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How Much to Tip Carpet Installers?

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When you own a property, it makes logical sense that you want to make the place feel like your own little piece of paradise. When that is the case, you might want to invest a little bit more in things like carpets and other amenities. If you want to try and keep the place tidy and comfortable, a carpet is a great choice. When the winter months hit, too, being able to step on that fluffy carpet is a godsend compared to the hard, cold wooden or stone flooring most go for. However, if you invest in a team of carpet fitters and installers to do the job for you, then you might wonder if you should be leaving a tip.

Tipping trade staff is common courtesy given how much work and effort they tend to put into the end result. Carpet fitting is a tough gig; it is not easy, and it can take a huge amount of planning and preparation. Getting a carpet properly fitted is a nightmare for someone without the specialist tools and experience. Therefore, the people who come along to fit your carpet are doing a pretty tough task for you.

With that in mind, you should probably think about leaving a tip. A tip is a fair thing to provide to anyone giving you a service that you cannot do on your own. If you would like to thank the guys for a job well done, then leaving a tip makes sense.

Why Should You Tip Your Carpet Installer?

As noted above, carpet fitting is not an easy job. People see the carpet arriving in big rolls and just assume that it only takes a few staples to fit it all down. However, carpet fitting is a time consuming and expert process. Once your carpet is chosen and the dimensions agreed, the carpet will be brought to your house to be fitted. It will be pre-cut so that it can be placed down in the exact size of the room.

This takes a huge amount of time, skill, and preparation. The fitters can spend a huge amount of time simply prepping the carpet. Then, it has to be hauled and transported to your property, brought inside, and placed down.

Good carpet fitters then take plenty of time to go around each section of the carpet to make sure it is fitted perfectly into the corners. This will ensure that the carpet is fitted with complete simplicity, and that it is going to look just as it should. That requires a huge amount of time, patience, effort, and skill.

Finding the time and space to buy a large roll of carpet, cut it yourself to the exact measurement without waste, and then fit the carpet is a massive undertaking. Carpet fitters are saving you a huge amount of time, energy, and stress by doing the carpet fitting for you. Is that not worth a small tip on top of the work done?

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Not Sure How Much to Tip Carpet Installers?

Like many, you might be standing wondering how much you tip a carpet fitter. The only real thing to think about when it comes to tipping is if you are happy with the job. However, please note that some major carpet companies do not like their staff being tipped. As horrible as that is, they might have a no-tipping policy. As draconian as that is, if that is the rule you should probably stick to it.

Presuming your carpet company is OK with staff being compensated for their work, though, you should always look to add on a tip if the job is done to satisfaction. Unlike the tip you would leave to someone like a waiter or waitress, though, the tip should not be the bulk of the income for the fitter. Carpet installers are typically well-paid, so you should not feel like you need to offer a tip simply to make the job worth their while.

There is no standard, though, for how much to tip a carpet fitter. Most of the time, something in the region of $10-20 for each fitter should be seen as more than enough. If it is close to the holidays and/or you feel like they done a stellar job, then a $20-30 tip for each fitter should be considered as fair value.

Tipping a carpet installer is something you should always consider if you are happy with the job. They do a challenging job and should be rewarded for the hard work, commitment, and effort involved in each fitting. Compensate as you feel happy, but we do recommend you tip your carpet fitter/installer.

Alternatives to Tipping

Are you trying to come up with some other ways of potential tips for your carpet fitter other than dollar notes? Well, if you put your mind to it there's a whole range of different options you can offer them. For instance, do you have any unused vouchers that you never seem to get round to using, that they can make use of? What happens commonly at our household is we pass on different Wine and Gin options that we have been gifted but never have got round to drinking as we don't fancy the taste of them. They always seem to go down a treat. However, it can be something even as little as a Thank You note and a few baked goods. Even if it is just a hot beverage whilst they are working to fit your carpet, will be appreciated. At the end of the day, it is the thought that ultimately counts.

Likewise, if you aren't very happy with the service that is being provided to you or perhaps your carpet fitter is even a bit rude, you don't have to under any circumstances offer them a tip. Even if they are expecting one, just pay the bill and they will be on their way.

Do you have any experience tipping carpet fitters? If so, we'd really like to hear about it in the comments section just below.

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