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Secrets of Outlet Stores, Are You Really Saving Money?

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I love fashion! Every woman loves to have a wardrobe that makes them look good. Let's have fun with fashion together.

Why Are Outlets Always Having Some Sort of a Sale?

Our brains react to the sign "sale". We automatically think we are getting a great deal if things are on "sale". Outlets are designed to sell clothing at a steep discount because they are several seasons old and they didn't sell well at the retail location, right? But do you ever wonder why outlets are always having a "sale" and these out of season clothing are nicely folded with all sizes available. Are the companies making very little profit from their consumers? Maybe you think that they sell large quantities to make up for the low profit margin. Also, why are there so much "out of season" stocks available at outlets all the time? This article will provide clear answers for you.


Made for Outlets Exclusively, Never Intended for Retail

Outlets are big businesses for many well known retailers. They attract tons of consumers hunting for deals and cute outfits at their favorite retailers. However, many well known brands have a complete different line for the outlets. The stocks at the outlet are never even intended for the retail store. That's why they have all the sizes available. By using the same name as the retail store, these companies are essentially offering inferior products at the outlets that look like their retail counterparts. But just made with lower quality material. The regular ticket price is also the retail ticket price. Obviously, with cheaper production cost, the discounted price is what these products should normally sell at anyways. Clever marketing for big retailers!

Brands that Exclusively Sells Outlet Items

Do you love Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Gap, and J.Crew? These brands sell mostly if not all made for outlet clothing. By lowering the quality of the items, they are able to sell at a lower price that the consumers believe they are getting a steep discount. However, these companies are still able to make the same amount of money because they are cutting corners on made for outlet items. So, if you love the look but want to spend less. You can buy at outlets. But don't expect the same quality. Gap and Banana Republic made for outlet has three little diamonds and squares, respectively under the brand name on their labels. J.Crew has two diamonds to denote made for outlet under their brand name on the labels. On the other hand, Kate Spade has a printed spade on the outlet items vs. the retail metal logo. So, by looking at the labels and logo, you are able to distinguish outlet vs. retail for these four stores.


What About Coach?

The popular American handbag brand Coach also has a very strong outlet presence. The bags that are on display at the outlet store are mostly not for retail. They are mass produced for sell at the outlet. I have an article dedicate to help you distinguish the difference between outlet and retail bags at Coach. Retail Coach bags at the outlet is very rare and you really can't expect to find a specified style. But, from time to time, you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find there!

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How to Find the Best Deals at Your Favorite Retailers?

There are several ways to get good deals at your favorite retailers. Since shopping is mostly done online these days, the tips here are all based on online shopping.

  • When you buy something, it goes on sale shortly afterwards, some retailers will give you the discount (time period varies though, check their policy). If the time period passes, check the return policy. Return and quickly buy it online again.
  • Shoptager, get notified when the things you want to buy goes on sale. You will buy items you love and save money at the same time. Grab it before it's gone!
  • Use a cash back extension like Rakuten. Some retailers have a steep cash back on certain days. Be sure not to miss this!
  • Birthday deals. Sign up at your favorite retailer to get exclusive deals. Madewell gives you $25 off for your birthday.
  • Always Google coupon codes that you might have missed. Even though you might not find anything, it's always a good idea to check for those codes before you hit the pay button!

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