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8 Misconceptions About Freelancers Who Are Working from Home

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Home office e during Quarantine by vadim kaipov

Home office e during Quarantine by vadim kaipov

Freelancers have it easy! This is just one of the common statements you’ll get when telling others that you are working as a freelancer. Apparently, there have been a lot of misconceptions about freelancers especially those who are working from home.

Given the rise of interest in freelancing nowadays, misconceptions are unavoidable. This is because a lot of people still do not fully understand what freelance work truly is.

Here are some misconceptions that freelancers often encounter:

Doing Freelance Work Is Easy

Contrary to the common belief, freelance work requires a certain set of expertise. It’s not really as simple as copying and pasting stuff. Freelancers must possess a certain level of skills and experience in order to take on jobs and multiple projects. That’s not all. Freelancers must be capable enough to accomplish various tasks and to be able to meet their client’s demands.

Sure, you can get paid by copying and pasting stuff. It may seem easy but can be quite tedious especially if you are going to do it for hours!

Freelancers Have a Lot of Free Time!

Time is gold for freelancers. Every minute and every hour counts especially those who get paid by the hour. Thus, freelancers must know the importance of effective time management. Even if a freelancer is working from home, the workload doesn’t get any better. On top of that, a freelancer must strive to achieve a good work-life balance as not to completely neglect other important personal matters.

It’s Okay to Get Distracted

Distraction is something that a freelancer can’t fully avoid especially when working from home. Like any other job, distraction disrupts a freelancer’s focus and level of productivity. Thus, it is important for someone who does freelance work at home to create a conducive workspace.

Nevertheless, not all distractions come off as negative. There are times when you experience burnout so a good distraction is much needed to help relieve some stress!

Lazy afternoon by Goran Ivos

Lazy afternoon by Goran Ivos

It’s Okay to Procrastinate!

Not everyone who does freelance work at home has the luxury to procrastinate. If truth be told, a lot of freelancers struggle to meet work deadlines!

If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer, you must possess the ability to manage your time well. If you work with multiple projects, you have to see to it that you can finish them on time. Of course, there are slow days too where you can relax more but there are also hectic days. It really depends on your level of productivity and how well you manage your time.

It’s Not a Stable Job. There’s No Steady Income.

This is true but only at some point. Yes, the nature of freelancing mostly consists of working with clients and taking on multiple projects. There are short-term projects. There are long-term projects. The beauty about freelancing is your income is not fixed every month. There are many factors that could affect your income but if you are serious, the possibility of earning five digits to six digits a month is highly attainable!

It’s Only for the Socially Awkward

While it is true that introverts love working from home, it doesn’t mean that freelancing isn’t fit for those who prefer constant social interactions.

In the freelancing world, there’s always a job fit for everyone. As a matter of fact, freelancers who are working from home are people of different personalities and talents. Besides, technology has made it so much easier to work remotely and still deliver good results. It has also evolved a lot to a point where almost everyone can work online in a collaborative virtual workspace.

Working from Home Means Less Expenses

Yes, it’s true that a freelancer does not need to drive or commute to work. Even so, cutting on travel expenses does not mean less expenses. As a matter of fact, if you’re not that keen on budgeting, it’s easy to overspend!

One good reason for this would be the fact that you may need to spend more on meals. There is no office pantry so you have to stock your fridge with food. The least you want is to work hungry! It’s not just that. There’s also the temptation of frequently ordering stuff online, especially food deliveries. Another thing is that freelancers often cover their own remote work expenses including Internet and electricity.

If you are thinking of switching to freelancing, you need to consider all these factors when deciding your rate.

Italian pasta on a plate by engin akyurt

Italian pasta on a plate by engin akyurt

It’s Not a Real Job!

Freelancing is as real as any other job out there, as long as you treat it like one. Truth be told, there will always be people who will look down on freelancing. What matters more is your outlook about it and how you deal with these types of people. Do what you need to do and focus on your goals. Focus on building your freelancing career path.

Misconceptions about freelancing are unavoidable. Not all people share the same understanding and perspective. What’s more important is that you learn how to properly deal with such encounters.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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