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Where to Find Amazon Discounts, Coupon Codes, Gift Cards, and Vouchers


How to Save on Amazon

This article is about how to find savings on Amazon.

Everyone likes a deal. There are many ways to find deals on the site or links to discounts via the Internet or by searching for them. There are also ways to earn gift cards by doing things you do everyday, like browse the Internet. If you are looking for deals right now, you can use links that are directly on Amazon itself or links through coupon sites.

Today, I am going to describe each of the great ways to save money on Amazon. Some of these you can do today, and some take time and you get a gift card as your reward.

Here's an interesting note about the logo: the arrow below the word amazon points from A to Z, meaning "everything from A to Z." However, the arrow also looks like a smile, meaning you will be happy you used it.

Ready? Here we go to save some dough.

Examples of Discounts on the Site

Amazon Discounts

Amazon Discounts

This one is pretty easy, but something I learned only yesterday after using the site for over five years.

  • There are links in the lefthand column on Amazon that allow you to search for items that are discounted, from 10% all the way to 70% off. The image to the right was taken from a search on video games.
  • The search for this discount is available in many other categories like the Apparel, Electronics, Automotive, Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Car Accessories, Cell Phones, Computers, Video Games, and Home & Kitchen products.
Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards

Earn Free Gift Cards from Using Bing

I know, I know, this is one of those "too good to be true" things. Well, I'm here to tell you it's true. Although you can't earn these rewards today, you'll start to reap the benefits over time and it'll be worth it. I just earned my first free gift card from Bing after about four months, just by doing the things I normally did on Google. Now I like searching on Bing better than Google.

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Here is what you do:

  • First, use this link to access Bing Rewards. Sign up using an email address or Facebook and start searching with Bing.

That's it. When you get the right amount of credits, redeem them for gift card. Once on the rewards page, they will also show you additional ways to earn points. So be sure to check it regularly.


Earn Cash Back from Shopping

I was an Amazon affiliate until Illinois decided it didn't like people making this income and forced Amazon to fire their Illinois affiliates. So, I'm familiar with how the affiliate program works and have been looking for ways to earn cash back. A company called has created a way to earn cash back on certain purchases through and other companies.

The concept is simple enough:

  • Sign up through, and every time you shop, start by logging in and looking for coupons and discount codes from Amazon and other merchants. You'll typically find your free shipping deals and such, but with this site, you can also earn cash back in certain categories.

Sign up and give it a try.

Retail Me Not

One of the recent additions to my holiday shopping is Retail Me Not. It provides a list of coupons and discounts for retailers. I normally use this site to look for discounts on shipping when buying items online, as I never know if these coupons are valid.

What are your tips and tricks?

LampsPest on June 20, 2014:

I never thought of getting discounts for Amazon until now.

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