is by now. Umbrella insurance is practically like an extension of your insurance. This means to say that your original insurance policies remain but are somehow improved with the help of umbrella insurance. Those gaps which your primary insurance contains will be filled by the umbrella insurance turning it into a more reliable and generally better insurance.

The good thing about the umbrella policy is that it will cover every insurance that is under it. For instance, you have car insurance and homeowner insurance, both of these will benefit from your umbrella insurance. You can say that everything that is under that umbrella is safer.

Umbrella Insurance Versus Excess Insurance

Some people are confused between excess insurance and umbrella insurance; they feel that the definition of the two is somehow similar. Yes, these two indeed are somehow similar in the sense that they are both typically just add-ons on the primary insurance policy that you have, but aside from that, they are very much different already.

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The main difference between the two is the very nature of how they operate. An excess insurance only functions when all the policies in the primary insurance have been exhausted. This means that it becomes effective when there is no other option, like an alternative plan. On the contrary, umbrella insurance does not only take effect after the primary policy has been exhausted.

The umbrella policy simultaneously acts with the primary policy, which makes it part of the primary policy. If the umbrella insurance is already needed, you do not have to wait for your original policy to be exhausted to use it. in simple analogy, you can say that the excess insurance is only a backup plan while the umbrella insurance is an improvement made to the original plan.

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