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Simple Fiverr Gigs That Anyone Can Complete


No skills? No issue. Incredibly simple Fiverr gigs that anyone can complete and free tools for doing so.

High-skilled and technical employment are the first to come to mind when we talk about freelancing careers. It's true, but in the gig economy, we now have, people will pay you to do anything that saves them time or effort.

I came across some ridiculously simple assignments while perusing Fiverr; no technological knowledge or extraordinary skill is needed.

Due to how straightforward these professions are, you can perform them even if you lack formal education or professional experience. Ideal for housewives and college students wishing to work online part-time.

Even still, these jobs are not Fiverr-only. Similar jobs can be found on practically all freelance websites, including Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

To differentiate yourself from the competition, you must establish a polished and contemporary profile.

Additionally, even though you won't need any complicated technical knowledge or software, you should be able to use the most fundamental office and online applications.

I'll also include a list of free tools that you can use to complete that task fast and easily. Let's start with this short and sweet list:

Become a beta reader

Tool - Google Docs (for writing the report, highlighting portions, and adding comments)

If you enjoy reading, reading can be your favourite way to get money. All across the world, authors welcome frank criticism of their work as well as suggestions for revisions or enhancements. You will read, evaluate, and provide suggestions for changes to their written work as a beta reader, whether it be an essay or a novel. It's not an editor; the authors merely want your feedback. Don't confuse it with an editor. You can become a "speciality reader" by specializing in a genre like science fiction, horror, fantasy, etc. to narrow your speciality and lower your competition.

The important thing to remember is that your chances improve if your service appears more appealing or specialized. From $10 for short tales to $300 for complete books, beta readers charge. This is only an average; your qualifications and experience will undoubtedly affect this.

Convert file formats or edit ebooks

Tool - Online File Format Converter (All-in-one)

Consequently, there are many gigs where individuals offer to convert their files (mostly PDF & MS Office Files). Learning how to import CAD drawings or sketches or working with other multimedia formats will allow you to specialize in this as well (vectors, audio-video, etc.).

Up to 20 files can be converted for $5 to $20. Extremely simple to generate money doing almost nothing.

Create Youtube intro/outro

Tool - Watermark-free Youtube Intro Maker

Many individuals find it intimidating to create Youtube intros. There is a great need for this because more and more people are experimenting with content creation.

Especially using the free tool above, creating an Intro/Outer is not a tough undertaking. You only need to add the pertinent information and images to the several templates that are already there.

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You can offer Intros with After Effects Templates, which give your film a high level of professionalism and help you stand out from the competition. To charge more, you should also make the videos available in 4K.

Most Fiverr gigs for making a YouTube intro cost between $25 and $50. The templates do the labour-intensive work for you, so creating one would rarely take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

YouTube channel reviews and consolation

Tool - BandiCam (To record your screen if needed)

Another fresh opportunity has arisen as a result of the increase in content producers. Think of it as a YouTube channel's beta reading.

You must read through their writing, provide suggestions for their videos and channel, conduct some keyword research for them, and other stuff. Knowing a little about Youtube SEO is helpful.

Browse the gigs to learn more about the options.

Most consultants charge $50 for each consultation, but if you have the qualifications, you can charge more. For instance, if your Youtube channel is popular.

Consultation on international shipping or travel

Tool - Google Maps

There are two different gigs available here. If you reside in a well-known tourism area, both parties gain.

When you offer to send anything from your country to someone else, this is known as an international shipping gig. When someone wants to order a product that is only sold in another nation, you assist in arranging the shipment on your end. They call it a discount while adding an extra $5–$10 to the shipment costs.

You can provide your clients who want to travel within your nation travel consultation. You can make travel arrangements for them, create an itinerary for them, and even schedule some activities for them. Charges for planning a vacation range from $5 to $50.

Social media post/banner design

Tool- Canva

There is no entry barrier to the constantly expanding field of social media marketing. You only need a rudimentary understanding of social networking programs.

Everyone desires to increase their fan base, and in order to do so, they require consistent content.

By giving them expert and high-calibre designs, you fill that gap (obviously by editing templates on Canva).

Some people charge as much as $10 for a single post, but the typical fee is $50 for 10 to 15 posts or $300 for account management.

Once you become accustomed to the technique, it likewise takes relatively little time.

You may also post directly to social media platforms using Canva. If you wish to manage social media in any way, you must have this.

Zoom backgrounds or remove background images

Tools - Makeup.Photo,, Pexels.

Prices range from $5 to $10 per photo, depending on the necessary adjustments.

Providing backgrounds for zoom calls is another fantastic job. Some people choose to change their background or have a professional-looking background on their video call as more and more people use it. Such backdrops are available for free (copyright-free) download on Pexels, where you may also sell them to your customers. Keep in mind that they are funding the curation.

Usability testing

Tool – Bandicam

Usability testing involves utilizing a website or app regularly while verbally expressing your opinions and reservations. The UX/UI designers of a product will find this to be of great assistance. It assists them in improving the product's usability.

Many well-known platforms, including Usertesting (and others), offer similar services in a skilled manner. But these freelance jobs can be beneficial for those with a tighter budget.

People offer to let you try their goods and provide feedback. Simple tests can be purchased for $5 to $50, but professional consultations can cost up to $150.

Simply record yourself using the goods in line with the client's scenario, and you'll be paid.

Impersonations and voice-over recordings

Tool - Voicemod

A gig that is utterly enjoyable. This can be a great job for you if you are skilled at portraying famous people or fictional characters.

For all kinds of purposes, people request these voiceovers and impersonations. from putting it in a customized birthday greeting to an advertisement or video.

If you're just capturing it with a webcam or smartphone and don't have any professional equipment, you should charge less. Beginners might expect to pay between $10 and $50 while specialists can expect to make over $300. recordings with voice-over.

Calling (follow-up calls, sales and cold calling)

Tool - Google Sheets

This job essentially involves cold calling, where you take on other people's follow-up, recruitment, customer support, or telemarketing calls.

Despite the fact that this is a rather professional job, you won't need any technical expertise to do it.

On average, fees range from $10 (1–15 calls) to $60 (up to 100 calls), while pros may charge more

If you have experience in sales or customer service, booking gigs will be simpler. You can use Skype or Telio to make international calls.

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