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You Can Earn A Million With Zero Investment

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The pandemic has connected the world uniquely. The opportunities are many and the time is less, but the good part is anyone, at any place of the world can start earning with no investment, high skills.

All you need is a laptop or mobile. There are many unique part-time jobs with low competition and has the potential to grow with digitalization and connected world. With business are being done virtually around the globe with every hour a new startup is being started.

According to get2growth.com, 100 Million start-ups are being open up every year and every employee of this start-up needs a clickable Digital Business Card/Virtual Card for the Virtual Business Meeting over the Zoom or for any meeting virtually.

Professionals exchange this clickable digital card. It has clickable icons for the phone, address and social media account (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter).

This niche is unique with less competition in the world with potential demand. Look at the statistics on the number of designers for the Digital Business Card available in the US.

162 in the United States

72 in the United Kingdom

24 in Canada

Snipped from Fiverr

Snipped from Fiverr

The Strategy

A single Digital Card Design will fetch you $10. Even if you design 10 cards in 8 hrs, you can earn $ 3K/Month and 1M in a year a rough potential.

  1. No Investment
  2. Doable in free time
  3. No high skills required
  4. No professional degree required
  5. No experience required
  6. Less competition

It does not require a laptop, you can even do this with your mobile

The testimony you can see at Fiverr and you can earn from anywhere in the world.

Steps to do this right away in 10 mins straight

  1. Register yourself with Fiverr freelance site for free
  2. Make a Digital Business Card on Googles Slides for free on mobile or laptop
  3. Download Xodo Docs App for PDF editing for free
  4. Receive money by PayPal Business Account

How to get jobs from a freelance site Fiverr

Fiverr is a genuine Australia-based freelance site. You can open the site both from laptop or mobile. Both worked perfectly. You can do this on the go while waiting for the check-in to happen in the airport or while commuting. You need to create your own.

3 easy steps to on Fiverr

Go to become a seller after registering, you can find this on the extreme left in your name sub-menu once you click on your name icon.

Snipped from Fiverr site

Snipped from Fiverr site

You can opt for graphics & design in the category section. In the GIG METADATA select Business Card. Select file format as PDF. In search, tags add relevant tags like digital Business Card. You can insert up to 5 tags. Best to start with the Basic package and describe what you want to do and what is your delivery time. My recommendation is one day.

You can also insert standard and premium package

Minimum you can pick is $5, for basic and increase the rate to $10 and $20. You can go up to $1000. You can do design variations and no of revisions. You can add extra services, etc.

Insert your description up to 1200 characters, which will make a difference so spend some time crafting an excellent description. You need to sell your services here. Write with splendid colours. You can add your own FAQ. It is better to insert to give it a professional touch.

You can insert your requirement from buyers like 50% advance payment and client details, which you require making the digital virtual cards. Add a disclaimer to maintain confidentiality. If you are the first time, preference is not to ask for advance payment.

After this, build your Gig Gallery from the sample you prepare. Do not add a sample from google download, etc. You can take help of your friend, who is good at design, otherwise, follow the steps.

Now, you need to find the background relevant to the profession like a restaurant, furniture or spa business. I pick Spa as an example here. You can download the free relevant background from the canva.com site. Sign up free with Gmail account. Search for the vertical business card.

For example for Spa, I selected below. Do not change the size to make it free. Download as PNG only not as PDF.

Now insert this background image from Canva to your blank template of google slide.

Snipped from Google Slide

Snipped from Google Slide

Your digital card will look like this after you insert the above images,


Now, link the Gmail and all social media to make it clickable

Code for Clickable Email Icon:- mailto:example@gmail.com

Code for Clickable WHATSUP icon:-https://wa.me/XXXXXXXXXX (type WhatsApp no of the client here)

Code for location: Google location from the Google map

Now you download Xodo PDF Reader and Editor for making the phone number to be clickable. This app can do this. Now, send the template to your email and open the template Virtual Card template with Zodo app

Code for Clickable Phone Number Icon:- tel: +1 (000) 000–0000 (type phone number of the client here)

Now, edit phone icon with client phone no.

Similarly, you can do this for all other social network sites.

Now, you made your first virtual business Digital Card. Congratulations!

Load this on Fiverr. Now, you are ready to publish GIG to make it live. Map your PayPal account to have your payments.

You are now all set to earn on Fiverr or any other freelance site with no investment.


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