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How Would you Spend your Money if you Were Rich?

All for Fun

I decided to write this blog because I have a huge imagination and I know you all do too! I imagine if I was rich and had all the time in the world what would I do with my time? These ideas that I have are just my opinion and all for fun. This article is solely based on being rich and using money for YOURSELF. It has nothing to do with donating or giving money away which we often hear people saying once they acquire money. I wanted to create a different type of article that is solely based on YOU and what YOU would give to YOURSELF if you acquired a mass amount of money. Of course I would give to charity family and friends but this is not about that this is about giving to YOURSELF. Have fun reading and remember comments are always welcome and I will check out your blogs and comment on them as well, after all we are a team Hubbers! : )

I Got the Money Now What?

You just inherited or won millions of dollars what would you do with that money? Give some of it away to family, friends or charity? buy an exotic car, big beautiful home somewhere in the city or country? There is so much to do now that you are rich lets explore your options.

Watch it Now!


Now that you have all that money it is only right to spoil yourself with an expensive watch, clothes, shoes, or anything that you dreamed of. You got to look the part to play the part right? Being rich brings a new type of energy to your life. Now that you have all this money you are something greater than you use to be. Make sure you put that money through good use and look great with that shiny new watch and outfit. Maybe some perfume or cologne to smell amazing. Life is greater when you breathe success and smell it too.

Take a Trip!


Now that you have this money you have the time go take a hike! Or just a trip anywhere you want. You got this money you only live once go out there and do what you live. Enjoy a beautiful island and people serving you while you are tanning. You might me the person of your dreams on that island who knows someone as rich as you now you have another person you can combine wealth with! If you want to meet people like you and continue the success you have achieved you have to be where successful people are and that is probably somewhere expensive.

Buy an Exotic Car!


A car is a must if you want to show off that new found cash. Imagine cruising in an exotic one of a kind foreign car and the looks you'll be getting while riding in it. Everybody wanting a picture with you and give you the attention you so longed for before you got this money. It feels great to be powerful and have the world right at your feet willing to do anything to be next to you. Think about it driving in that gorgeous car having others awing and gaping at how amazing you look in it. Don't you feel special already just imaging how great you look in your new beautiful car!

Beautiful Home


Every persons dream is to own a beautiful home that is comfortable spacey and designed to impress! A beautiful you can live in and raise a family in is the dream! A backyard to make your barbecue and host beautiful events. A home is not only your private place but a place that brings you peace when you need it. A home should be what you want it to be, make it beautiful you have all that money now so use it to do great things with. What would you like to add to your home? Something edgy that makes it stand out? You can add whatever you want you got the cash now go on and have a blast!

Time is a Luxury that Only a Few Can Afford


Now that you have all that money you most likely have more time to do what you want. Have you ever wanted to become a writer, actor, director, photographer?? You can now do it because you have the time and time is the greatest asset. With all the time in the world you could create an amazing product and make things happen. Wealthy people mostly get wealthier because they have the money to back them up and to create amazing product to put out in the world. You could also work alongside geniuses in the computer field and come up with the next big app or website that builds and generates tons of money! Just imagine more money more power.

Although We can Only Dream We Can Still Have an Easier Time Imagining Being Rich with this Video

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TurtleDog on November 11, 2018:

I think I would buy a house at the beach!

Linda Bryen from United Kingdom on March 17, 2017:

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If I have the money or if I am rich I would give money to my family and friends and also to the poor and I would go and share it with my dad who has been poorly last year and spend some time with him and my stepmother who is not a well woman too.

Audrey Howitt from California on May 24, 2016:

oh I would pay off our bills I am sure! Then travel, and then give money to those who need it!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 26, 2016:

I'd have a comfortable home with an extra large dining room and dining table for celebrations with family and friends) and of course, a top gourmet chef. I'd also travel plenty.

Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent from Mississauga, ON on March 26, 2016:

Money for myself?

I would buy a beautiful home in the countryside with large acreage to keep sheep, beehives, dogs, and other pets. I will also travel around the world for observing nature.

Great hub!

TruthisReal (author) from New York on March 25, 2016:

Sounds great Swalia :)

Shaloo Walia from India on March 25, 2016:

A beautiful house and a trip around the world is definitely on my wish list!

TruthisReal (author) from New York on March 24, 2016:

Lol yup money on yourself , sounds like fun except I would switch the guy part to a girl lol :) thanks for the comment

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on March 24, 2016:

You said to use the money strictly for ourselves, so here goes. I would buy a Mercedes Benz convertible, a mansion on the beach, a private jet, a butler and a maid, diamonds and pearls, a face lift. Hee. and a handsome Dude to drive me around. lol

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