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Working My Way Out of SSI Disability

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I am an artist and writer looking to improve my life financially and emotionally

Author's Artwork

Author's Artwork

Why I Want To Get Off of Disability Payments

I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, and have been on disability for eight years now. I haven't worked for 12 years due to symptoms.

I am unhappy with not working. I don't like living off the government and other people. I tried to get a job but that didn't work out for me. Mostly the anxiety was too much to handle.

I want to be a productive member of society again. I feel pretty useless not working.

I do have some skills in writing and art, so it's time I put them to work for me, instead of wasting my time.

I spend a lot of my time writing, painting, and drawing. If I can get paid to do these things, I should really try to do that. I want to move forward with my life, and stop stagnating.

How I Plan To Do It

Basically, I plan to make my own income, in any way I can. I will use all of the skills that I possess. I will try to make passive income as much as possible, because I know that's the smart way to go.

I can write, and I can create art. These are things I already do for free, so why not use them to make money and support myself? I just need to come up with a plan, and I am creating that now.

I am busy researching different platforms for selling my art and for writing. By selling art I mean finding ways to make income from one piece several times. Like digital copies, on-demand products, and the like.

I don't plan to actually sell physical art pieces like I used to do on eBay. That was a waste of time and effort. It wasn't working smart.

I plan to work smart this time.

The Big Picture

I realize I can't put all of my eggs in one basket. I need multiple streams of income.

The platforms I am considering are eBay, Youtube, Quora, Medium, HubPages, Amazon Direct Publishing, Zazzle, and several others.

Basically, I will be writing and creating products with my artwork. I have been finding that there are many ways to do these things.

I am especially interested in platforms where I do not have to sell any physical products, but I won't rule any potential income source out.

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The main idea for me right now is: Create once, sell multiple times. I believe this is the best and most efficient plan.

Passive income is really important as well. The more passive income streams, the better.

Making Money With Art

I have occasionally sold a piece of artwork on eBay. I find this to be a pretty bad way to make money. On other platforms, I can create a single piece and sell its image multiple times.

I can sell digital images, put images on products like mugs and T-shirts, create coloring books and journals, and other similar products.

I am looking into on-demand product sites such as Amazon Direct publishing, Zazzle, and Society6.

I am also looking into stock photography. For photos I take, plus photos of pieces of art that I create. I am learning more about the market for this.

If I am going to create art anyway, which is so far mostly just a hobby, I may as well create an income from it.

And With Writing

I am writing at Medium, HubPages, and Quora for now, and always looking for other content and writing sites where I can earn an income. I have yet to monetize anywhere and plan to do that very soon.

I used to write online for other reasons, such as for therapy, but now I think I need to look into creating an income from it. Why not? I am going to be spending time doing it anyway.

My writing skills are average at best. But I don't think that will hold me back from making money with writing. My writing will probably get better over time.

I am especially interested in passive streams of income, but I will not yet rule out sites like Listverse that pay well per article. I just won't make it my main focus.

Parting Thoughts

Even if I fail, I will at least have tried. I've been working on this for about three and a half weeks. I've been doing well I think, at least with producing content.

I have been working hard, and hopefully, my persistence will pay off. In time anyway.

I have had some down moments, but they did not last long. Mostly I have felt very positive about this.

I will keep moving forward. It is important to me, to make a living on my own.

I want to feel proud of myself and my accomplishments.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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