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How to Save Money on Internet

Ever since I was a kid I was brought up to be frugal and to save and budget money. * Disclaimer: I am not a financial planner.

Go to the Library and Read Books

Libraries are free. If you do not have a library card, go to your local library and ask for one. They will ask what your address is, which they will use to verify that you live in the area so that they can give you a library card with its own barcode number attached. Your library card acts like an ID at the library, so it's important that no one steals it from you or uses it when you aren't around. After getting your own personal library card, check out some books!

Many libraries have computers where people can access the internet for free (but don't use them too long). Some libraries also have wifi hotspots where cell phones or other devices can connect and get online within their range. Libraries often have audiobooks on CDs or digital files that people may borrow instead of buying these items themselves; this way no money has to be spent on buying such things as music or eBooks when there's already something available in such convenient locations!

borrow books from friends

Borrow books from friends.

  • Did you know that you can borrow books from your friends? Who knew, right? You might want to try this option before buying a book or downloading it from the library, as it will likely be cheaper than both of those options. After all, if everyone pays for their own copy of each book individually, then the publisher doesn't make money and nobody benefits. So why not cut out some of these unnecessary costs by swapping with someone in your social circle instead?

use the internet infrequently

Use the internet infrequently.

The internet is an amazing tool that can help you find a job, find friends, find love and more! But using it too much can get old real fast. It's important to use the internet cautiously so that you aren't spending too much money on it. If you don't want to go cold turkey and cut out the internet entirely then here are some tips for saving money when using the internet:

  • Use your phone instead of your computer or laptop (if possible) because phones have limited data plans that are cheaper than having unlimited data on laptops or desktops which tend to be more expensive due to their bigger screens and faster processors which require more electricity from outlets as well as running software that needs updating constantly like anti-virus programs which cost hundreds if not thousands depending on how many computers they're protecting against viruses at home or work.*
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go to the movies instead of streaming movies

You can save money by going to the movies. This is a good idea because it's a lot less expensive than streaming movies, and you can see all the new releases in theaters without having to pay for them individually or wait until they come out on DVD. You'll get more value out of your money when you go with friends, family members, significant others, kids, parents or even grandparents.

save money

To save money on the internet, you have to use it less. Here are a few ideas:

  • Don't use the internet as often. If you only go online once or twice a week, then you won't pay for that much—and what's more important? Saving money or spending time with friends and family?
  • Watch movies in theaters instead of streaming them. You can get discount tickets if you sign up for their mailing list (like I did) and sometimes there are no fees at all! Not to mention that movie theater popcorn tastes so much better than takeout popcorn—a big plus in my book!
  • Borrow books from friends instead of purchasing them through Amazon, which is where I do most of my book shopping these days. This can be difficult because some people don't like lending things out but if they're really your friend then they should understand why it's important enough for someone else not to own something valuable before they do themselves! It's also great because it encourages people who might otherwise never read anything besides magazines like Time magazine on an airplane ride back home from vacation overseas (these days) but I digress...


You can save a lot of money by not using the internet as much. The best way to do this is by borrowing books from friends or going to the library and reading them there. Another option is to borrow movies from friends and watch them on DVD instead of streaming them online.


This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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