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10 Survey Sites That Really Pay


Cindy is an expert at living on a shoestring budge having learned how to be frugal, find deals and earn a little extra cash online.

Turn your thoughts and opinions into cash and rewards by taking online paid surveys. Surveys are a fun and easy way to earn cash from the comfort of your own home...all you need is a computer.

Companies conduct surveys to get feedback from the public. They need your honest opinions in order to create the products and services you use every day and they are willing to pay a small incentive for your time. These surveys are designed for mass respondents, and the payout may be small, but it adds up. This is not a going to make you rich, but it will put some extra cash in your pocket.

Are Surveys Legit?

When you join a survey site, you will have fun surveys delivered right to your email. You earn points for each survey you complete then allow them to accrue until you can turn those points into cash and rewards. You may have opportunities to test products at home, and keep the products you test, too. The more companies you sign up with, the more you can earn.

An honest survey site company will never ask you to pay to join. Below are 10 of the most established and trusted survey sites on the web. These sites send out the most surveys and accrue points quickly for cash or gift card payouts.

The sites listed below are all free to join. I am long time member of all of them and have been paid by each and every one.


Ysense-(formally 'clicksense')- This is my favorite by far! There is no shortage of well-paying surveys, tasks and offers to work on and they often have contests and promotions to boost your earnings!

iPoll - You'll receive a $5 sign up bonus. The points earned for each survey varies. Redeem at $25.

Survey Savvy- Offers fewer surveys, but payout is only $1, so you can cash out much quicker.

Rewardia-What a fun way to earn! They have tons of surveys plus you can earn with promo codes, games and referrals!

Ipsos I-say- You get 45 to 90 points per survey, then redeem at 1500 points for$15 Paypal.

Toluna Influencers Community


Toluna-It's not just a survey site, it's a social community! Not only can you earn with surveys, but they also reward you for posting, upvoting and answering their games, polls and other community involvement.

Zoom Panel- You receive 25-150 points per survey and redeem at 1000.

Opinion Site- Rewards you 50 points and up for each survey. Redeem at 14,000 points for $10.

LifePoints-Earn points for taking surveys, diary studies and home-product-testing. They have an engaging community, too!

QuickRewards- I included this one because there are many ways to earn and you can cash out with only $1! They have surveys, videos, offers, games and shopping, too. **Warning: this site will flood your inbox with survey offers and emails to read. From experience, I suggest that you would open up a separate free email account for surveys only.

Survey Reviews and Rankings


A Few Tips For Survey-Takers...

Be organized!

  • Keep track of your reward balance on each site. This will also help you keep track of your cash-outs and redemptions.
  • Set up a free email account dedicated to your surveys only. Many sites send you the survey invitations directly, along with emails you can read for credits and other promotions. This will keep your personal account clean and help you keep track of your points earned.

Beware of scams! Common signs are:

  • 1) Promising big money. you can earn hundreds of dollars a day, or even per survey.
  • 2) Requiring a fee to join. The companies that want their products evaluated pay big money to survey sites to distribute mass surveys-and to pay you for taking them. A legitimate site will NEVER ask you pay to join, and then have to pay you for taking them.
  • 3) The website looks unprofessional or is full of annoying flashy ads. Make sure there are links to the 'about us', FAQ, and 'contact us' pages. If there aren't any, skip it. That leaves you flat out of luck if you ever have a question or complaint!

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