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How to Make Money Online With iWriter

In this article, we will talk about iWriter, giving little tips and explaining the basics on how it works and how to make the most of it.

What Is iWriter?

Before we start explaining how to use it and how to maximize your profits, let's get to the basics. What is iWriter?

Answering simply and straight, iWriter is a freelance writing platform. The clients request an article, telling subject, keywords, word count and you accept the order and write the article. If the client is satisfied with your work, you will get paid. If he is not satisfied, you won't get payment, but don't worry. We will tell you how to get most of your articles accepted.

How to Get Accepted as an iWriter?

The process of getting accepted is actually very easy. You will just have to create an account and pass a basic English skills test. The test consists of 15 multiple choice questions on English grammar. The questions are very basic and anyone reading this article is capable of answering them.

After you pass the test, you will get access to the standard level articles. There will be a list of articles and you just have to click the "Write Article" button in order to start your work. After you reach the minimum word count, you can send your article. It is not necessary to say that you cannot copy content, otherwise your article will probably be rejected.

The standard level does not pay as well as the above levels, so it is very important that you write as many as you can (with quality) in order to reach the higher paying levels.

How to Get to Higher Levels?

Every article you submit will be reviewed by the client. You can get one, two, three, four, or five stars for your work.

When you have completed 25 articles and your average rating is above 4.1, you will gain access to the premium level articles that pay double what a standard level article pays. When you have completed 30 articles and your average rating is 4.6, you will be able to write elite level articles and when you complete 40 articles with a 4.85 average, you will have access to elite plus articles that pay around $ 0.06 per word.

What If I Get a Bad Rating?

When you write lots of articles, sooner or later you will get a bat rating. Maybe a client accepts your work and even write a review saying "excellent work" and give you just a four-star rating, or someone rejects your article because it was not what they wanted (even considering it was not clear what they actually wanted).

When you get a bad rate and you think you did a good job and should get a better rating, you should contact iWriter and explain the situation. In my experience, they are always very supportive and will probably change this rating if you were right.

Always contact them when you think you got an undeserved bad rating. After all, your average star rating is extremely important.

How to Get my Article Approved?

Sometimes you will just get your article rejected. It happens to everyone. But there are several ways to avoid this from happening.

When you are seeing the list of articles to choose, it will also be displayed the client's approval rate. It will tell you the percentage of articles that the client accepts. I personally like to go only with an 80% or more approval rate. I take some articles with smaller approval rate too, but only if it is about a subject I feel very comfortable writing about.

At the end of every article, I always leave a note to the client, telling them to contact me if they have an issue with the text and asking to give me a five-star rating if it has met their expectations.

How Much Can I Expect to Make With iWriter?

So, let's get to what everyone wants to know. How much can I earn writing for iWriter?

Well, the answer is: It depends.

But don't worry. I will not just say it depends and let you without the information you want.

It depends on how fast you can write and research. It depends on which level you are. It depends on your approval rate.

If you are a premium writer and can write a 500-word article with quality in one hour, you may be making $5 an hour. Maybe $40 or $50 a day and over $1000 a month. If you are an elite writer, you may be able to get double that amount.

If you are an elite writer and can write a 500-word article in half an hour, you may even be able to make $20 an hour and somewhere around $4000 a month

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So, it is up to you. With some practice you will be able to improve your skills and speed and make some real amount of money from iWriter.

What Are You Waiting For?

So, what are you waiting for? The articles are right there, waiting for you to be written. Everyone can do this. It is only important to focus and to do the best you can to deliver the best quality to the client.

If you can do this, iWriter is certainly for you.

What Did You Think?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


JOE on June 12, 2017:


ORIEDO on November 13, 2016:

I have been motivated and am ready to work hard and be honest earn more dollars on questions posting

Marcelo Faria (author) from Germany on October 04, 2016:

That's why I didn't mention "fast track". You just have to be patient and wait for standard level articles. You will find at least one each day.

db on October 04, 2016:

iWriter is garbage. There is no way for a new writer to get gigs and they ask you to pay $150 to "fast track" to a level where you can earn money. A scam like all the rest.

Collins Mugambi on September 28, 2016:

have heard of iwriter there before but i didnt know all this.. very useful indeed thanks alot .i wil join iwriter also

Daville on September 06, 2016:

Very useful information there.

kevin forever on June 02, 2016:

thnx a lot for sharing this

Robilo2 on May 23, 2016:

First I have heard of iWriter also - thanks for the information.

Marcelo Faria (author) from Germany on May 23, 2016:

You are welcome

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on May 22, 2016:

Useful information. Thanks for sharing.

Sneha Sunny from India on May 22, 2016:

I didn't know about iWriter. It sure seems a great platform for writers.

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